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File: 1544072666964.png (348.96 KB, 511x418, ada0125e281af6ff54e0079f6f….png)


petition to replace the spoiler image with a boson


Send me all your boson


File: 1544075729349.png (167.74 KB, 256x472, boson.png)

maybe something similar to this?


make it 1:1 and I'll do it


File: 1544085797831.png (22.52 KB, 200x200, gluon.png)

will this work?
Gluons can have some combination of color charges (red, blue, green and their respective anti charges). Also since they are probably massless they should travel at the speed of light and see every object not in their frame of reference undergoing infinite length contraction. This would sort of mean that they only experience 2 spatial dimensions as all objects they pass would have zero length.


Might be better if the g were replaced with a "?" and the bottom text changed to spoiler since it's a spoiler image.


And as an easter egg the numbers could be
or 012


File: 1544086203814.png (21.32 KB, 200x200, photon.png)

but then it wouldn't obviously be a boson


gravitons don't have an electric charge


File: 1544086493449.png (257.87 KB, 1024x980, 1024px-Standard_Model_of_E….png)

oh also i misspoke, the bottom number refers to the spin which is a natural number for bosons
at least that's how pic related is organized


Make a question mark bozon!




can't believe I missed this boson thread

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