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A slow but friendly greeting from Slothchan!
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Bored/Free thoughts thread

I have some nonsense to ramble a bit about but nowhere to say it and nothing developed enough to warrant its own thread.
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remember to always use gyro controls when gaming
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What are your thoughts on spam? I know that people wouldn't appreciate the boards here being spammed of course, and there'd be no good reason to do so. However, I can't say that I didn't somewhat enjoy the spam waves back on 4/qa/ from time to time which always carried a unique theme.
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Please come check out my tiny imageboard.
Tor: http://tinyib3eidonezb5loyenqdio63xopxlafify43o3iknh4emuuad5hqd.onion/
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Verm's actions once again are a good demonstration that keeping things apolitical means little when your overton window is set in the current.
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Thanks Aris
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do qanons prepare for the possibility of a more restrictive internet? delete your online presence? have a mini server for all those doujinshi?
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I don't know where else to say this, but I saw a couple reports for "3D" on /qa/ and I haven't seen any sign that people are against 3D media things on /qa/ so it's not something I can take action against (or would want to)
/jp/ is the board for strictly 2D stuff, but even then I don't think anyone here wants it to be strictly moderated to maintain that.
Uh… if anyone wants to talk about this you can talk about it here but I don't think this is a major issue
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This is the thread for discussing improvements, fixes, additions and development of oyasumi-chyuu, a site made to house /qa/'s collection of OPs and EDs. Up until now I've been working on it on my own, but it was always intended to become a place that the community can develop together. I haven't asked for any help on it because I wanted to learn how to do things on my own, but now that it has most of the main features that I wanted to add its a good time to open it up. If it seems like a very basic site, thats because it is. I'll make a github soon enough so everyone can look at the actual files and help improve them as needed, but if theres something that you think needs to change and you know how to do it, by all means please help.

Theres a number of fixes I want to work on now but for now I want to focus on the development of a scraper. Its been suggested that we make a scraper that will pull information about a given OP from a site like anidb.net. The scraper will put the information into the post form for the user, so all they really have to do it select the file to upload, select which OP it is and hit Go. This will both minimize the chance for errors and wrong or inaccurate information entered, and will make uploading a series of videos from the same show much simpler. Aside from this, its also been suggested to make a scraper that will collect more information about the song used in each OP itself )such as the song name, artist) and display that. There are a couple other sites that have information on the complete soundtrack from different shows so we can pull from there. Plus, if we pull from those sites, it gives us a more accurate number of how many OPs and EDs a series has so we can collect them all. I haven't looked too deeply into this, so if theres anybody out there with any experience or who knows how to do this your help would be greatly appreciated!
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say it 5 times quickly and your tongue won't jam
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On Internet Politics

Recent discourse shows there is unease around politics. But there isn't a consensus of what politics are.
Let's say that typically politics is "the activities of the government, members of law-making organizations, or people who try to influence the way a country is governed" and the discussion of this is political discussion. The problem is that this doesn't cover everything that's been referred to as politics. Let's then say, working with the separation of the internet from the real world, that political discussion is the discussion of the current state of events in the real world, how the world should be and the ideas behind both. Things are considered political if they tie or lead into these.
That sounds way too broad and unhealthily rulefaggoty, doesn't it?
Well, it is. Let's put a clause in there: something is considered depoliticized, so not political, if in a community its presence does not lead to political discussion. This can be because it's taken as a joke, because nobody cares enough to spark the fire, because everyone agrees and it's common sense, or some other reason. With that clause, even though everything has a certain worldview, a certain ideology behind it, you can differentiate between conflictive and peaceful content. Calling someone a fag or a nigger, even though it's linked to RL conflict, is not political because it doesn't generate political discussion. If one day it did generate it, then it would be political. Things can likewise stop being political if the reasons for something causing political discussion go away.

But that's still too harsh, isn't it? Maybe. What about realism.
Certain threads invite comments about the state of the real world, whether because it's directly or tangentially related to the state of a medium or because of some other bullshit I can't think of. This can easily derail the thread into politics (or just kill fun without introducing politics), and it ends up being kinda shit. To elude such an end, the thread ought to be approached with a suspension of disbelief, unlike for example the mistake I made in >>>/qa/40946 where following >>/qa/40936 instead could've lead to more fun (the conclusion of the former is a barren earth, the latter's is alternate history scenarios), reign in the realistic 'tism to facilitate enjoyment. One must also be conscious of posting or replying to controversial ideas, else a spiral of butthurt be started. With that in consideration, things should in average be less political.

