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File: 1569506332287.jpg (1.31 MB, 1132x1400, __klaudia_valentz_lila_dec….jpg)


I thought it was releasing alongside the console versions, but alas Atelier Ryza on PC is still a month away. Is anyone else here looking forward to it?
You've played some of the Atelier games, right? They're so nice and relaxing, yet with optional areas and bosses that push you to the limit.
The art is beautiful, the music is wonderful, and the characters are great. I love it.


on my infinite backlog of shit to do


File: 1569509628158.jpg (17.96 KB, 358x371, roka15.jpg)

You just want me to fap to thick thighs again.


Nope, this thread is for people that enjoy or are interested in the games. Atelier threads did well on 4/qa/


I haven't really gotten into them… is there a good, or a more/less required starting point for the games?


File: 1569544479311.jpg (218.96 KB, 650x943, __totooria_helmold_atelier….jpg)

It's probably best to start with the Arland trilogy, especially now that it's not just limited to vita. The first one is Atelier Totori.
I'm not sure what the "DX" version added over the vita remaster, but it's the new ultimate version


I have a PS2 laying around, I’ll order them when I finish the games I’m playing now.


I've never played Atelier. What's the gameplay like?


File: 1569705892057.jpg (1.37 MB, 1355x3444, 1428927767787.jpg)

Can you not play on PC? The vita version of the Arland trilogy added a bunch of stuff, and then the PC/PS4/Switch version added stuff to that one.

Atelier games are like SoL given video game form, but then crafting and item gathering added with basic JRPG battles as well. It's worth noting that you will pretty much never get the ideal ending in the first playthrough, much less make it to the post-game areas.
I love the visuals and the music, oh man the music is some of the best you'll ever hear.

You're a cute girl alchemist in training given missions like "craft 5 bombs with the Big Damage trait" and whatnot, with sidequests for helping villagers out. The basic gameplay is something like this:
1. Talk to people in town, see scenes, get mission to explore or craft
2. Travel to the wilderness/cave/etc to harvest items and fight JRPG battles against stuff, including bosses (with very nice music like >>10638)
3. Return to your atelier to craft things, including consumables and equipment for battles and quest items


The music! OH THE MUSIC, /qa/!
It's so wonderful. You feel good just by listening to it.
Here's a theme for shopping in Atelier Totori


You'll be spending a lot of time in your atelier crafting, so why not have some wonderful music to go with it, right?


Exploring music!


The Atelier Dusk trilogy took on a more somber tone and the music matched


But it's still full of happy moments and has a lively atmosphere with the same Celtic and folksy themes


The boss battle themes have a very Motoi Sakuraba (Star Ocean, Tales of)feel to them, but he's not involved, but there are instead a few different composers.


Something neat as well is that you can customize the music with music from other games if you want, although it's typically DLC. I would make my Atelier play random music from the Atelier areas of previous games, for instance.
It includes music from the older games as well, including the DS "Atelier Annie" which is a pretty decent game, too, but not nearly as involved as the PS/Vita games. This 'Citrus' theme was my favorite from it


File: 1569709057912.png (1.85 MB, 844x1117, __escha_malier_atelier_esc….png)



File: 1569722968374.jpg (158.73 KB, 550x824, 610575918bab3b43a7bb9c16d8….jpg)

Ryza has really nice thighs


Wow this girl is cute! Is she who you play as?


File: 1569736192028.jpg (69.59 KB, 728x899, __totooria_helmold_nelke_t….jpg)

Each game has a different main character, that's Totori from… Atelier Totori.
Yes, she is very, very cute!


I’ll order the PS2 ones after I get suikoden games.


Are you really unable to get them on PC or Vita? I'd highly recommend you play one of the newer versions


Sold my vita years ago and I run a GNU/Linux toaster so probably:


the art is great and so are the cute voices (love the barrel girl) but never played it. a little afraid of the time limit but i wanna try it out.


