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Have you had any interesting dreams lately you'd like to share or log down /qa/?

Had a dream in which I was on a monorail of sorts and it was attacked with explosives by someone, then derailed over my old high school where for some reason my car happened to be. A giant airship appeared and started raining down arrows on any possible survivors, but I was able to escape shielded by my car. After that my memory of it's muddled, but it became more like a western in which I tried to track down the people responsible for the incident.


Had really interesting dream last night, but I've already forgotten what it was about…


File: thinkin bout desks.jpg (187.08 KB,540x653)

for the first time in as long as i can remember, i ate something in a dream
i think it was two days ago, i was at a movie theater and i ate some french fries with a fork from a popcorn bucket (they didnt have any condiments on them, wait no, they had some salt)
i have no clue why i was suddenly able to eat, why the dream didnt cut out or why i didnt simply forget to eat but i finally ate something
they tasted nice though


Had a dream about my /qa/ friends again.


File: [CommieRaws] Star☆Twinkle ….jpg (211.5 KB,1280x720)

im trapped in a cave that's so tight I can't move backwards only deeper into the cave. the ceiling is so close to the floor that im lying face up and there isn't even enough room to look up, my head has to point sideways

the only way to move is to scrape my feet sideways and ever so slowly edge myself forwards into the darkness. There's a swarm of giant ants coming down the cave now, and I have to hold my breath so they don't think im a threat and eat me alive, I can feel them crawling all over me.

im in my childhood home and my mother is getting irrationally angry at me and starts throwing stuff at me. angrier and angier i run away upstairs and slam the door closed and try and hold it shut but she's coming to murder me


what does this have to do with Lala?
is Lala your mother?


File: [anon] Star☆Twinkle Precur….jpg (143.55 KB,1280x720)

elon must has built the words most hightech swimming pool. it has giant rocks on hydraulic rams that send u flying into the pool if u press a button and also it goes super deep

i go down to the bottom and im lala, and because its a dream im breathing underwater but im accumulating litteraly tons of water into my lungs. also there's a theory that Lala doesn't have any orrifices below her waist, instead her digestive system goes in a loop and comes back out her mouth. she she squirts like litteraly a ton of water out of her mouth. and I got to see Lala

having a ton of water in her lungs is no big deal for lala!


you have nice dreams


its the far future and im in new york like level -500000
it's a well lit shopping mall but built very densley, like theres logos and signs stacked all ontop of eachother to fit and some shops are like 1 foot wide with just a window to buy stuff.It's obviously multiple generations old because the amount of shops competing for space is amazing, like new york or tokyo or something. There's like 10 pizza places alone in sight. There's escalators and open mall levels going practically infinitely above me.
we are so deep underground in this city that the curvature of the earh is substantually steeper, I show my friend a model that shows the earths crust and how we are only a few km from the center and he's amazed and shocked


its the future and the newest version of minecraft has modern gender math in it. You can litteraly become some kind of yeti or ogre thing by transumiting a certain combination of 71 different gender elements. This isn't just a thing in the game but is a discovery we have made in real life too. Different gender identities have been studied further and have found to be more fundememental to reality than we niavely expected. Or maybe humans souls were mallable enough that the ideology itself was powerful enough to do this to us, it's really hard to tell.

The gimmick of the latest update is it's possible to reverse the human->yeti transumation now, the simulation of how the different elements come together and how the chains of steps are calculated is much more dynamic compared to in the old game..

Becoming a yeti from a human was maybe 14 steps or something, so was hardcoded. But going from a human to a yeti is something like 45 or more steps, its not something that is practicle or realistically going to happen so they never put it in the game. But in the new update its going to be technically possible just like real life. some autistic person in a youtube video is demonstrating it to show off the new update.


File: 1571251550239.jpg (621.04 KB,1644x2397)

my greatest dreams happen when im in between awake and asleep
i was in nevada afternoon sun barely setting at a bar woman there looked like an older emma stone(fapped thinking about her later)
went outside saw two government workers shoot someone i remember the parking lot tar was very beat up (cars in lot were old looking dusty)
i ran as they chased me into the desert i ran up some stairs that went on forever getting smaller as i went on looking down i remember seeing way more than two chasing me
woke up listened to go go go and drank half a gallon of whole milk out of the gallon


Quite an advanced fantastical version of Minecraft. Reminds me of dreams I've had of TES


had a dream about ramping my car over a speed bump and flying it like 20 feet but it went upside down after


File: __frederica_bernkastel_umi….jpg (34.76 KB,450x600)

Had a dream I was playing a 2D RPG of some kind and Bernkastel was the first boss.


