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File: 1555287688267.webm (19.26 MB, 1280x720, b112bf5833d32fdf68f566f55….webm)


Think I'm going to try making an hgame again…


File: 1555324332358.7z (48.86 MB, Builds.7z)

Now to make the trees move…


Annoying… Unity doesn't work with SLI….


I think I warned you about SLI compatibility, or maybe that was after you made the impulse buy. Yeah, SLI kind of sucks that way. I don't even see it mentioned in benchmarks any more


Thing about SLI is you can try to get it to work normally to some degree, but in order for it to be compatible you have to use an Nvidia created profile.


File: 1555785276165.jpg (228.13 KB, 1695x476, 112b32c124.jpg)

yeah, that was the issue, you need to force a profile for another game onto Unity3D and then any game using the engine will force it to be used.

I can get my target framerate doing that. Probably will leave it off though so I design for Japanese potato computers


and mobile/tablet I guess

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