The issue isn't really the material or the people, it's the context around content eliciting a certain reaction from people.
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Has anyone ever hidden more than 300 posts before on 4chan?

How does 4chanX keep track of when a post no longer needs to be stored for hiding?
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kissu's goin at an easy pace~
Feels a bit slow, but for once I'm enjoying it

Take a moment to appreciate the nice rest period upon us before things go back to being super fast again
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About thread creation

I believe thread creation to be one of the greatest deciding factors of how active a (random) board is. Just for example, take a look at kissu when it's most active (aside from meta shittery), it's always on days in which threads are made that keep the board fresh and the people within it engaged in a multitude of varying topics. So many are content with replying to content when it's created, yet by comparison very few are comfortable with creating threads of their own. What does kissu think of this predicament? I'm not saying that people should step up thread creation to the point of making stuff which is just taking a toll on themselves, that seems to backfire, but how do you inspire the masses to raise their voices on that which they want to talk about?
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How about backlinks in /trans/
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4/qa/ review

There used to be a time in which I'd use kissu, yet still check 4/qa/ wondering if everyone really had left. I'd see some threads that indicated there was a soul on there I may be able to still connect with who still hadn't made the move away. That time is long gone now and I can't remember the last time I even had the urge to look at the board until today. I've got to say it was a completely foreign sight, akin to how I'd view /bant/ back in the days when 4/qa/ was thriving (/bant/ was better but that matters not). A board that seemed to be "alive" in some technical sense of the word while completely unappealing or devoid of what made it good to begin with. I went into the singular familiar thread, The Happenings Thread, only to see that it was not even a shadow of its former self. Rather it seemed to have transformed into some frankenstein's monster that now resembles more a typical general on that accursed site. I'm not too sure what to conclude this with, as these ramblings are a mere result of my curiosity getting the better of me to check on the place I used to call home. If there was any takeaway I'd say this, that it sure made me glad for this place's existence.
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Come to https://onee.ch/cyb/
We welcome everywhere
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Want to create banners but the ideas won't come to my head…
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In an unprecedented turn of events /jp/ is faster than /qa/ today, what do you guys make of this
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storing this
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I think I'll give her root access


I'm reaching out to see if there is anything that would like to upgrade, repair, or redesign on your site.

I am a web designer / developer that can do just about anything you can imagine at very affordable prices.

* (Website designs // Graphic designs // Face book cover page design // Website development//App development//PHP/ /Word press//SEO//SMO/PPC//ORM)

Let me know what you think.

Thanks & Regards,


Business Consultant
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Thoughts on the increase of lewdposting in /jp/?
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Cute Discord alternative ;)
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Feedback #3: Bugs, Ideas and Feedback

The site's core features are still good, but the battle against bugs is never ending.
Joining the bugs now is poor design decisions and maintenance of Vichan over the decade that has left it in a poor state and even making some bugs impossible to fix. An example of this is the 0-NF database design (where all file information is put into an SQL column) makes it impossible to cleanly fix a bug where the home page runs out of images when people post lots of .mp4 files.

In no particular order:
- Database needs to be put into a more normalized format for easier bug fixes and maintenance
- After PHP7.4 related issues the Twig1.x template engine should be ripped out and replaced with a Twig3.x version
- API page generation will be less strenuous on servers and allow for clearer code. Exceptions might be on the installer and mod pages which will continue to use legacy page generation… but maybe they won't
- Dumping YouTube IFRAME elements into the page is slow for users and forces a lot of unescicary JavaScript on them. YouTube videos need to be thumbnailed.
- API page generation will simplify this issue.
- There's a lot of "kind of but not really OOP design" all dumped into a functions file or spread out hap-haphazardly. The design is already pretty close to being OOP, so might as well just take it all the way.
- Making modifications such that the kissu-board is usable for others
After these changes the software can't really be called Vichan anymore because even if some functions still exist, the core has been completely altered.

Old Thread:
Some posts from there will be moved over.
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I have found something
R:1 / I:0
R:7 / I:2
Introducing _chan. Because _ is better than 7, 8 and 9. Board creation is enabled.

