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gotta test


is posting working?


trying quick reply


I think the
>0.037471<!doctype html>
thing is causing 4chan X not to run


File: 1554799144142.jpg (110.07 KB, 640x480, 844a799896b0ffe44129bf92d2….jpg)

testing with a file
I also couldn't start a thread but I could post a reply




Apparently it causes my browser to parse the page as having the body element starting at the number and all the content of the head element thrown into the body instead.


4chan X can be made to run again if this is taken out
if (d.body && !$('title', d.head)) {
but some stuff is still messed up because things that aren't supposed to run until the head element is completely loaded run immediately.


I'll move the numbers down…. I've just been busy on other things


When the numbers come up it means that I've enabled bans to block people from viewing the site so it scans through all the bans whenever you do an action and that's a timer for how long the action took

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