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It's happening.
How do you think it'll be received? Do you think it'll affect the general western community?


Whenever I see things like this, I have an ominous feeling and I ponder.


If they're capable VAs then like nyanners it'll probably be a huge success and it'll generate even more popularity for vtubers. If the VAs aren't so capable though... It'll probably just be there like holostars.


I think merely being hololive, new and in English will give them more momentum than holostars. They all seem to speak Japanese as well, which I wonder how they'll use.


Of course the initial popularity will be big, the question is will they be capable of holding onto said popularity.


I think they will. ID has managed to remain consistent since April, these ones will have a far bigger audience to help them.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (303.7 KB,1920x1080)

Mm, I think it'll probably be a huge hit, albeit probably not getting many new fans. If it's native English speakers, though, I can't imagine it'd have the cute appeal, but rather the more popular meme-parroting thing that all the kids are into. Will they have the same writers?


It's hololive, not something like Kizuna Ai or Kaguya Luna. They won't have any scripts to go off and will have actually try to be funny or interesting. Which probably won't work...


File:b81e336f7facc24f620c5c7990….jpg (452.44 KB,700x966)

They literally copied Abby what the hell....


octopus girl


the norms.. when will they ever be satisfied


the median whorolive lasts like a year, now that they have a whole agency based around it they have no choice but to keep going forward
just wait for when one of the new gens turns out to be one that already died out


the median whorolive lasts like a year

I don't think any of them have retired yet...


I dont think it will change much, people who dont actually care and just watch for the hype will move to the english ones and everyone else will pick 1 or 2 of them to watch alongside the others
assuming they arent boring and unfunny that is, if thats the case itll never take off and quickly be shoved under the rug
still excited to see what happens desu


File:189-1891574_branch-laurel-….png (107.21 KB,920x583)

Are they Japanese that speak English or is it English speakers that know Japanese?


Going by their twitter posts I have to assumed the latter


Maybe they will actually be funny since it's possible to communicate humor in English.


I'll take a look for sure. Never watched japanese ones since I don't speak the language.


Only an hour left... Place your bets on bow it'll turn out
(and also how fast 4/jp/ is going to get)


I don’t like her voice mostly. She sounds insecure most of the time and the rest of the time fake. I haven’t and probably won’t watch all of the stream but there were a few times what sounded like her real voice came through and I liked that better. It sounded more sincere and as if she actually cared/was real.


>Having to go on Jewtube just to watch some virtual sluts


100ppm for 4/jp/, and it might've gotten faster when she referenced them.
I didn't like that act either, but it looks like it was a setup for the rap.


>it might've gotten faster when she referenced them.


54:30, "cue the haters typing sell". 4/jp/ was using moricoin as a metaphor for how the stream was going.


God damn, and there's still more of them left+the collab. Wonder how they'll continue to justify not having a board for them.


funny, the second one isn't really even that perfect at english and speaks german as well


chicken girl seems to like fast food way more than a German should


File:slowpoke-galarian.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.81 KB,900x356)

Where do all these nu-4/jp/ers come from?


For myself I was curious to see how much of a shitshow this caused on 4/jp/ since seeing it drown in more janny-approved shit is fun. Even more ironic now that an English branch is out and it's still allowed on /jp/


This batch in particular is commonly blamed on /v/, though it has a lot of /a/ as well. Smug had a big vtuber thread last time I checked.


File:Screenshot_2020-09-12 jp ….png (19 KB,1361x158)

vtubers infected everywhere nobody can stop them


Are you not fascinated by the latest otaku culture trend that's exploding everywhere?


after watching some other streams i take back everything i said about this not changing much
seeing way more English in chat from obviously new people trying to fit in
Chicken one kind of seemed like they were trying to hard and it felt forced, maybe the octopus one about to start will be better


File:c6fa47fb14.png (393.16 KB,1261x947)



nuke 4jaypee off the face of the earth


It's been very limited on kissu thankfully


kissu follows the non-mainstream doglive


You know 35 5 is like the most mainstream in the anglosphere right?


File:033.jpeg (95.5 KB,1000x1000)

you know... she's pretty heckin cute!