Edit: Site's filled with illegal content. Don't want a backlink from here1
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The use of sockets on imageboards is way too gimmicky and unnecessary overhead(development and user end) that makes the application harder to maintain. Polling is better in almost all cases other than liveboards
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The overboard is a fantastic concept

It solves the problem people have with /qa/ threads dying too fast, and the issue people have with not feeling that they can create as many threads as they can. /jp/ created threads only bump off /jp/ threads, which are more dumb and people don't care as much about or think will fit all that well or meet the quality standard of /qa/. While on the other hand threads that are made on /qa/ aren't killed off as fast. This was an issue that people had brought up for a while, suggesting all sorts of fixes like half-bumps or semi-stickies for the better threads, but unintentionally they were solved by the inclusion of a secondary board and overboard. Limiting the potential harm that people suggested a second board would cause is also a plus.

What are your thoughts on the use and benefits of the overboard, and secondary boards in general if you will. Personally I believe that the secondary boards are a great addition that futureproof the site from running into issues.
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The biggest problem with imageboards, or communities in general, is when people rely too heavily on a few individuals to create content/discussion for them. And then subsequently when those few individuals take breaks all that others do in their place is complain about where all the activity went.
R:14 / I:4
The future is now, anon. AI, robotics, and material science have reached a point where robowaifus are now in the realm of possibility. We need anons with skills of all kinds: artists, scientists, engineers, programmers, makers, writefags and more are all needed to bring our robotic wives into reality. Come and join our multidisciplinary team of robowaifus technicians and be a part of a better tomorrow.
Join us at julay.world/robowaifu
We would also like to invite this site's administrators to post and network in our embassy thread.
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Always seem to come off overly antagonistic or criticizing in my posts, how to fix this issue
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That is to say, I do not think the current space for images in /jp/ is optimal for >>3415 .
Naturally, people will use images to express themselves, or because it's fun, or for whatever reason. That's the norm in imageboards and there's no basis to believe people will behave differently if able to post images in /jp/, whichever the set limit.
I believe the linked thread shows an instance where lowering the max amount of image replies was/would be harmful to the creativity V seeks, that the mindset of treating image replies as precious is not there and that there's no reason for it to be there. Withholding usual image replies for the sake of this rarer funpost is not a good bet, and people will continue to do what's statistically more fun (this is a very awkward line). So lowering or increasing the maximum amount of image replies relative to the population is not conductive to a different dynamic, it will either be as in /qa/ but gimped, or it will be no different in practice except for the lack of image dumping. In my experience, I've seen less emoticons and text art in /jp/ since image replies were enabled, that's something I think can be lost because of images filling their role.

I think the options /jp/ has for a dynamic different from /qa/'s are to either restrict image posting to the OP or permit each poster a certain amount of images per thread (at this point, I'd say just one) instead of limiting everyone based on the thread's total images. The latter might probably also amount to a dynamic identical to /qa/, so I'm not sure about it.

Disregard this post at will, it is silly.
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supposedly it takes ~14 weeks to make a website

This is roughly in line with what I planned and the ratios almost identical.

Just some interesting info. I don't know much about this.
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Wish nodejs had pointers….
R:66 / I:16

Improvements to /all/

This is a summary of alterations.

- Index monitor script will work with /all/ in the same way it works with other boards
- Ability to post new threads from /all/ after specifying the target board

This will allow you to treat kissu like a single board site while also categorizing your threads into separate boards. This is kind of like the tag system on flash boards applied to conventional threads. As a result so called misstaggings might result in and require the establishment of some basic guidelines for board use that can clarify when a thread will be moved or not.

In the future the current kissu home page will have it's fake overboard functionality removed and act as a "hybrid booru+4chan style homepage" showing popular threads and standard vichan search feature(kissu.moe/search.php) in a booru layout. No quick post sumary but hovering over popular threads will show the last 5 posts, maybe like in "4chanx catalog" or maybe the "current kissu home page reply list". So adjustments to this may be important to you.

If there's anything else you would like to see added to /all/ then go for it.
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I tried to change the date format with 4chanX but it only works from the 26th post in the page on onward. Pic is from /all/, also happens on individual board and inside threads. How to fix or otherwise change date format?
R:30 / I:7
Kissu's monthly stats are more spread out and lower in part by the April slump
/qa/ 3884
/jp/ 623
/b/ 438
/megu/ 185
/poll/ 70
= 5200
About 1k loss, however viewership of kissu has been at a level highly above average the past few days so this is good news to me, albeit our unique IPs are harder to raise. I've yet to plot this out, might do this.

