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Captchouli needs more tags and a larger database so that it's harder to beat.

Give me all the gelbooru tags you can think of and I'll add those faces to the database. A few of them will be selected as captcha tags for use on the site


hazuki_(tsukuyomi), serval_(kemono_friends), dejiko, puchiko, usada_hikaru, touwa_erio, most any touhou you can name, nepgear, shinjou_akane, kurashina_asuka, megumin, probably all the love lives, any IM@S you can name, most of the popular type-moon characters probably


encase them in quotation marks as well

"usada_hikaru", "touwa_erio", "nepgear"
are the ones that go the best with the current set.

Ideally in designing this captcha the selections should share some similarities with the ones that already exist.

For example nepgear's eye's compare to illya's
touwa_erio has a similar hair and eye color to what's in the current set
"anastasia_(idolmaster)", "hibiki_(kantai_collection)", "shiro_(dennou_shoujo_youtuber_shiro)", "illyasviel_von_einzbern",


"shirasaka_koume", "arcueid_brunestud", "artoria_pendragon_(all)", "hoshi_shouko", "futaba_anzu", "kirisame_marisa", "yakumo_yukari", "abigail_williams_(fate/grand_order)", "yakumo_ran", "serval_(kemono_friends)", "konpaku_youmu", "izayoi_sakuya", "alice_margatroid", "suguri_(character)", "ayase_eli", "minami_kotori", "ohara_mari"


"shirasaka_koume", "arcueid_brunestud", "artoria_pendragon_(all)", "hoshi_shouko"
"konpaku_youmu", "izayoi_sakuya",

might start getting tough now


total list is
"anastasia_(idolmaster)", "hibiki_(kantai_collection)", "shiro_(dennou_shoujo_youtuber_shiro)", "illyasviel_von_einzbern",
"usada_hikaru", "touwa_erio", "nepgear", "shirasaka_koume", "arcueid_brunestud", sugu , "hoshi_shouko",
"konpaku_youmu", "izayoi_sakuya",

needs a few more characters with red to white(purple and pink) colors to them.
hazuki is one, need a few more though similar to her


"patchouli_knowledge", "reisen_udongein_inaba", "manaka_lala", "toujou_nozomi", "kaname_madoka", "senjougahara_hitagi", "koshimizu_sachiko", "komeiji_satori", "hata_no_kokoro", "yoshikawa_chinatsu"


"shiro_(no_game_no_life)" "jibril_(no_game_no_life)" "stephanie_dora"



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