I tried to watch some of the collab but it was truly one of the cringiest things I've laid my eyes upon


File:5505ad31-81ce-4674-89da-03….jpg (92.34 KB,591x591)

this is the only vtuber for kissu https://hutatama.booth.pm/


Is this legal? How can this kind of vtuber stream on youtube...


chicken girls is streaming and already has an audience of 20k

and /jp/ is still in the top 5 fastest boards on 4stats


cant stand her voice, how do people enjoy this


She's just a regular vtuber on youtube from what I can see, she just keeps her very large penis under the desk?


A bit disappointing. I was expecting something more unique


i dont speak japanese


the octopus one looks nice so far, maybe shark as well
others not so much


she sounds Japanese and pulls off the rare cutesy English


I'm not sure most of the except Same can hold an entertaining conversation in English




Well, nothing earth-shattering. Standouts for me were Mori's rapping and Watson's doujinbait syringes, they broke up something that was annoying or boring. I don't dig the chill ones, don't really see the point.
I thought Mori would be interesting after what she pulled yesterday, but she's keeping up the self deprecation and being too aggressive with the chicken.


I unfollowed Mori as soon as she started rapping. I hate rap.


File:5cd934e5ab91dc91a88cb4fdbd….jpg (90.47 KB,800x800)

>Another fucking Virtual Jewtuber thread


Teens are like that one stupid /pol/ image about refugees; "wherever I go, I must talk about Vtubers."


There used to be more, y'know.



shark stream soon


Please do not turn this thread into a hololive general...


yeah uhh... I thought we were just going to mock them
I'd watch a futanari vtuber though maybe if it, you know, uhh... showed stuff
at least for a few minutes if you know what I mean


I don't wanna mock them ;_;


this shit is so fucking gay


must be why everyone on /jp/ spinoffs loves them I am an incomparable homooooooo


isn't it Japanese content fitting a /jp/ board??


Give me five minutes with these little jabronies and they'll see the true meaning of gay.


File:waterfox_OvfPQ30AMY.png (296.82 KB,345x516)

or monster hunter world


It's disgusting American not English though...


That's because the artist who created Abby created Ninomae


So this is how the Japanese comes in. I am surprised.


File:disgust.jpg (255.41 KB,1920x1080)

This one sounds awful. You can tell it's some mannish 30+ year old white woman doing the voice. Korone is an old hag as well, but at least she sounds younger than her actual age.


What the hell... they've got too much influence


File:cool aunt.PNG (583.04 KB,568x677)

she is alone in her room drinking wine so that would make sense
pretty normal behavior for single white woman that age


for some reason I've heard that 5ch somehow likes that best...


Noticing a lot of jiggly boobers. Is this as common on the Japanese streams?


Please don't bully 30 year olds, we may look old to you, but we're still young at heart.


just have a connection and money and you can get anyone to draw your crazy OC tentacle monster


What the fuck is with this white woman shit? Do you retards ever say anything intelligent or anything that has meaning?


I can’t speak for other people but I actually know a couple of women that fit that sorta fit that stereotype and have for many years. One of them is my aunt and while she does have a child and is married she is no doubt a “cool wine aunt”. That phrase/meme of course being the precursor to the “white woman in their 30s” phrase/meme.


Not that anon, but why does this only refer to white women? I've seen women of all colors do this and I'm pretty sure most people don't understand the word "white'.


because in america race/ethnicity will work its way into most everything at some point
also black women already have a steorotype with them and basically in america race tends toward black vs. white


File:1520140631163.jpg (59.55 KB,662x689)



How does the popularity of english vtubers fit into Tokyo’s soft power strategies and will the success of the HololiveEN have a noticeable affect in Japanese soft power around the world, particularly in American dominated western nations?


By the year 2030 Japan's soft power plays will be so strong that every nation will be speaking Japanese.


Do you see vtubers drastically increasing Japanese literacy in the wider world or will it be more regional, like say to developed nations or western nations?


In that case, Byzantium is to Japan what Russia is to China.


i dont know, not to get too deep into it but i think its the rise in popularity of minorities using "white ____ " as an insult. theres really a lot of better ways it could be phrased

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