May the fourth be with you
R:95 / I:23

Stupid Meta (Blog) Thread

As time has gone on, especially recently, I've found myself posting less and less on Kissu. This has been for several reasons: end of the honeymoon phase, gradual user interest shift, moderation which is increasingly incongruent with my own views, and new users. Naturally, each of those bears elaboration. Simply as a matter of course, I've started to post less as a consequence of my honeymoon phase with the site ending. Granted, that was some months ago. Nevertheless, during that phase of my posting, I regularly made in excess of 20-30 posts a day (this was around the time of Kissu having ~200 posts per day in late December). After that, I began to make original threads semi-regularly. At some point, however, the extent of my making new threads diminished significantly to where I was only remaking the blog thread and such. Likewise, over time, the bulk of my posts shifted to the blog thread as well. Perhaps influencing my posting has also been the very gradual shift in posting behavior due to increased thread turnover; previously, Kissu was more biased towards longer threads with some level of discussion as opposed to one-off threads that net less than a dozen replies. That's my suspicion, at least – I don't really have anything concrete to back that up other than a general feel that /qa/ has been much faster in board turnover despite relatively stable post counts. As for the more contentious and abstract, Verm's handling of and opinions on certain matters of community and moderation have increasingly rubbed me the wrong way. I'd be remiss to say that I could point to concrete examples, however. For one, there's no permanent archive, so it's fairly hard to conjure up specific examples on that front alone. Generally, though, among the smattering of meta threads, I've found myself disagreeing with Verm's viewpoints. Admittedly, this could be down to the fact that Verm has a particularly verbose and meandering manner of writing which makes it somewhat difficult to glean what he's trying to say. On the other hand, he possesses a certain brash honesty – which in some respects is worthy of praise – that's entirely contrary to his own stated goals. Nevertheless, when he makes comments such as >>>/poll/179 and >>>/poll/185, I can't help but view these statements negatively. Much less significant, though something which has bugged me for some time that I figure I might as well mention, is the fact that Verm has an reprehensible tendency to dismiss entire walls of text based on a single sentence, or otherwise reply saying that he's not going to reply. Anyways… The matter of new users has bugged me for some time now. Firstly, on the front of advertising, I firmly disagree with the frankly lazy method of borderline spam "Come post here" posts on other imageboards; I'm resolutely on the side of any and all advertising being on the basis of word of mouth. Secondly, I very much disagree with the notion of needing advertising in the first place. As for new users themselves: at best, they've been quite noticeable; at worst, their posting style is obnoxious and/or reaction seeking. Generally, their presence annoys me. I wouldn't fault them for not knowing what GNFOS or ota is, but having to bear witness to repeated over-done reactions or outright posting things that are "non /qa/" is quite tiresome. Is it really so hard to take it easy? /qa/ is pretty conflict averse, so I figure I'm but one of a select few to feel this way – at least, openly so.

So… That about sums up my feelings. I don't really have any policy prescriptions or anything like that. I just figured I'd mention how I've begun to feel increasingly alienated from posting and from the site in general. All in all, Kissu has been feeling more like a waste of time than anything meaningful recently. That's part of the reason why I decided to delete my banners on a whim – there's no point, especially not when I haven't been enjoying posting.
R:17 / I:0
Rules section of the welcome message updated to be a bit more clear on why things get moved or autosaged. There's still no strict behavior rules, but these are the guidelines to clarify why something is acted on.

> Illegal/Gross = moderation,

> 3D outside of /spg/ = move/delete,
> breaking board guidelines = move/delete/autosage.
> This is not a comprehensive list of actions but a clarification on some of them.
> /trans/ is our trashcan.
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It doesn't feel right to make a negative thread, but in my opinion the banner mentioning sageru #jp and the hima banner linking to a toad should be removed. How do other people feel about these?

hima had spammed the banner system with frogs and the "loli" one linking to the toad is a remnant of that time. hima's overall opinion of kissu and /qa/ has been negative so I think both groups are served well by this removal.

As for the #jp one. Well, #jp is a cesspit that's worse than the worst of gnfos combined with the worst of mero and pol and r9k. Its home to the person or people that spent so much time trashing 4/qa/ when we were still over there. It is unfathomable to me to link to there from kissu. It's questionable why this person made an ad for #jp and not #qa, but I'll leave it there.