Did you allow yourself to be killed as proper?


had a dream i was a horribly disfigured burn victim and my nose was entirely burned off, but i got a new one sewed on
but i was picking at it too much so it was going to fall off


File: gf.jpg (Spoiler Image,109.89 KB,960x540)


The game made the hardest boss the first boss…


File: 1569603929214.png (733.31 KB,1107x1077)

women being butchered and walking around on bloody stumps or writhing about like a cross between that movie hostel and a mexican cartel video

it was awful actually


pretty based tbqh


the road next to where i live had a hidden chamber underneath it
filled with barrels of old poison (fruit growing area)
there was n old car in there, untouched for years
i got it going and drove it out of its tomb

thats about it
too much realism :_: :_:


my mother calls ahead so we know she is angry, when she shows up at home she is really really short like a midget which I find fucking disturbing.

she's walking on her knees because she broke her back and is too broke to get medical attention. she's bossing me around about cleaning her toilet

i go upstairs and start cleaning it, and suggest that she's the reason its gross because I didn't even use it, so she starts hitting me. I swing back at her with the toilet brush which gets her in the eye, and she runs off

i feel guilty about probably horribly infecting her eye, but keep diligently scrubbing her toiletbowl in horrible detail and it has poop on it


had a terrible nightmare that my boss spotted the name of a magical girl in a screenshot i submitted for work and started looking up henshin videos and sending them to me, trying to joke around with me and say they were innapropriate but cute

and then installed a thermal camera and a filter that blocks all anime girl pictures in the workshop internet


sounds like a nightmare



got on train to go to someones house it took 4 hours (when walking to said house i past through a big building)when i got there i got what i needed but felt stupid for going left got lost tried to find my way back walked into a culdisac a guy with binoculars said i was lost went back to the big building the escelators were dangerously broken found myself in a target where they were trying to catch a burgler that could stop time i left found myself in a sort of facility with people i didnt know there was a skatepark with a tony hawk score system i walked to the roof of a building for some reason cant remember the building from earlier had started to collapse when i tried to get off the building i was on the way down was plugged up the people around me jumped off but bounced back up a row of nuns rised slowly and staired at me then i woke. Up


i dreamt that i was on a crew’s ship n my friends were all infected with parasights


im going to meet mark zuckerburg on his giant flying blimp with my friend, but my friend gets hooded and executed by the police before we can go on. I manage to get on though, even though it seems that they're after me too

later i meet mark, and ask him if he thinks advertising is all about controlling human behavior and he agrees. i talk to him about the ffeedback loop between human brains and his platform. later i tell him I was planning on bringing a pipebomb but i forgot it

and get off the blimp
pretty sure the police are still going to kill me


I was out driving one frozen roads and at some point I found that I couldn't go home as the roads turned out too bad to drive on. So I ended up in a strange hotel which my younger brother was also at as well. I was just exploring the room which looked amazingly large, and I noticed an upper level which I couldn't seem to figure out how to get into. A bit later I stumbled upon a locked gated and wondered about why it existed. Then as I was thinking someone, who's the one person I can't really remember much about except they were female, opened the gate and invited us in. While looking around I noticed a theme-park like ride in the center and a group of young girls were going to ride it as well. I convinced my brother to ride it and he got into the pod-like vehicle which looked like it would be one of those things that bring you up and down. Also I don't remember when this was established in my dream but Fate Mordred was there and clearing realms containing unread which varied in degrees of difficulty. The ride started and Mordred charged at the person operating the ride hoping for a fun fight, but the mood soon changed after a stray shot flew off and went through one of the pods. They realized just how terrible the current situation was and went downstairs to were the ride was lowering the kids. The pods opened and my brother and all the girls except one that sat with a smile were rushed back to their rooms, then after convincing friends of the one girl to return immediately Mordred and the operator picked up the girl who'd had her head sliced off (yet it still remained on her head), they both agreed it was for the best that nobody saw this and brought the body to a boss difficulty realm where it would never be found. That's about it, there was something else a bit related but not really that much at all.


dreamed I found four spare Ethernet cables in my closet
there was a lot more but I guess that’s all my brain decided was worth remembering


dream where i remember in the middle of the night that im supposed to go and feed my familys cats at my old house and have to drive there but everythings going wrong


By some chance I thought at first that my phone, which would have been in my bed, woke me up, then I realized there was no phone lying next to me in my bed and that I woke up by myself.


I dreamed I was at a hotel for some event and they had a swimming pool which was a tank with dolphins in it, and they would let you swim with the dolphins. I also remember considering staying at another nearby hotel because the price was very expensive.


oh man dreamed about Shrek but I can't remember the details
of all the times to forget a dream


I dreamed about going through what I guess I'd call an obstacle course where I had to get past wild animals without provoking them and in the end squeeze through a narrow passage that looked like a room in a dollhouse. Then I remember having other people go through it.


File: 1474870156887.gif (84.44 KB,417x416)

I remembered my dream!
There was some sort of weird 2D race (sidescrolling) between me and gods/goddesses and other people. The person that won the race was able to dictate the rules of the next universe as a god, and this happened a few times. The mean and possible evil god kept winning by cheating, using various platformer tricks like Megaman's disappearing blocks, but he knew the order ahead of time.
Anyway, eventually I won somehow and I can't remember all the rules I made, but I remember that the first one was that people didn't/couldn't fall in love with people that would not reciprocate it and also that evil people would not happen in my universe or be able to enter it from parallel universes.

I wish I remembered more of my dreams because they're usually pretty interesting to me…


>the first one was that people didn't/couldn't fall in love with people that would not reciprocate it

you have such a kind soul..


