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File:1600195073472.jpg (837.1 KB,3600x3000)


that jaypee feel


headless man trapped in a head-ful body


Wait a minute... that's a boy!


cute bag decorations


File:1600240526240.jpg (93.38 KB,908x886)

"Weird kid you always see him doing this after school each day and his bag keeps getting more girly..."

"Hahaha you pay that much attention to that freak? Are you gay? gross! Haha."

"I am not! Shut up or I'll tell your Mom about the money you said you've stolen."


2 years later: boi on right and boi looking at dress are having cute gay sex while bully kid masturbates quietly at the door trying not to let them hear.


4/qa/ poster looking at kissu poster


Bunch of gender traitors. You were supposed to fight foids, not become them


more like gender tailor


wish I had simps


What's wrong with admiring them? Sometimes I think that it would be nice to become a dressmaker so I could make and design cute outfits.


who said anything about becoming girls~?


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File:love from kazachstan.jpg (22.22 KB,640x319)

It was implied

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