Someone might mention that /what/ seems similar to #jp or gnfos and such and I didn't mention removing their banner. There's still some good people there trying to enjoy themselves. Whatmin does delete the spam and worst posts on his site occasionally and unlike the other places they have an overall friendly relationship with kissu.

I'll try to figure out something to link to and how to make animated stuff. I don't want to remove things without replacing them with something better, if other people agree with me on them being a bad idea.
R:25 / I:6
R:23 / I:2
Ok, so I think I actually thought of a good way to implement the /blog/ board idea without just splitting things up while leaving the problem unchanged. How about for the blog board it functions as a kind of like ban.kissu.moe, or an IRC, but each post looks like a thread post. Then you limit the max amount of posts that can be on the board at a time to 10 or 15, so that people will come to see it as more a place for more fleeting thoughts than in-depth discussion. That way you can preserve a place for people to post their benign blogs, and then in general people will gravitate towards turning more interesting ideas into threads
R:2 / I:0


What are you doing reading this?
R:5 / I:2


I understand that many do not have the money to throw around and if that's the case you should save instead and not worry about me. I don't think anyone expects this to make much money but you can't know without trying and I've got nothing to do with my money anyways so might as well toss it into kissu in the hopes of a ROI.
Kissu is not really a controversial site(when you hide megu anyways…) so it might have a better chance at monetization than 8 and 4chan. Some blogs make living money on a less interesting product model. The weakness of course here is number of users which puts a large financial burden on anyone participating.

What you're contributing towards is me putting more time into all of the gross or complicated stuff you don't want to do like advertising, managing, and building features onto the site. Money will be the means to secure the quality of my labour. If you want to look at what you're buying look at all the extras I've added to vichan that help make this place more suited to posting. I can still do more as 4taba has features that could be adopted, but if I get a corprate job many new parts of the site will probably never be added.

One step at a time, but if we hit 1.1kUSD/mo i should be able to live with side gigs. Moving somewhere cheap would help. Right now we are at 0.005kUSD/mo.
R:6 / I:3
Is there a way to unhide threads or posts? Sometimes when I try to minimize videos I accidentally hide the post instead, and I've done it to a few threads now. I don't see any way to undo this.

If if there's no way to do it I think it should be added as a site feature.
R:1 / I:0
The records show kissu has in it's ranks 2 meta boards(poll, b), 2 2D boards(megu, jp) and 3 random boards(spg, qa, trans).

it runs a video synchronization program, a captcha service, various web scrappers and an IRC bot. Additional parties possess things such as 2 IRC channels, a steam chat, a Booru and a anime openings archive.

It's reported that it makes a dollar a day and gets viewed ~40,000 times a month. It has no relationships with other imageboards though it does have possitive relations with /what/, a heritage from 4chan and an unclear connection with 4taba.

it's also reported that the admin is not to be trusted and is occasionally called a "vermin". Further details are unclear. I must lurk more.
R:4 / I:0
Why does this always happen…
R:0 / I:0
Here is my advice
R:2 / I:1
by making lots of board variations centered around limitations I can give posters a better ability to control the type of thread they want and the style of replies they'll get…

R:49 / I:9
Q: How wide and high should a board-ad be? It'll be a bit of a pain to change it later down the line so need a good size.
(one of these)
R:23 / I:11

Captchouli Nominations!

As you've probably noticed, Kissu supports a neat CAPTCHA named "Captchouli" that uses booru tags to supply image sources and the correct answer. While we did get some suggestions when it was tested out back then, it wasn't very thorough and didn't last very long. So here's the thread to rectify that!
The most common choice is of course character names, but you can also do things like hamburger, pink_flower or pout.
Suggest tags!
R:0 / I:0
R:16 / I:4

custom CSS thread!

Post your custom CSS! Ask questions! Receive answers!
Remind me later to grab the CSS info off of that filters thread I used to post on 4/qa/!