I dreamed I was on a university campus trying and failing to find my next class. I remember:

- accidentally going off campus onto some privately owned land that was part of a farm on which some kids were playing sports
- desperately searching a large, multi-story building for the class before deciding the class wasn't there at all
- trying to use an arcade / game shop to find my bearings because I recognized a VR headset I saw from a simulator ride near the place the classes were
- the place being covered in kids due to an event and instead of letting groups of kids pass, plunging into groups of kids so that they scrambled out of my path
- scattering groups of insect-sized creatures in a similar fashion to the kids
- being on a boat about to land and encountering a professor of one of my classes who was having some trouble orienting herself as well due to the kids


had a dream i was postin on the chans

and here i am doing it again lole!


I dreamed there were a bunch of kids staying with a police officer because their parents had been arrested and I impulsively let one of them into my car and drove far away.


dreamed that I woke up because it was too hot in bed so I took off my shirt but then when I woke up for real I still had my shirt on


dreamt that a rustling woke me up in the night, it was my dad sneaking into my apartment to use my toilet
it turns out the rustling i had been hearing for the past few days was him commando crawling past my bed and using my toilet on the way back from work via my apartment a few times a week
i invited him in if he wanted but once i saw him he left


you did it!


dreamt that a tranny prevoked me into killing him, I tried to hide the body and rushed to the laundromat to get my clothes
I wanted to blog post about killing it but I didn't want the police to see it


dreamed that my brakes on my car failed and I drove off a ledge and crashed into my bosses back yard, which was a embarrassing situation because wtf am I supposed to tell him that my car is stuck below a flight if stairs


Dreamed my father was scolding me about something, but I thought I was in the right, and I was considering what to say in response. Then he announced we were opening Christmas presents.

In a later dream I took an elevator up to a secret "floor 9001" of some building (there weren't 9001 floors, someone just gave it that number).


last dream was like gtaV


In last time my dreams seem to be full of characters and dialogues, no wonder I forget everything.


I had a dream about an STD test where you took something and nanomachines went to work on your body and you could see some of the subtests on the surface of your body as they did them. At the end of the test you were supposed to urinate out a sequence of tiny colored beads in the presence of your partner to prove that the results were yours and not for someone else you had take the test.


dreamt i met with my old friend and he kept trying to get me and someone else to commit crimes. me and chinese guy were gossiping about how my friend got a masters in math in prison for LIFE by making him steal shit and now we nearly were

sure enough, chinese guy runs out the store with a six pack of beer and the police instantly catch him

i am arguiing with my friend that i just wanted to have a nice night and why does he have to get everone arrested all the time, and then im beating the shit out of him but even though im punching him over and over i cant hurt him


I had a dream in which I as a child had opened a Twitter account using my real name, said a bunch of vile and/or racist things, immediately realized what a bad idea it was, and then deleted the account (creating a pseudonymous trolling account instead and repeating some of the same stuff). But apparently Twitter hadn't deleted the data completely, and it was accessible by some obscure means which required physically being in the same area in which I made the account, and when I was an adult, someone was piecing it together. Also apparently this had happened on a trip passing through an island infamous for having a lot of child murderers.


Had a dream I possessed Trump and during an important speech made him walk up to a piano behind him and press the key at the end a few times, then walk up to the mic and say "poop"


dreamed i met a /qa/ girl and she came to my room and she was laying on me and making funny jokes and we watched anime together…


i was visiting a rocket launch, but a terminator from the future was there to try and stop it
it was masquarading as a lawyer, and trying to get the launch cancelled!

i was running through the spectators trying to give the legal argument why the launch could go ahead, but i was worried the terminator would shoot me also. in the end they started launching it, but to escape the terminator i was near the part where the exaust comes out of the launchpad

so i had to run away from the launch before i caught on fire, but the rocket managed to launch which saved the future!


I dreamed that we had made contact with aliens. The aliens were killing certain people, but nobody knew why, and everyone lived in fear they might be the next target. I came to the conclusion that they were killing people with hot, sweaty armpits, and I spent a long time in the shower or dumping cold water on myself. At the end of the dream the general public found out about my theory, and I fled home to avoid the attention.

Then later I had a dream that I was about to post that dream in this thread, but I found that I had already written up a post about a similar dream with several of the details changed (the only one I remember was that it was agents of the FCC doing the killing). I concluded (in the dream) that it was probably the same dream and I was now misremembering the details.


dreamed that all my childhood friends hate me


Had a couple interesting dreams lately, but I've already forgotten them…


when you think about it dreams are just like real life. you'll just forget about it eventually and it will become meaningless..


the first one is a dream about lala


had a dream that my boss had his wife harboring a clone of me in her womb and they were going to decide to abort it or not in the next few weeks, but really it was my responsibility

then later i found an artificial womb machine that was going to grow it, and i was going to have to abort it myself with a ball-peen hammer

also he yelled at me


>i was going to have to abort it myself with a ball-peen hammer
Dreams are funny.


File: 73415235_p0.jpg (256.06 KB,1280x1812)

does anyone here do lucid dreams
i tried a lot and managed to do it a few times, but i usually just try to kiss cute girls and wake up right away, or try and summon 2d anime girls but it never works


I've tried, but never to any success


I don't know about lucid dreaming so much as my dreams just play out the way I want (when they're not fantasy nonsense).


