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File:[SubsPlease] Kemono Jihen ….jpg (126.28 KB,1280x720)


So this anime must be targeting the /jp/ audience


File:[SubsPlease] Kemono Jihen ….jpg (208.71 KB,1280x720)



What a little homo


What's with the feminization of shounen chars over the last decade? There's the boku no hero academia kid who's a total pussy, the kimetsu no yaiba protag's standard expression is that of a scared domestic abuse victim and now if you told me this guy was a tomboy I'd believe it. You could make a case for Gon from HxH having less threatening features but his eyes reflected adventure while these guys all look a cold greeting away from crying to their moms. Kenshin had long hair and a slim build but he had that sharp rugged stare. I can't think of any other examples from the past that come close to what's happening now. Have shounen sales become more dependent on fujoshi money than on its actual demographic? But fujoshi existed way back in the day too and manlier designs like those in slam dunk didn't stop them from squeeing all over it. What is going on?


Feminine characters are cute. I like cute.


Part of it's probably because it's easier to draw.

Muscular men are difficult to animate because they have complex construction that looks different from every angle, and they need lots of squash-and-stretch applied to said construction to look convincing in fight scenes, which further complicates things.

Girls (and by extension feminine guys) use way fewer forms in their construction, and most of them are rounded shapes like circles, ovals and cylinders, which are much easier to draw since they basically look the same from every angle, and are much easier to apply squash-and-stretch to because you can just draw the same shape but wider.


What about Agni, late Eren, some of the main chars from Dr. Stone, these guys from Jujutsu Kaisen, the male cast of CSM?


File:[SubsPlease] Kemono Jihen ….jpg (167.02 KB,1280x720)

They really turned up the /jp/ service this episode


Nothing says "I'm a huge dork" like an exposed rib cage.


whoa is he dead


he's diejoubu

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