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File:85731906_p0.png (872.65 KB,1310x1817)


How much action can a properly functioning /jp/ cummer withstand in a day?


File:84475800_p0.jpg (1.27 MB,1368x1000)

If his /jp/ spirit is unbroken: forever.

NOTE: with every sperm, a /jp/sie's spirit's probability of being broken approaches 1.


I used to do it at least three times a day when I was younger, but nowadays I usually try to space it out a bit more. If you do it too much you start getting burnt out and things stop making you horny.


my libido has gone down way below safe levels
jerking off is a CHORE!


Maybe you should hire a maid?


if I wank everyday it's getting harder to do it more than 3 times a day


File:image.jpeg (80.56 KB,533x452)

All depends on mood, what I've eaten and the method I pick.


File:1459968305920.jpg (38.95 KB,337x336)

can't sperm as much in a day as I used to, the desire just isn't there


Ganbatte, Anonymous!


File:Nagato.Yuki.jpg (146.22 KB,1600x900)

go days without cumming now


File:018.jpg (122.67 KB,706x706)

2-3 times a day unless I have the whole day to myself than maybe 6-10 times but thats not to often with work and roommates. pretty sure I fap more in my late 20s than I did as a teen.


So many broken /jp/ spirits...


I want to go back in time and be a hornt 14 year old again


Partaking the motion but abstaining from release is a very good buildup strategy.

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