File: __tsushima_yoshiko_love_li….jpg (199.8 KB,499x809)

My dream became lucid in the middle of it and I remembered your post and then tried to summon an anime girl, it was gonna be Yohane from love live but it didnt work :(


there are some lucid dreaming skills that can help, there's actually a very specific way to summoning items and objects that works

you have to 'remember' that its behind you or in your pocket, and then check and it'll be there
that's generally how it works for everyone

idk if you knew that
you cant just make things appear in your hand


in some south american tropical island, I'm CIA and me and my other CIA agents are chilling out on a RV waiting for our contact to show up
he's some important cartel boss or maybe even a dictator or something like that

we're playing cards, or drinking and just taking it easy; thinking of lines we're gonna use and how we'll act

later he arrives and we go to a smashed up building, it's an old bowling alley. There's a giant humungous safe there where he keeps his money

he takes us into a backroom and starts randomly searching one of us for a wire, he doesn't find anything at first and we're pretty self assured
but then he's like
>WHAT THE FUCK, they make a wire that goes in your DICKHOLE NOW???
and he pulls a microphone out of the guys dickhole

pretty sure he kills us all after that


at a hotel and see a really cute girl there. later i go back and I'm looking out for her
I see she's coming in the same elevator as me, and I awkwardly hold the door for too long; i'm trying not to be obvious but its kind of awkwardly obvious that I want her to be near me

I'm acting flustered and akward, but she's like
>hey it's kind of a weird question; but can I ask you out
and I'm like
>yes, I like you a lot!

anyway in the end we went on a date and it turned out she had 2 kids, but she was cute enough that I was considering if it would be worth it to have a singe mother gf


Had a dream, just now, in which me and my some other guy (call him bob) were sexually harassing a horny kid, then the kid saw someone he knew and started running towards that person. But that person turned out to be a supernatural demon sort of thing, it possessed the kid. Me and Bob fought it, the kid lost an arm before the demon left his body. Then some random guy came into our room and taught us how to defeat that demon and how if we get outside of the room it'll attack us. Then something happened and we defeated the demon.


Hada really weird dream. It started out in a big field with me getting put into a soccer team. All of the other players were like 10 years old, though. Everyone pretty much stayed around the coach for a bit, but I decided to kick around a soccer ball for a bit. Eventually, some kid kicked the soccer ball into the fence surrounding the field, and the soccer ball then immediately burst into flames and began setting the surrounding grass and trees on fire. I stood watching it spread for a little bit before some kid noticed that there was a fire and called for everyone to get away. The groups of kids pretty all walked away from the fire, but after a little bit the fire died out by itself. I guess the coaches decided to leave, because after that everyone pretty much just sat around the field doing nothing. I remember seeing some kid playing on a laptop, but I decided to head inside. I guess the building was a sort of combination with an "academy" and indoor water park which was open to the public. At this point, I remember the setting instantly transitioning into everyone walking to their rooms. There was a sliding thing on the ceiling with a handle and some kid decided to hang onto it and slide across the hall. He fell down at some point. Then my dream transitioned into the family room of my childhood home. There was a puppy under a blanket, and I grabbed it, but managed to hurt it somehow. Luckily I had some "do-over" time machine which sent me back a few minutes before I hurt the little guy. I think my sister might've come over and looked at the door, before some guy tried to take it out of the blanket it was under. I sort of had to explain to him how to get the dog out. Then I was in some cyberpunk future on the roof of a skyscraper. It was very dark everything around me could only be seen in silhouette. Then it was back to my family room and a bunch of strangers were having sex on the furniture. Then my dream changed back to the original and I was downstairs in the water park, swimming in a pool. Hardly anyone was inside since it was a nice sunny day out. There were a few lolis swimming around, but that was it. There was some guy trying to do a presentation with a parrot, but apparently the parrot got annoyed that nobody was watching and jumped down off of the guy's arm and then hopped out of the room. I followed them and it took me into some gift shop area. I walked around looking at stuff for a little while. I thought about going to the outside pool trip sex some lolis but I decided against it. Inside the store was an elevator which could take me to my floor, but after trying at it a few times some employee told me and a few others who wanted to take the elevator that it was broken. So, we walked up the stairs. Some lady kept complaining that the elevator wasn't actually broken and that they just wanted us to take the stairs for some reason. Then my dream finally ended and I woke up.


File: 1571243044335.gif (3.92 MB,500x281)

Does /qa/ ever have sleep paralysis?

i get it all the time, and everything turns into demons and i hear screaming noises in my ears and i get a metallic taste in my mouth, it feels like a seizure because everythings shaking
the worst part is the unnatural sense of terror, even though I 100% recognize that its sleep paralysis and Im annoyed by the fact that my night stand is turning into freddy kruger, im terrified anyway because its like the terror centre of my brain is being stimulated

usually i wake up from nightmares straight into sleep paralysis
the weirdest part is I can see it coming, yesterday I woke up before it happened and used my laptop for 30 minutes trying to avoid it. i felt really weird and I was having the hallucinations the whole time and I was really scared. I even blogposted 'ok i cant stay awake anymore, going back to my torture chamber'

and I checked right back into it and had my seizure sleep paralysis right there
doesn't seem normal….


I've only ever had sleep paralysis once. I was unable to move for a minute or so and had visual hallucinations from the light on my ceiling. I was fine, though.

