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more like /pissu/

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How many chans are there?
I've seen ota, bun, hima, what, and kakashi nenpo

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Does /qa/ like my feet?



why did this get almost 100m views in a day

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>tfw my gf dumped me after I said I wanted her to wear a strap on because she said it meant I had "homosexual tendencies" and confirmed her suspicious that I had communist sympathies

Paranoid yet so incredibility beautiful! And she could read in five languages, including Greek and Latin. And she loved philosophy. ;_;

We never even got to have sex, she was a "wait for marriage" type and I was just telling her about my fetish. We had been together over a year


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pissman unban me im not really a ffrogposster

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Please stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in mePlease stick it in me

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Honestly, all memes aside, I might be the most mentally ill person on tv and most akin to the Joker. I've already posted in this thread 5 times, but I decided to take it seriously this time around.

I post on /tv/ exclusively for about 12-16 hours each day. Every day. This board is pretty much my entire life. My life is just sitting in my room with movies playing in the background as I post here. I have several different monitors hooked up to different vpns to even change the number of posters in a given thread so no one calls out my samefagging.

On top of that, I pretend to be different people and even argue, disagree and insult myself. Writing in different styles and using different mannerisms so no one knows the extent of my posting or recognizes me. Often times when I'm online and in my peak posting hours, the catalog will be almost all me.

I figure I make about 20 posts a hour on average. Consistently for three years, that's about 300,000 posts, conservatively. I posted very frequently a decade prior to the three years of becoming a hermit, but not to this extent. I'd like to think I'm hitting close to a million posts in the near future.

Sometimes, I post so much I forget who is and isn't me. Chances are, if you're a regular on /tv/, you've spoken to a version of myself. Each time I make a successful meme or get a lot of (you)s, I save the image, print it out and frame it on my wall. I am surrounded by accomplishment. You are in my home and I'll most certainly be seeing you around. But the great thing about 4chan is that you'll never know it's me.

File: 1554491453885.jpg (238.63 KB, 1440x1080, 1515283818618.jpg)


Im in a REALLY bad mood today and im angry at EVERYBODY, even you /qa/! Dont even try to cheer me up!

File: 1554489817841.jpeg (171.85 KB, 1024x768, 6867E2C8-820E-41D3-B1B3-6….jpeg)


The clown is is the great and inevitable reaper of societal entropy made manifest.
In many ways the same as death: You can run but death is faster, you can cry and plead but death does not care, you can fight but death can only be postponed not beaten. So instead why not laugh in its inevitable face and get a few kicks out of it before everything you cherish is ripped from you/destroyed by you/withers away/is lost forever?
The clown is the the contradictory antithesis of the black pill but unlike the blackpill it does not lead to hopeless depression but hopeful meaninglessness. What can anyone take from you if nothing means anything? What can someone do to you that they will not inevitably suffer through themself? Everything has the same value: a good shit and giggle before its all taken away.
The path to the blackpill and the clownpill are the same but the perspective outcome are almost polar opposites.

The clown is the unmasked aspect of the undefeatable god of chaos that wears the mask of brightly coloured hair and a shiny honk-nose. You have been cursed with knowledge and the power to affect change which is exactly why nothing you know or have/will learn(ed) can be applied and any change you affect changes nothing.

People call this the final pill but its not. There is no beginning or end to chaos, only an ever-changing form folds in on itself all while never touching, connecting or even being relative to what should be.

TLDR: Years of introspection have vaccinated you from societal programming. Welcome to your dystopian nightmare-future. Lets see how many chuckles you can get up on the board before it all fades to black and some nog is using your corpse as a somalian fleshlight

File: 1554488518586.jpg (203.25 KB, 1258x827, 2bbe892644.jpg)


Is sketchfab the only place to get 3D models?
I want to do some animation and this is the only place I know

File: 1554486733695.gif (490.25 KB, 250x273, 1547941379656.gif)


File: 1554482804124.png (963.96 KB, 1280x720, mpc-hc64_2WsUZUC1Mu.png)


how the HELL does she keep getting away with it

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