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The /jp/ meetup


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due to limited budget there is only one /jp/ girl this year


I call the middle left.


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Meet a /jp/sie at a Con once he was cross playing as Youmu from Touhou Project he looked pretty cute but was very shy he would never talked about himself only Touhou related things. While speaking he never made eye contact and would always have a small smile he tried his best to hide. In an attempt to get him more open I took him to a food stand and bought him some onigri.

He started to open up after that, that's when he said that he lost his place he was going to stay because the person he came with hooked up. Kicking him out of the hotel room they were meant to stay to together after mentioning that he got a bit teary-eyed so I said he could stay at my room. He wiped his face and thanked me so I took him up there and showed him around, right when I was going to show the bathroom I got a txt from a friend saying I was about to miss out on some merch.
I apologized but he cut me off saying it was ok and he needed some rest, I then rushed off.
When I came back walked in on him masturbating while he was still wearing the Youmu cosplay. I was taken back, the innocent demeanour of him broken for me. I then looked down and saw the massive erection that had formed in my pants. Worried now and not knowing what to do, I asked softly: "...I think...there's something um... " "W-what is it?" with a befuddled look on his face and rushing to clean up. "Well its just that..." That's when the cute shy crossplayer I took in looked with amazement at the massive throbbing erection ripping through my trousers. "Well you're really cute and it looked like you were having a lot of fun you shouldn't stop because of me..."He then jumped up and proclaimed that he would take care of it as a true friend to make thanks for giving him a place to stay.
He then took off my pants while undoing the zipper with his teeth while I sat on the edge of the bed my penis throbbing with excitement and anxiety. He then wrapped his soft lips around my cock. He used his tongue and sucked back and forth on my erection. I let out a small high pitched "mew." "Wh-what!? I've never made that sound before!" I thought in my mind.

He then began to suck on the head of my dick. He was actually quite skilled at this sort of thing. About 5 minutes later I let out a huge moan as I came all over his cute smooth face. "Wow you sure came a ton!" He said "I-I-is that good or what?" I replied back with in a worried tone. He just smiled back with the same one I first saw him with.
However after he cleaned the cum out of his eyes he noticed I was still rock hard. Me and him then took our positions on the bed. He then situated me in a way so that he could put my round squishy tip into his anal cavity. I then slowly pushed it in. "OW OW IT HURTS! STOP IT HURTS!" He exclaimed in a worried but yet cute whimpering voice. "Shhh it'll all be okay, soon you'll feel nice and good." I couldn't stop myself at this point so I thrust-ed in and out of his smooth, small round ass, slowly expanding it with each ginger thrust. "SERIOUSLY STOP IT HURTS!" he screamed as blood began to flow onto the tip from the ripped part of his anus. Then all of a sudden I thrust one hard thrust into his virgin ass which inserted was 3 inches deep inside. He then yelled and came all over the bed beneath him. His back arched up in pleasure with his wig barely staying on. "Wow, its been a long time since ive fucked an ass as tight as yours." as I fell backed gasping for breath. "R-really? wow thanks!. That did feel pretty good.." He said as he panted with the sweat beading off his smooth pale skin. "Say maybe we could do this again sometime but maybe reverse the rolls" he said joyfully. "That d be fun." As I smiled and blushed back.


File:image.jpeg (92.95 KB,871x1200)

>he screamed as blood began to flow onto the tip from the ripped part of his anus.
*he screamed as blood began to flow onto the tip of my penis from the ripped part of his anus.
Sorry for any other mistakes I did and haven't caught, might do a part two of this.


cute! cute! cute!!!


Not bad, not bad at all.


File:44a88ae5ec37274b.jpeg (61.91 KB,1280x722)

>I let out a small high pitched "mew." "Wh-what!? I've never made that sound before!" I thought in my mind.


File:1583288484863.png (114.44 KB,381x320)

I feel like I've read this before. Hmmm.

Not sure what it says about me if it's original...


File:image.jpeg (95.68 KB,425x600)

Glad it was liked.
It's as original as a music collab it was tropes up the ass and bits of existing pastas sprinkled with gay.

Final part: You will (not) NTR

We spent the rest of our night marathoning some anime Blurays I picked up when I was out, whenever a funny scene would happen he'd try his best to stifle his laugh I don't know why as I found it pretty cute sounding. After 8hrs of that we both fell asleep together, halfway through the night I found him hugging me from behind like I was someone kind of body pillow while still asleep I guess it was habit for him.

