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File: 1557905126033.png (406.27 KB, 641x667, 1448359923629.png)


Big titie shitty bang bang sittin' on a dick
tryin' to play a pimp by the fifteen clicks
hoes play with me weekly
so I'm down wit hoe play with my pee pee
Eazy muthaphukkin' access
saggy baggy ass pants for a happy ass bitch
ho ho ho to the ho and the cloe
ski to the E or a piss in the snow
I take a hoe from the show to the mo' to the flow
to the inches where mo' now the hoe is gotta go
pussy just as hairy as a panda, pink and peppy panther
panty expander, tricks lick long while I lap long hard and fast
while I'm dippin' hunnies ass, throwin' harder with Barbara
seein' sexy with Betsy, gettin' ready for Betty,
I hit the hooker heavy

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