What I've come to realize for myself is that "health premonition" is nothing more than more than psyching yourself into developing whatever you think you have or will have. And based on what you said, I'm pretty sure you're the same. In other words, you only had sleep paralysis and terror all the while – that one time at least – precisely because you dwelled on the fact that it would happen. To give an anecdote, my acne was at it's worst when I kept worrying about it. After I stopped worrying about it, it gradually went away on its own. Same for when I used to be plagued by panic attacks caused by existential crises, same for stress, same for loneliness and all sorts of other things.

Really, you need to just stop thinking it will happen and if it does, gain the willpower to fight against it. Gradually, it will stop happening and you'll be fine.


I dreamed I was a new student at some educational institution, and I was in a building that might have been the library. There was a ramp going down into a room in the basement, and there were a lot of fun activities going on there. After leaving, I came back a bit later to get something and was warned I would only be allowed down there a maximum of four times in a quarter. Later I was informed that the room was an experiment in time travel. There was a window looking down into the same room I had been in, and instead of the stuff I had seen in the room, it was filled with old stuff from decades ago. Apparently they filled the room with fun stuff to encourage people to take the necessary training to enter the room safely on a regular basis.


I dreamed of PewDiePie accidentally uploading his and Marzia's sex tape which I saved to make memes out of it.


Only ever had that twice in my life; I normally don't dream at all.

First time in my life:
Feel vivid dreams, have an out of body experience where I feel like i'm spinning around my body and bed in my room. Wake up suddenly in a world of grey static, feel the worst fear in my goddamn life as some shadow the size and shape of a child stands near me. I can't even scream physically which I suppose is good since I probably would have woken the entire block if I could have. Probably lasted a minute but who knows how long it was really.

Second time:
Wake up with some black dog but it's also a murky cloud on top of me; felt no fear of it, recognized what was happening, and as soon as I could move at all I threw the slowest punch probably ever at it and it just instantly vanished from my vision, my entire body could move fine afterwards.

It's amazing just how much our mind can bind or unlock our body.


it happened to me once but it wasnt scary
i tried to move but i couldnt and that was it
didnt see or feel anything bad


i had a dream where posting it on /qa/ was the win condition, but thats all i remember about it


had dream i went and bought more milk to make hot chocolate with but then i woke up and i'm still outta milk. looks like this kissumas aint' gonna be a merry one.


File: CsMeelP.png (398.66 KB,600x600)

just had a dream of being in a highspeed essay class, having to write an essay on precure and getting a ZERO out of 100
then I went to study and rewrite it, with the intention of handing it in again and asking for feedback

then the visions started
about 4 hours of people running at me with knives screaming while I cried in the shower, and stuff like that
and then my mother hovering/floating a few feet off the ground outside my bedroom waiting to kill me


File: 1548557438084.jpg (51.8 KB,711x620)

my mother is levitating outside my room so i can't see her feet under the door, waiting to murder me


Is your actual mother still alive?




I had a dream in which I had to take a bus home, and in order to do so, I had to use Google Translate to decipher a guide in German about which boards (buses) were for international users.


She might be planning to murder you.


File: 77711616_p0.jpg (2.25 MB,1794x1553)

yukari harassed me in a dream once
she gapped me and then hunted me down in the city streets
good times


File: __tsuchinoko_and_sand_cat_….jpg (393.26 KB,1024x724)

Do you guys have any repeated themes in your dreams? For me it's tornadoes, and my family is running from them in a car or sometimes literally running on foot.
It's like the worst possible thing you can do in real life, but in dreams it works


crashing my car
being able to talk to a girl without any social anxiety, and we understand eachother completly and she becomes my gf
nostalgic feeling locations
being enrolled back in highschool
realizing that im enrolled in a class and its the last day of class/final exam day even though I didn't attend the class at all
meeting the people I used to know


that's kinda scary to me, just thinking that there is always someone behind me and I can't remember they're there


File: 28429215_p0.jpg (159.2 KB,1169x827)

I'm on a high school field trip, we're in a supermarket for a few minutes to stretch our legs, and in the books section I find a really good Shiina Mayuri artbook, but I'm too embarrassed to buy it in front of everyone (I don't tell anyone about my hobbies). As I'm being pushed to get back on the bus, I suck it up and pick the book up off the shelf, and then I woke up really sad.


dreamed i had sex with a hot anime babe


dreamed i was in a house with a mentally disabled kid, i wanted to poop but the kid wanted to take a shower so he came in but then he had to slather me with soup because 'everything had to be white' and i was stuck on the toilet while the retard and his handler smeared thick white liquid all over me


crying like a baby to someone about how all my happiest memories come before 11 years old


had the absolutely worst dream ever last night, I woke up feeling sick and disgusted. I helped a group of people kill a girl and hide her body, in the dream i think they were a group of friends but i only recognized/remembered one person in the whole group. even worse, after the dream i realized that it was not the first time ive had this dream

i think this whole thing was based off of higurashi when rena kills her dads girlfriend and teppei houjou and then they all bury the bodies together. i remember in the dream before we killed her i was on the street by my house and there was a house full of drunken idiots being so loud inside that you could hear them through the windows and i thought to myself that they were just like teppei

