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File:1471013181938.jpg (2.67 MB,2145x3000)


have you ever considered that your imouto needs a hug RIGHT NOW and you won't even give her one

go hug her!


She's sleeping though... Guess it's easy that way however...


i don't consider my imaginary imouto as often as i should


File:8e239c0c465b98cddfebe0931a….jpg (1.27 MB,1849x1505)

With a body and boobs like that, she can get a hug while also getting my dick.


with kuro being an illya clone does that mean emiya has TWO imoutos?
lucky bastard


wish i had an imouto as sexy and eager as kirino


Why is BB clothes so gosh dang lewd?


three, with Miyu being his parallel universe adoptive imouto or something to that effect


If you can't have an imouto, just make yourself a daughter!


Then do you make a daughter from that daughter?


Of course, that's what daughters are for.


File:1542129259663.jpg (276.77 KB,1440x900)

What's having a sister like? I only have an older brother whom I barely talk with anymore since he moved out, got a job and started a family. I assume it's not anything like anime at least.


File:1356417717799.jpg (238.14 KB,671x1000)

A big sexy bundle of not so sexy emotions that you're not even legally allowed to sex. At least they can be cute and fun at time, and they can be fun to teach


File:image.jpeg (468.46 KB,573x700)

Mine messaged me a week ago saying she's coming out as a lesbian and wasn't sure what to even say though I had my suspicions after she went to her highschool graduation dressed like Avril Lavigne.


File:EadODskUYAEftTQ.jpg (653.49 KB,3218x3290)

A cute lesbian?


I don't know, maybe? Last I saw her she was 5'3 with bright blonde hair and blue eyes. That was awhile ago she might be taller with darker hair now, blonde hair fades with age.


Not fucking that hot blonde sister of yours was the biggest mistake of your life.


File:image.jpeg (37.95 KB,430x430)

The thought of doing sexual stuff with girls are icky to me though and incest is wrong.


File:1438400022457.jpg (240.56 KB,700x700)

both you and your sister are gay?


I've been cursed with a terribly un-cute sister who dyes her hair and is very "artsy." If my sister is anything like other girls, having a sister really isn't very great at all. She's bratty and annoying and despite always acting assured of herself, she cries unexpectedly and gets violently angry when challenged or insulted back. She has no "womanly charm" either; she doesn't shave, is chronically smells and sweaty, and is on the tubby side, weighing as much as I am despite being shorter than me by ~7 inches. She's also completely unathletic, and has poor eye-hand coordination. I'm also have my suspicions that she might be a lesbian or bi, given some of the people she knows. She is fairly smart, though. Her music taste is alright as well, and she enjoys casual video games.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that having a sister is a mixed bag. Given the luck of the draw, it's entirely possible that you and your sister could have completely compatible interests and that she be pretty too, but the reality is that she's more likely to just be someone you know and talk with on occasion.

>incest is wrong
This is funny to hear from a gay. You're wrong, though.


I'm not surprised your sister is like that, considering you're here. You both got the autism genes.


So I was writing a post on PC it was a really long post and then it went beebee beep and I was like heh my post was gone! It devoured my post! It was a really good post so I'm writing this on my Mac and I'm typing fast it isn't as good...it's...kind of...a bummer.


gay must run in the family


The only hints of "autism" I have are being somewhat shy and having generalized anxiety. If those are autistic traits, then it's a bit of a wash to call me autistic, since that alone probably covers ~20% of the adult population.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (316.52 KB,1920x1080)



File:1478836519873.jpg (93.67 KB,1280x720)

You're won't get away with this...


Does anyone remember that greentext pasta about imaginary imouto?


Fake story about imouto or real story about fake imouto?


The fake story. The one about anon playing with his imouto but then it's struck that she's not real.


hugged imouto and kitten was next to her so i petted kitten and she woke up a bit and said goodnight to me
sleepy imouto and kitten are way too cute


File:Screenshot_2020-10-19 Desu….png (15.69 KB,869x224)

Still not exactly sure which you mean. You couldn't mean this, could you?


File:__iwakura_lain_serial_expe….jpg (145.67 KB,2048x1362)

wish i had an imouto...


Don't think too badly about it, some people have imoutos and absolutely hate them and say they're the worst thing ever. (though they probably weren't the best Nii Niis)


Not that but similar and longer. If I recall the anon is surprising the imouto in that one, I dunno.


File:740full-kirino-kousaka.jpg (54.88 KB,740x1006)

my imouto is actually alot like kirino except way less angry and not brocon, when she was struggling with being into anime and the like while also being part of "popular" crowd at her high school and a member of lots of sports teams, shes even sort of blonde. wish I could have recommended her oreimo but she only watches action shonen and would have been weirded out by the incest
I wish we both werent too autistic to talk to eachother frequently but at least I get imouto hugs whenever i visit home
I dont show it but I am very proud of her, I should stop here, I could talk about my imouto forever


My sis is pretty attractive to look at (def an 8/10). She is the normal kind; She uses social media and the like, but sometimes watches anime. As how she affects me: she mostly leaves me alone, but she sometimes has outbursts of excitement for no good reason whereby she suddenly jumps onto my bed while I'm doing an nap. These moments are really worth living for, seeing that kind of positivity coming from someone. I also have an brother, but that's offtopic


File:1df2cdc59255eacef0c759c694….jpg (430.12 KB,708x1000)

My imouto looks really cute, probably the cutest real person I've seen in my life, but I really dislike her normal person personality, y'know big tech social media, technologically illiterate like most other people, and likes kpop. She mostly leaves me along nowadays and very rarely bothers me (I haven't hugged her for years). She dislikes me but doesn't hate me entirely. I wish she had a different personality and we had a better relationship. This is probably my fault for being too autistic to regularly talk to my family.


File:mokou geyou tang.jpg (207.71 KB,462x482)

Same as me except my sister isn't that cute (looks too much like my mother) and I don't really wish anything to change, except finally leaving my family.


File:wooby.jpg (29.92 KB,441x492)

got 2 imoutos, I'm 10 and 12 years older than them, I hug em everyday and they like me


File:1602533758002.jpg (1.19 MB,2150x3035)

>also have an brother
I'd love to hear still


>go hug her!
i wish, but im afraid to do so


Only have little brothers and hugs are gay.


File:1504237395668.jpg (58.3 KB,358x358)

What are you afraid of?

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