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It was a different time...


well anime sure is more mainstream now so alot of those people were right and i think it will continue to become more mainstream, generally the young adult niche is still kinda unfilled in the West


It's sad to see a culture like that die out.. I hope there's still a space for the old nerds somewhere out there as their territory is increasingly encroached. Maybe there's old forums sequestered out there.
Also, I can't remember I know the song at 9:38 from. Magic Knight Rayearth? I can't figure it out..


File:MagicKnightRayearth_OP1.mp4 (37.15 MB,1440x1080)

Your guess is on the mark.


File:[xPearse] Magic Knight Ray….png (1.29 MB,960x720)

Nice, my brain still works. It's such a great OP, too.


I feel that the next or current nerd hobby will be something else with little ease of access. Maybe now that would be VNs, since to get really into them you'd need to at some point learn Japanese, and going past that they normally require a hefty time commitment that most ordinary people can't afford to spend reading them.


The VN "scene" is full of retarded e-celebs and has been for many years, and compared to the days when you had to make do with Ixrec translations and the like, it's a lot more accessible to EOPs. It's true that they require a large time investment, but that has never been much of a detriment when it comes to video games, has it?


With how open the internet is I doubt there'll be anything truly niche again.

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