In the dream, there was a high school near by that was having some sort of festival at which the concert band was playing. while the festival was ongoing i was standing outside with a group of people when my friend asked us "we're friends right? we'd do anything for each other? and you'd help me with anything?" and once we all affirmed he said that we were going to kill a girl and hide her body. then everyone left to go inside the school to kill her. the target was a girl i knew from several years ago who lived in my dorm in college that nobody liked. she was attractive but not attractive enough to be in the group of popular girls. she wasnt quiet but also wasnt overly extroverted, just a nice medium on everything. i forget how it started but one day somebody decided that she was annoying and a bitch and from then on everybody in the building hated and ostracized her, even though nobody could point to anything she actually did to merit that treatment. she was always alone after that and i never saw her again.

i'll continue this in a second post because i feel this one is getting long


several things ill include in this didnt actually happen in the dream I had last night, they happened the first time I had the dream. it was strange because although I was absent for certain events in last nights dream, the me inside in the dream would still remember the events from the previous dream and would use those memories to fill in gaps in his knowledge or even change his actions, thinking "last time I did x, this time ill try doing y". the me in the dream never realized that it was a dream, i only realized that once i woke up. Very convoluted

So after explaining that, I was absent for this part in last nights dream but remember how it happened. My friend group as well as the girl we were about to kill were all in the school hanging out in a room that had a big metal door to the outside. after joking around a while, somebody sat in a chair in front of the door but facing away from it, half opened it, and leaned back looking out the door so their head was between the door and the door jam. they looked at the little bolt in the door that fits into the jam to lock it, and then said "haha woah!! hey come look at this you gotta see it!!"

When he said that, the girl went over to the chair and switched with him, sitting in the chair and leaning back so her head was in the door jam, looking straight at the bolt in the door. My friend immediately slammed the heavy metal door shut on her head, slightly crushing her skull and driving the bolt into her eye. She didnt scream. she was completely silent, all she did was when the door was opened she wobbled forward in the chair, starting to sit up and stand up to get her head away from the door that just permanently injured her. my friend push her back into the chair and tipped it back so her head was back in place and slammed it on her head again. this time she went completely limp, but still her slammed the door onto her head several more times. then every person in the room got up and slammed the door shut on her head, deforming her skull more and more each time until everybody went. i cant remember if i also slammed the door on her or not, but i probably did. we then went on with the next phase in our plan


that was all from a previous dream, now we're back in last nights dream.

Everybody else went in to the school after the concert band performance was over. Our target was a tuba player in the band and they went to the music room to go "congratulate" her on a good performance. Some time later, I went into the school to meet up with my friends. The festival was still going on and the school was packed with people, but i navigated through the crowds nonchalantly and when i was sure nobody was watching I slipped down into the basement. The school in this dream was like a giant skyscraper but built into the ground, with long staircases going deeper and deeper into the earth, classrooms fading away into machinery and storage rooms. it becomes somewhat of a maze down there if you dont know where youre going, but luckily since i had done this all before (ha ha ha) i knew where i was going. I met up with all my friends who were in the basement waiting for me. They had taken the case for the girl's tuba and had it with them, the plan was to put her body inside the case and then after filling it with chemicals to dissolve the body, bury it underneath the floor of the school.

It was decided that it was better to carry the tuba case and the body down separately so as not to arouse suspicion, and since they had already taken the case down it was my job to go and fetch the body. The body was still upstairs in the music room, they killed her there and stuffed her into a bag usually meant for carrying clothes.

And so I left to go fetch the body….


When I got up to the music room, it was empty except for the occasional person who would cut through on their way inside to the rest of the school. my excuse for being there was "my friend left her bag in the music room and im going to fetch it for her since im such a good friend." the bag with her corpse wasn't hidden at all, it was on the side of the room up against the wall, leaning on a chair. it was decided that if we tried to be covert about it then there was more chance that we would be caught. for that reason the bag was left out in the open, as if it really was just a bag of clothes that somebody forgot. it also meant that I would have to carry the bag with a dead body in it through throngs of people down to the basement. I looked at the bag before picking it up, and while to the passerby it did seem like a bag full of misshaped contents, if you looked carefully you could see the outline of a corpse curled up in the fetal position.

When I lifted the bag up onto my shoulders it was surprisingly light. she couldnt have been dead for more than an hour but the body felt like it was dehydrated and dead for weeks. i could feel her dead, dry skin crackle and rub up against the cloth of the bag every time i shifted it. whereas i was only somewhat nervous before, my anxiety was slowly building as i picked up the bag and made my way to the door, knowing that the real challenge here would be to make it through these people and put on a convincing act so as to not get caught. even though she was dead, it felt like she was still there and very aware of what we had done. she was very sad that we had killed her, and upset that she was being taken down to the basement to be buried. i would have spoken with her but i got the sense that she wasnt in the mood to talk to me

