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File: 1561593919365.png (18.31 MB, 4308x4308, shiawase.png)


This seems like the place to share this.
I made a short python script that converts wav files to pngs. It's kinda slow, due to my inexperience with coding, but it works and the quality of the sound files that come from the pngs are good enough.
You need scipy, openCV2, and numpy libraries and need to put the script in a directory with a subfolder named "output", that itself has a subfolder named "output" and then run it.
The attached file is audio in png form from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz5K43W8oYY
As far as size is concerned the png is generally smaller than uncompressed audio but not other audio containers. The wav file I used to make this png is 35 MB while, the ogg file i made from that wav is only 1.5 MB


File: 1561633759630.jpg (307.6 KB, 1102x1631, [crossover][blue cat][arti….jpg)

That's cool, but what could it be used for?


File: 1561661375891.png (24.57 MB, 5088x5088, acdc_thunder.png)

I made it with inspiration from DesuDesuTalk, it wouldn't really be useful outside of 4chan though. I haven't really made anything in javascript and the code i have right now is super slow so not sure if a browser plugin will ever happen.


File: 1561704598375.jpg (2.13 MB, 524x454, 4Bvw2dOOyN6Ua6Znrv3tGA.jpg)

There's a userscript called 4chan Sound Player that plays .ogg files that were appended to the end of images posted to 4chan. The 4chan dev blocked it, but there were several workarounds, some of which still work. The mods will ban you if they see it, though. No fun allowed.


yeah, /v/ had those sound threads and stuff
I guess we COULD try it on /qa/, but it'd also just be so much easier to directly upload sound here
really cool stuff, though


i didn't know about that project, it seems to kinda be what i am wanting to do but a little more involved

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