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Reminder that /qa/ is streaming some seasonal anime every Saturday starting in a few days! It will be the same time I used for previous streams: 7PM EST (11PM GMT/UST)


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I forgot to mention that the shows are the following:
Kemono Friends 2
Ueno-san wa Bukiyou

Someone said that they were already watching Endro and said they wouldn't want to watch it in the stream, so Endro will either be the first or last to be watched each week. I think after we watch the for second week (for a total of four episodes) at least one person will want to skip a show, so it will influence the watch order, too.


I can't wait to finally get a look at the new Precure with /qa/, it just seems like one of those things that'll make for a great stream


It's looking like we're going to be reliant on google drive.
You need to get a script manager extension like Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey and get this script


what episode are we starting on?


first one for everything, that's why it's two episodes each so we can catch up eventually



Ok, as requested, for those of us that had issues during the stream, what setup worked or didn't work for you?

My laptop worked just fine with no real tweaks, with Windows 10, using Waterfox, Violentmonkey, and I installed the official Google Drive script. I also have Ublock Origin, but didn't have to do anything with that.

My Windows 7 PC failed to play any video past Kemono Friends, using the same Waterfox version, Violentmonkey as well, and plain Ublock; not even turning it off or deleting the cache seemed to change anything. Chrome also behaved this way, although it uses Tampermonkey.


I'm the host and Palemoon with Greasemonkey and Chrome with Violentmonkey both worked fine with me.
The script I used for both was from kissu


I was the guy with all the technical issues, what eventually ended up working for me was using violent monkey and then installing the script. I also use chrome

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