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megu cute

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Left to right, you can only choose one


always wanted to roughly use louise like she was just a sex doll who existed solely to receive my weensperm


louise looks like the kind of girl who hides how slutty she really is

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as it should be


nothing wrong here



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just how many posts did you set it to….

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Which shows do you like enough to watch for the full season? If you're not sure whether you like it or not after one episode, vote 'yes' and say so here


Oh, forgot to mention you need to have posted once on kissu with an IP in order to vote!

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the fruit girls


yotsuba looks like a massive slut


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Yotsuba is not a slut!

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Fuck pro-skub, or should I say SKUM

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not really… just depends on what you're polling…

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You need 2 posts on this site to post here


I mean vote…


i could

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