The next morning we talked about anywhere that we wanted to go that we may have missed, he mentioned a stand that sold some clothes so I thought why not and we went. When we arrived I realized something I should have sooner...it was all cosplay stuff, I'll admit watching him going around the outfits made me uncomfortable but he looked happy so I abloged he then pulled one out looked at me with nervous intent and said "h-how...how do you like this one?" It was the cheerleader outfit from the Lucky Star OP I couldn't take it serious, call it overactive imagination but the thought him doing a improvised pompom routine while sucking my dick didn't sit well with me...
Jumping to anything sexual felt weird like what did I get myself into...
"Um it's nice but I think you can do better, yeah." He looked disappointed but undeterred that's when his eyes lit up.

He saw a cosplay of Flandre, man I always hated Flandre but I didn't have the heart to say no this time. "Yeah that's really cute you're small like her so it will fit, you'll be cute." He then said "yay I knew you would like it since we talked a lot about Touhou when we first talked."
That we did guess I didn't mention the Flan thing.

That's when shit hit the fan... "Hey there you are I was looking for you, what's your deal running off huh?" It was the guy who left him for his hook up. The cute boy I hanging with calm and shy as he can be was visibly shaken now and it made me mad, very mad. "We are heading off now get over here." The boy replied with a mousey "no..." That's when I chimed in
"Hey you goofball why do you think it was ok to kick out and leave someone like that?" He shot back with "what's it to you? Oh he ran to you didn't he? Figures..well you should know, we came to together to meet up for sex but a girl got my attention so I made him bac-"

That's when he jumped in "shut up! You're awful I wish we never met you fickle whiny ass! I agreed to meet because I thought it would be more than getting your rocks off!" He looked shocked and said "well that didn't even happen the girl I saw left me pretty soon so let's just go.." With a look of kindled flare he replied "No..I'm with someone better now go away" oddly enough he did but someone better he might be wrong about that...

After that dumb drama we went back to our room to drop things off that's when things got hot. Hopped up on his new found adrenalin he jump right into his new Flandre outfit and pushed me on the bed.
He proceed to rip my pants right off and suck my dick right to the base rotating his
tongue along the way sucking like his life relied on it he also started cupping my balls in his hand. Sucking and rubbing, kissing and licking I couldn't hold out...
"Like this? Hehe I want all your cum, every drop!" He said while smiling and giving my dick kisses, he went back to sucking I blew my load "ah! m-mew ooo uh" he ate up every last drop... "Your hard again hehe I think it's craving my tight little hole come on put it in, p-please..." Boy did I stick it in him. He was still very tight but all the saliva from that blowjob made putting it in easier, I thrust-ed like a horny jackrabbit and he moaned nonstop. "You like that Flany you little slut don't you? I'm gonna hit that bitch switch so hard I'll drain you of any power!" "Yes! Keep going it feels so right I feel your dick pushing out my cum!" After more rounds of humping I started to pinch his nipples while his small tight anus ate up my cock.
"O-oh that's too much I'm gonna cum please unload it in me my dude"
After saying that he let out a high pitch moan convulsed and cummed loads onto the bed sheets. I came so hard it overflowed outside of his ass.

"My butt..it feels warm and full thank you.." After that he got up and said "I love you" I froze l..I had to say it. "I need to confess I'm really already with someone a girl I didn't mean for this to happen..."
He started crying... " You don't love me..."
Thinking that I realized that no...I don't love her fuck that this boy is perfect!
"No! I mean I do! I'm an idiot you're what I ever wanted so I do love you."
His eyes did that light up thing again..
"Yay and your not an idiot your my now new BF!" Yeah at that moment I realized I was.. "Yes I am but your still kind of a dork even in that new cosplay" I then wiped some leftover cum off his face and a stray pubic hair from his lips and kissed him. The end.


>man I always hated Flandre
my inner grammar nazi is super triggered as well but the gay is stronger


File:madflandre.jpg (46.5 KB,1152x720)

>man I always hated Flandre
Prepare yourself...



File:1551289199070.jpg (59.47 KB,1024x687)

peek /jp/


>please unload it in me my dude
This is the most /jp/ phrase I've ever read.


File:image.jpeg (206.7 KB,1280x957)

An informative guide to a safe /jp/ meetup [sadly never fully translated but a full raw is easily found]
Mirror for dorks:

It truly is bad and goes to show why I never got higher than a C in English.
I hoped for that result the alt line was going to be: "shoot your goo in my boywomb my duuuude ahh" but though it was too on the nose..

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