Nerves already almost shot, i stepped into the crowd and started making my way through. even though i was on edge, i was able to put up a good front, at least until i ran into my parents. they saw me and came up and said hello, making idle talk about the school and festival, until my dad said "hey whats in the bag? a body? haha!". at this point, i remembered how in the last dream we were unsuccessful at hiding her body because my parents came all the way down to the basement and found it. not wanting a repeat, i stammered out some reply and then excused myself to go catch up with my friends. i picked up my pace to a fast walk through the crowd. i wandered around to lose my parents before heading down to the basement, but just before i took the turn to go down i ran into them again. this time my dad said a little more seriously "…hey. doesnt that kind of look like theres a body in that bag?" I told him no and to not make dumb jokes. when i made my excuses to go find my friends this time, my dad was staring me coldly in the eyes. he was letting me go, but he knew. he definitely fucking knew. I then took off again, substantially more shaken and this time jogging to my destination. when i got through the crowds i took off at a sprint. i didnt care that i was being conspicuous as all hell, i just wanted to get away. away from the crowds, away from prying eyes, away from my parents who knew, and away from the person tied to my back. i sprinted all the way down to the basement and back to where my friends were waiting. i threw the bag with her corpse off my shoulders at them, sweating and panting, and told them that they better bury her fucking deep "this time". as they began to work, i could hear footsteps off in the distance. the were slowly getting louder, coming closer to our location. i was restless an pacing, on the verge of tears as i could hear hatches and doors open, knowing that i was my parents and possibly others walking towards our location. i didnt know what to do. i didnt know if i should run, if we were going to kill them too, if i should try making excuses and blaming the others. the next thing i thought in the dream was "fuck this, im done" and i woke up.

waking up was less like waking up from a dream or sleep, and more like everything from the dream had actually happened but i was teleported out of that situation into my bed, fully awake and covered in sweat. i couldnt go back to sleep after that and i couldnt get my mind off that dream

fuck that dream, i hope i never have it again


I went puzzled through supermarkets, at the first one I lost all my products and at the second one I couldn't find the al/qa/hol 47% I was looking for, but I went with a ham in my hand which is nice too.


fought zombies and made a discovery that was going to put the descendents of the pharophs of egypt back on the throne and reinstate them as the rules of egyptr


dreamed someone brought me to this floating platform in the sky
there was a big computer screen with a big floating monitor with a big floating keyboard
i had to enter a secret password so the computer shows me a big secret
a super important secret
but i didnt know the password
then i left


I keep having dreams about getting attacked and I can never load my gun in time and I have to stab the attacker with my bayonet but usually I get stabbed too. sometimes I swing my gun at him like a club


had a dream i was wrestling a cute loli and she was winning


were you letting her win?


Had a very weird dream. Was in my grandparents old apartment in their retirement home. For whatever reason they had 3 mandrills. I remember my grandpa asking me to get something from their kitchen, but I was too slow, so my grandma did it for me. After that, the dream changed scene to somewhere outside. My grandpa was giving a speech, but then suddenly had a mental breakdown and started saying he was going to commit suicide, before attempting to run into the street nearby. Someone stopped him, but he was very distraught.

Made me pretty sad.


Sounds like you're a literal sleeper agent, Anonymous. Very, very spooky.

That reminds of a nightmare I had a while ago. I was a student in a downtown, majority black high school. My brain told me it was supposed to be Brooklyn (albeit, I've not once been there, let alone New York). I remember all of the students wore white buttons shirts, and had green pants (or green skirts for the girls). I walked with a group of people to school in the morning. The scenery was fairly rudimentary. Brick row houses lined either side of the street we were walking on, but there weren't any cars to be seen. School was complete glossed over. I faintly remember being in some class. I think it might have been a Sunday class, because I'm fairly certain it was being taught by a reverend. Class seemed to be only about an hour long. After that, everyone began walking home. I – and I'm fairly certain everyone else – lived in school dorms nearby. We walked back along the street until we came across an unfinished steel girder bridge. It seemed as if the main structure itself was finished, however the pavement itself, hadn't been laid yet. Undeterred, even despite the ~50 meter drop, we all attempted to cross the bridge. For whatever reason, instead of walking along the beams, we thought to instead sort of "monkey bars" across. As I continued across fearlessly, I noticed that next to me there was a girl whose grip was gradually failing, until she suddenly fell to her death. No one seemed to notice, nor to care and continued on there way. It was only then that I came to my senses and remembered my fear of heights. I held onto a beam, one arm over and one under with my chin resting on the top of it, holding on for my life. I don't remember how I crossed, but I did. Morbidly, on the other side of the bridge was a large building holding a funeral (I believe the exact setting was the same as one of my previous dreams before, which I recall as being a sort of church.) which I walked in on. I believe the service was being held for a young boy. I walked through the crowds of people to get to some door which would take me down to the brick walled drop that the girl had fallen into so that I could retrieve her body if nothing else. As I was on the stairs, I took out a phone and called the police to report that she'd fallen from the bridge and died on impact. While I was there, however, a very suspicious person was also on the stairs clad in black and carrying a rifle. Being that I'm naturally interesting in the working of rifles and such, I apprehensively joked if he was going to go hunting with it and asked the about the make and model of rifle he had. Clearly he was taken aback, and asked what I was doing her, so I told him of the poor girl who had died. He must have pitied me because he let me pass him. As I walked back into the funeral service, I ran for one of the stairways which had a door leading outside that I remember from my previous dream in this location. As I made my way out, I could her the screams of the people inside as the man began firing into the crowds of people assembled to mourn. I hurriedly ran along the streets back towards my dorm. After that, my dream faded out and turned into a new dream.


