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File: 1570589451874.jpg (93.94 KB, 888x498, Drx8gaUWkAElIww.jpg)


I'd like my /qa/ friends to know there's a great game on 3DS called 'Gotta Protectors'!
I played it a few years ago and forgot the name after my original 3DS died, but recently managed to track it down.
It's sort of a hybrid between tower defense games and something like Dynasty Warriors where you run around fighting enemies while protecting your princess. It's not really that challenging for me, but it's still fun!
I love the NES-style visuals, although obviously the resolution is higher and I don't remember NES supporting a palette like this one, although I never liked the NES's limited palette so that's not a problem to me. It's very nostalgic, even the style of the characters scream 90s to me.

Also after googling an image to make this thread it looks like there's a sequel coming to Switch! Awesome!


also it has a great sense of humor


File: 1570589683705.png (59.2 KB, 2388x1334, 7213b542a9f036576eb7d5ccc4….png)

pink is super interesting…


this game does look kinda fun, and the amazon has a nice butt
added to my list of "games to buy"


cute tummy!


File: 1570659138099.png (366.57 KB, 955x384, palemoon_2019-10-09_17-08-….png)

This is from an actual NES digital game created by the company to celebrate the anniversary of its release
You can download the free ROM at the bottom of the page.
Also I forgot to mention that the main composer for these games, Koshiro Yuzo, is quite awesome. (Streets of Rage, Actraiser, Etrian Odyssey)

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