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What do you think happened with moderation around early January that had them switch from having a near stranglehold on /qa/ to what can be seen as no longer caring about the board? Did a mod die/leave or maybe give up on /qa/, or was there something different that made them decide to change their tactics on the board?


Kissu was made and started to get posted about on /qa/ was the biggest happening


But when I check deletions on Desu clearly someone is still putting in work. I refuse to believe that many people are bothering to report barneyfag shit.


Well if you assume that there's a large amount of crossboarders used to reporting in those threads, then it makes more sense


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Well, the main change was in late November/December. The 4chan(nel) split was coupled with a software change that bars any IP that has ever been detected a proxy/VPN from creating a thread ever again. This was pretty harmful to my thread creation since I've been rangebanned for a year now. Maybe the fan I have on staff decided he won and left


that's insidious. Everyone gets up in arms about easily blockable shit like that powerai ad, but almost nobody ever talks about stuff like this.

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