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File: 1543948511296.jpg (225.85 KB, 1500x850, ef3ae60c2a29252ffc247fb0c6….jpg)


What board do you guys think would best suit the music thread? Or should it just be done away with for threads about individual groups/genres or songs people have found, on either board?



File: 1543949342117.mp4 (8.7 MB, 1280x720, ダンスロボットダンス 歌ってみた ナナヲアカリ.mp4)

Since we can upload typcial music files on either board i don't think it'll be much of a issue. I'd go with your latter suggestion.


File: 1543951426896.mp4 (17.38 MB, 1280x720, ワンルームシュガーライフ.mp4)

Yeah, it's probably for the best to reduce the amount of general-like threads.


File: 1543953992227.mp4 (18.31 MB, 1280x720, メルヘル小惑星 ナナヲアカリ_cut.mp4)

Did you just pick that off of niconico? I didn't see it on youtube.


File: 1543963324940.mp3 (9.2 MB, 01-Crisis.mp3)

jus' b


Yeah, found a nice sit for ripping off of there.



File: 1544382546176.mp4 (12.7 MB, 1280x720, ビースト・ダンス - 和田たけあき(くらげP) ….mp4)



Uh, are the embed youtube links broken or something?


File: 1544769934574.mp3 (15.35 MB, 16 - Patchwork Chimera.mp3)

Umineko had such a great OST.



Important question for /qa/! Do you know where this song is from?


It sounds like something I've heard either from a Yume Nikki influenced game, VN, or maybe JRPG




File: 1545272928980.flac (17.13 MB, 14. ROYAL KNIGHTS - DONAD….flac)



Really like how Mitchie M uses Miku






What dialect is this? Sounds like Japanese with a bit of an Irish accent.




File: 1546345275425.mp3 (8.61 MB, 023 移動2(昼).mp3)



Sakurano sensei!


File: 1546467011829.mp4 (18.01 MB, 1280x720, Utada Hikaru「Beautiful Wor….mp4)

Keep posting, i'll actually listen to most of these. Ever since r/a/dio and the Mogra stream a few days back I've been inspired to finally start a pirate expedition and put all the empty space on this hard drive and my ipod to use.


There was a youtube channel full of music that I used to listen to a lot before it got taken down due to copyright reasons and youtube being dumb. I found an archive of the entire channel, all ~2k songs. I should really get around to recovering those sometime soon. I think it all even has the info for all the songs and thumbnails so i could probably start the channel up myself if i wanted to


Yeah, its so annoying when I go through a playlist I created that is hardly a year old and I see "deleted video" every 5 videos or so.


went through an old playlist myself and found a bunch of deleted links, wish I just downloaded stuff I like more often instead of trusting youtube to keep it



really wish i could play an instrument, namely the piano. Pretty much any genre or song can be played on the piano and sound good


Wish I had the same amount of interest in music while I was in hs as i have now. Though even then I probably wouldn't have it in me to join school activities and learn basic theory/piano.


File: 1546810241280.mp3 (9.74 MB, 03. M-9.mp3)


File: 1546846708330.flac (10.46 MB, 02 - BRICK BALLADES~HOUST….flac)

so relaxing




File: 1546917049112.jpg (256.56 KB, 1600x1000, stop_the_moment_by_hangmoo….jpg)

i like emotional kind of music


pronounced 4-ku-rey, the r being a japanese kind of r with l-ish qualites.
It is somewhat like for /qa/, as ive previously mentioned


RahXephon got great music. It's composed by Ichiko Hashimoto.





File: 1547215982159.jpg (10.79 KB, 370x500, 31usyqbgpul.jpg)


File: 1547286915291.mp3 (6.84 MB, 12_-_Shiro_Sagisu_-_Arima_….mp3)

gotta say, the soundtrack to this was beautiful



File: 1547948577975.flac (11.29 MB, 04 - APOLOGIZE~BLEECKER S….flac)


Because today I needed inspiration to do my best.
We must all try a little harder.


File: 1548020074217.png (3.44 MB, 1414x2000, __boiboi_and_bosubosu_redl….png)

we are sexy girls
we are sexy girls
we are sexy girls


File: 1548028489111.mp3 (4.83 MB, 03.Yuudachi.mp3)

I like the new Boogiepop OP, but the one for Phantom was just perfect.


Great song, if you like it I recommend you to download Toho Tempest V.





File: 1548462153170.png (383.32 KB, 1680x1050, [crossover][group][artist-….png)






File: 1549166752751.flac (7.78 MB, 01. Mitsumune Shinkichi -….flac)


File: 1549167187328.mp3 (4.69 MB, 11_Nyan_Nyan_Galaxy!.mp3)

Love this so much




Key is so underated


File: 1549605958402.mp3 (7.63 MB, 01 - SUN♡FLOWER.mp3)


dat nostalgia saturday night playlist!





So is it gonna be like some super collaborated playlist?


File: 1550127847158.mp3 (3.13 MB, 02_Nande_Dattakke_Idol.mp3)

maybe, haven't given it too much thought but that idea sounds nice


File: 1550184017710.mp4 (18.83 MB, 1280x720, ToLOVE-RuDarkness-ED01-NCO….mp4)

Really miffed about the OP thread on /qa/ dying. Remembered a perfect opening to post in it.


it was on permasage….


Cowards… meanwhile hiroyuki's super late Vtuber scam threads are still rotting on the catalog.


Those are some masterful proportions



I still really like this one, sometimes I'll play it when I have a bad day to cheer me up


I've had this one going on repeat all day


The entire soundtrack is pretty good for strolls on a bleak winter day.


File: 1550736726234.flac (17.01 MB, 02 Main Theme (Kashou Hen….flac)

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