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Would anyone be interested in a somewhat infrequent weekend stream in which I'd show old OVA's and shows from mostly around 2 decades ago or older?


Definitely. I'd love to see other people streaming


Sounds great if they're short. I've seen alot of them but honestly it would be nice to just discuss them with someone, hell never could get any of my friends to watch Key or Megazone23 or anything else I liked. They just want to watch Highschool DxD or some random seasonal stuff.


Yeah, I'm not thinking of pulling out LoGH and expecting that to work. I was thinking more along the lines of stuff like Key(though it'd probably span the weekend), Zeiram, Gunsmith Cats, Geist, or finally watching Vampire Hunter D which I've had ready to go since Halloween.


I would, I'd like to stream more but id like to watch less during the stream, if that makes sense


I think I get what you mean, also I've narrowed down what I want to stream first down to 3 shows already. Dominion Tank Police, GSC, or Geist. I'll probably ask around a bit more and make my decision then.


oh yeah, should probably make one of these

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