Here's the CSS I've used for a long time but recently edited a tiny portion. I'm attempting to get the "first-letter" bit to work on posts that start with a quotelink, but I can't seem to make any headway.
R:1 / I:0
is there word yet that categorizes OP and Reply
R:1 / I:0
Hey wait a minute it's not September…
R:3 / I:0
How do the proxy bans work? They are automatic, right? But how are they automated? Is it based on some blacklist?
R:9 / I:2

Salvation is here

Welcome to Edenchan. A place of refuge.
R:2 / I:0


Hello and welcome to Lynxchan. Please visit if you'd like.
Tor: http://lynxch6qp3dsr54olaeizko7vdz4t4w74lpdh2ipoaokl2p5jmdbccqd.onion/
R:42 / I:1
This board is such a circlejerk compared to 4/qa/ (Part 2)
R:4 / I:0
if the front page weren't so bad, I might even be able to call this site an imageboard
R:7 / I:5
You are cordially invited to check out Openchan.
A new chan that focuses on open access, free speech and board creation
Tor V3: http://opench5rqe3yqenhg6ny3korcwi7guntecjxjhcxhnkbz7vigjdjf2yd.onion/
R:6 / I:1
You are cordially invited to check out Openchan.
A new chan that focuses on open access, free speech and board creation
Tor V3: http://opench5rqe3yqenhg6ny3korcwi7guntecjxjhcxhnkbz7vigjdjf2yd.onion/
R:9 / I:0
Sort of. Say hello to 8channel. Board creation is enabled, Tor users are allowed.
Tor @ http://bgtqw7gwtllwonouaxqoralnssasje6xxgl3ismb47pryoe7eutqi5id.onion/
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R:4 / I:0
why do some people dislike javascript being run on browsers?
R:9 / I:5
R:3 / I:1

You are cordially invited to check out ____.
A new chan that focuses on open access, free speech and board creation.
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merorin was here, you guys are faggots
R:3 / I:0
whats that? you don't noko? are you some kind of wierdo or something????
R:2 / I:2
I've turned usagi into a redhead
R:1 / I:0
Board/thread flooding, spamming, wiping out old threads/posts, any imageboards, any requests.
email: [email protected]
XMPP/Jabber: [email protected]

[mod edit]
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feelio remember pissmin wiped all the old thresds
R:28 / I:2
R:2 / I:0
Get with the times, grams.
R:0 / I:0
nice one IBM
R:2 / I:1
mintboard.org is the cool place to hang out. You can find most of the cool people there. On mintboard.org you can just chill and do whatever and totally relax. "Take it easy" is the mintboard.org motto, for example, that's how laid back it is there. Show up if you want to have a good time. Another good reason to show up is if you want to hang out with friends.
R:4 / I:1
Do you have a job? I've been neet studying web dev for the last year but my autism makes me anxious what if I fail and get blacklisted forever.
R:1 / I:0
Have you thought about the idea of being able to ghostpost in the archive? No images so it'd be little space.
R:1 / I:1
Rename /qa/ to 2D/Random.
R:8 / I:0
>There are few [IRC] clients with modern UI that has clickable links, buttons for control codes, displays site and image previews, allows to play youtube links etc. Surprisingly no one uses them.

Which clients are these and are any worth trying?
R:182 / I:27

Feedback #2: Kissu Entertainment Levels

At this point Kissu has gotten all the core features I think are needed to be successful.
This leaves issues of User Interface and Stylesheets.

Please post in here any improvements to the way things are currently done.
Whatever I believe is a new feature will be dismissed, but if something will improve your posting experience put it in here. I don't want to alter the basic operation of the site and moderation however as I don't want kissu to be in eternal beta.

As before bugs take priority over improvements, but I think it's still too soon to be thinking about optimizations. More important though is building up a site culture so that there's a greater reason for people to post here.

Old thread after moved posts:
R:0 / I:0
Hello from FrChan!
R:16 / I:2
The Goon Saloon is now (re)opened.
Come on over ye international goons.
R:5 / I:2
Wow I just found out that this exists https://eurochan.org/
R:6 / I:1
(yen)When someone advertises a new imageboard on kissu
R:4 / I:3
webm post test
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R:1 / I:0
R:0 / I:0
R:2 / I:1
it's always that one guy
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R:1 / I:0
php… no…
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i think unrelated, but interesting with 4chanx and api issues
R:14 / I:7
what were you just doing? i had an important post to make but now I forgot what it was.
R:34 / I:21


make them
submit them
talk about them
R:5 / I:1
phone posting on the /qa/
R:6 / I:6
R:1 / I:0

Dragonchan update

As you may have heard, Dragonchan is back.
We have Oekaki, dice roll function, animated gif thumbnails and lots of other cool stuff. And best of all: no LynxChan shitware.
There is no general theme so post whatever you like. Come give us a try.
Onion: http://lqo5cegnj7p6awhpobain7gapsv5dcbo5bl33ihiavdto3vznb33jmyd.onion
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Dragonchan is back

We have Oekaki and pink text and animated gif thumbnails and other cool stuff. And best of all: no LynxChan shitware.
Come give it a try.
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Straight Shota Chan is a high demand searchword…
R:156 / I:22

Feedback: Kissu Entertainment Levels

Are you not entertained by kissu?
What do you think is boring you about kissu compared to 4chan?