File: 1569783432272.png (417.53 KB, 852x371, 1396282620215.png)

The time limit isn't as big a deal as you may think. Once you beat the game once you can carry over equipped items and certain special things, including boots that cut down travel time greatly. Instead of taking 20 days to reach a far off area it could take 8. You of course also have previous knowledge of what to do ahead of time.
New Game+ is quite open as a result


Quick question, would this work? https://animebytes.tv/series.php?id=55740


A disc image that isn't tied to Steam? I don't see why it wouldn't


File: 1569854931642.png (368.55 KB, 648x530, 1569851583635.png)

Great news, Anonymous!


My only worry is that this will lead the series into a more sexual direction instead of cute


the 3ds has every game known to man
surely it has atelier too. surely.


File: 1570065467926.jpg (16.29 KB, 400x524, EAkQbCrUEAAl2oL.jpg)

I can count the number of RPG's i've finished in my life on 1 hand…


File: 1570067680052.jpg (37.08 KB, 400x240, Rorona-3DS_12-21-14.jpg)

It seems like there's Atelier Rorona on 3DS, but it never left Japan


Going to give it a go I guess.
https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5655248 this should work


nice, love rutracker


curse you, you selfish jerks!


why do nips try to keep all the good games to themselves


crashing on start sigh
updating drivers/installing stuff from redist folder/compatibility didn't help


Working for me, Totori at least. Though if Steam is running it's possible to bring up the overlay in game, which I wasn't expecting.


File: 1570223690374.jpg (141.45 KB, 850x979, __rororina_fryxell_atelier….jpg)

this seems like a good combination with the image here >>10981
I guess if you follow both then Rorona would be the best starting point


First two games are crashing for me, third as well I'm assuming. Some people having the same problem and no solution, no atelier games for me it looks like.


Got it to work by installing Windows6.1-KB2670838-x64 update.


File: 1570602498207.jpg (144.09 KB, 714x1000, 1570592184067.jpg)

Checked /v/ to see what all the blizzard commotion was about, and found this nice image which immediately made me remember this thread. Didn't know a new entry in the series is coming out at the end of this October. Or is it just the remake?


It's a whole new game and the start of a new trilogy


Oh, that's great


File: 1571196387474.jpg (179.39 KB, 734x800, 1508134175795.jpg)

Could someone explain what the sort of mechanics are of the Atelier series and how it plays? I played about an thirty minutes to and hour or so of Totori on my Vita a while ago, but I couldn't tell if the game was dialogue-centric or if it was holding my hand for a while in a sort of world-setting tutorial. From what I remember, it handled kinda like Tales of Vesperia, but if I remember correctly, Atelier is supposed to be about alchemy, right? So, how does the game actually do that? I wanna learn, but at the same time I don't want to look up any videos or anything and potentially spoil parts of the game for myself.

Ew. No, thank you. I'll take thin, smooth thighs any day over whatever the heck that thing is! Some old hag wearing clothes way too small for herself, clearly…


Does that mean that I won't have to play all the other games before this to understand what's going on in this game?


File: 1571199389725.jpg (265.11 KB, 850x1207, __totooria_helmold_atelier….jpg)

There's definitely a fair amount of story like any JRPG, but it's definitely front-loaded for getting you into the world. There is a lot of optional stuff that is basically "slice of life" scenes between the characters, but you can skip through it if you're evil enough to avoid Totori.
If you're asking if it's something like a VN with a game attached, that's definitely not the case. You will spend hours exploring, gathering, and crafting and I'm pretty sure it'll take more time than the story parts.

You don't, but there might be references you miss. It's not a big deal


I guess I meant more like "how does it actually work?" As in, if there's "exploring, gathering, and crafting," as you say, how do those aspects actually make up the game itself?


File: 1571211118950.jpg (1.18 MB, 1668x2224, 77233171_p0.jpg)

I'm really not sure how to answer that without just posting gameplay footage.
This is what crafting looks like: https://youtu.be/koHfa-vTlkA?t=736 (12:16 in video if that part doesn't work)

this is what exploring, gathering and battles look like: https://youtu.be/koHfa-vTlkA?t=470 (7:50)
Note that these are simple battles where items and skills aren't used. Totori has the weakest gameplay, FYI, but the crafting and boss battles are still pretty good.

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