the feeling was that it wouldn't be fair to use my full strength and weight on her, but that she was still embarrassingly easily defeating me anyway


The next, far shorter half of my dream involved me being in an old unkept suburban area, the kind of which is very common around major cities. Small, one-story homes with faded or exposed wood paneling abound. The zombified visage of the American dream. Dead Levittown houses in red-lined neighborhoods. The street in front of me had been blocked off with yellow police tape, designating an active threat. Apparently there was a shoot-out between someone and the police. Undeterred, I crossed the police line. At some point, I became aware of the fact that all across the neighborhood, there were explosives hidden. Somehow I managed to notice a yellow cord hugging the side of a house, which I followed only to find it attached to a bomb. Despite realizing that I was being a suspicious character, I managed to find several policemen and notified them of what I had found. My dream almost shifted to parody after that, however. The police, as if they were some irresponsible high school science teachers, decided that the best, safest way to discard of the explosives was to detonate them in a large ~20 gallon fish tank filled with water. Surprisingly, the explosion was very small, merely shattering the walls of the fish tank and spilling the water outwards onto the ground around it.


The reminds me of another sort of half-nightmare I had a while ago. Unfortunately I've been having quite a few for some reason which is quite strange since I haven't legitimately had any nightmares since I was a very young kid.

I remember getting off of some bus and walking into an arcade. I don't remember doing anything in the arcade, though. I remember getting into some line to leave, however. For some reason, you had to have a ticket and then pay as you were leaving, I suppose. (Side note: cool idea, actually. Someone should really start a freeplay arcade with a pay model like that.) As I was leaving the building and got into a car with my sister, mother, and grandmother, a shooter began firing at people in the building. We drove out of there and onto the highway to leave ASAP. My sister noticed a large art deco building, which I vaguely recalled as being some sort of church or government building or something. Fourth-wall breaking, me and my sister discussed which city it was actually located in. We couldn't figure out, so we called our dad to ask if he knew. Our reception was really poor, however, so we couldn't tell what he was saying. It was only then that I looked out the car windows to see that the sky had become a menacing red color. The skies were blackened with billowing clouds of smoke rising out of the windows of large sky scrapers nearby. I guess I decided that was getting too spooky for me, so my dream changed scene.

I was on some beach where there was a ropes course and what looked like marines going across them. Me and my sister got onto it (we were wearing the same dark black marine uniforms as well) and began climbing across it. I quickly managed to complete it, whereupon I entered what appeared to be black hawk helicopter along with some other people. The inside was fairly cramped and dimly lit with a red light. Amongst ourselves we talked about what we were going to be doing, however everyone else was just as clueless as me. Nonetheless we cracked jokes to lighten the mood. At that point I realized that this must have been some sort of pre-selection round for training to become a navy seal or something and that only the crew who could reach the helicopter would be selected. My dream ended there, though.


I had a weird dream where I pretended to be a woman and got married to this man who was disabled. He wasn't able to have sex and his family kept trying to expose me as a man.


File: 1578059754958.png (195.55 KB,790x708)

had a dream right now most of the details i forgot but most of it was me being chased by different things it's like once i got something to stop chasing me something else did


its 11 am im racing my car down a country road late for work, there are birds nests on the road young little birds are learning to make their nests on the road out of feathers and im just barely dodging them
i realize im dreaming and let go of the wheel, annoyed at this frantic stupid dream of racing to work, two trucks come at me head on trying to get me to reinvest in the fantasy
i smash through a fence, a giant goat charges me; trying to get me to react

im at work now, being blared at by a droning voice of my friend
i hold my breath trying to force myself to wake up, the dream has got me and it knows it; i become trapped in blackness and i cant wake up


I'm awake and it feels like its 40C, everything is turning into monsters. my clothes rack morphs into the screaming holwing levitating monster girl from the Ring or The Grudge or something like that
the visions are toying with me, I try and think of something that *wouldn't* be scary but I can't think of anything


I dreamed about a woman who pretended to be ransomed by aliens but was just getting people to fall in love with her and then scamming them. Then I dreamed about climbing up a flight of stairs and choosing the number of doors and other objects at each level while keeping track of some mathematical formula. And at some point I dreamed of a game where the objective was to set fire to as many buildings as possible using a single source flame.


the shadows in the corner are too dark, the lighting doesn't make sense. What is causing the impenetrable maw of darkness? is something hiding in there? There is light shining over it and around it, nothing else is that dark.

Is it a doorway? is something standing in it? it's watching me


stabbing some guys who were molesting me to death in their necks

visiting london

playing halo and i leave the arbiter afk too long and he starts narrating about the level im on


going on a hike with my highschool crush and one friend.
we stop at my house and there's too much trash

later im trying to force myself to look at my reflection and its horrifyingly morphing to be hilalriously ugly like a cartoon character. I'm sobbing and sneaking around my house. I stare into a mirror and can't even see myself, my reflection slowly builds itself like a texture loading in a video game and it litteraly looks like a piece of paper that someone scribbled in a ball all over combined with a face made of clay that someone grabbed with their hand and mashed up and twisted until it was just a ball of unrecogizable clay

and then my mother walks in and starts laughing at me

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