All ideas accepted, not everything considered.
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was searching on webmaster tools for links to kissu and one of the images here wound up on a spam porn site somehow
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R:15 / I:7
Why isn't Hazuki in the background for the Kissu(experimental) style anymore? I remember her being there some weeks ago.. miss her
R:1 / I:1
R:3 / I:0
Kissu(at this point) won't be updating off of vichan anymore since the only updates are for paid things, these will be private updates most likely so there won't be any new content to get from them(We'll probably end up doing a bunch of clean up to post.php to make it easier to read anyways).
Likewise, at this point kissu has copied everything it needs from NPFChan so there's not much to look at from them. They're likewise stalling and doing mostly small updates(imagine running an imageboard for money).

Kissu's plans is to be developed for probably the next two years I guess. hard to tell, but there are a lot of UI improvements that need to be done to make it a competitive software against proprietary futaba. Feature wise kissu is already competetive, but the UI is shite so that needs to be worked on.

I also might do some things like remove flags and other /pol/ tier garbage from the software. There are also some other features like compatibility with NNTP but I think that's all dead so if it's a performance impact that might get removed.

Kissu could probably be called in a beta state when I finish off the mod and polling features. This meaning that the priorities will no longer be for grand new features that will differentiate the board from others(we have to stop adding new things and reflect sometime) and will be optimizations on the ways things are already done.

For archive purposes the banner sticky is at:
R:4 / I:0
whats the archive for anyway, if it only shows threads that fell off a day ago?
R:1 / I:1
some sketchups for index
R:4 / I:0
Sleek site design. I can't even see the first thread.
R:18 / I:3
Cool-guy your life is about to get very miserable
R:11 / I:1
uncacheable background that takes over 1MB for every page load is so subarashii
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I fell for (pic related) and got a 1month ban so now you're gonna have to deal with me for the next month.
So who tf is Trevor???
Also, you like my name color?
R:4 / I:1

Stream Thread

Thought it'd be a good idea for a thread about the discussions of streams. Seems like it'd work better on this board instead of /qa/ since it's more like discussion of the site itself.

To start off the thread I'll announce that I'm going to stream Kino no Tabi (2003) next sunday 9/15 at 6:00 PM EST
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holy mother of god am i bored
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>Why yes I do, how did you know?
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gotta test
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test thread

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You should make an /ad/ board and send all other chan advertisements there.
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Thinkin about admins using their capcodes for their official posts so people can pick out who's vermin and who's yotcool….
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I'm the best poster on this board. Anyone that disagrees feel free to state so here.
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R:2 / I:0
test ignore this
R:2 / I:0
R:0 / I:0
going to enable this on /b/ for the lulz
R:4 / I:0
So here's my task outline I think for creating a cross site API:

1) I have to upgrade the current aggregator (https://github.com/ECHibiki/ViQa-Site-Tracker)
to be able to store information about vichan threads and get that part of the site logging posts as well as threads. Put this fork into https://github.com/ECHibiki/AnarChan-Fetcher

2) have to create a way to parse HTML data of tinyboard imageboards(such as ota) that don't use an API and store it into the current version

3) Rewrite site-tracker to make POST requests for data into a currently non existent C REST API

4) Make this non existent C REST API write thread data into a new MySQL database when given a POST request

5) Allow GET requests to retrieve data from the MySQL database

6) Make the current aggregator board use this API to place data into Vichan's database

7) Alter the current way the board is represented to allow users to ignore certain boards over others(something like how the overboard works)

I've got 1 1/2 moths to do it so lets see how it goes
project repo will be: https://github.com/ECHibiki/AnarChan-Fetcher
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who's going to kindle the flame?
R:0 / I:0
R:2 / I:1
R:8 / I:1
flood timer test
R:0 / I:0
camera movement is crazy
R:8 / I:0
Going to fix the leader thing on theatre.kissu soon, then I plan on going on to other tech stuff and abandoning creative stuff. Focus on developing software rather than creating entertainment.
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