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nipah~ //(⁀ᗢ⁀) \\

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File: D-N_JTgUEAAfxMB.jpg large ….png (233.78 KB,377x519)


Where is Patchy riding?


To meet with all of her /qa/ friends!


File: patchy rides.png (380.18 KB,800x659)

let's launch over it


File: patchy is very fast.png (431.44 KB,640x360)


File: d2ae6a6c6b6033f892d8797e80….png (350.65 KB,1003x1306)

To assert dominance over supposed "Touhou-killers"


File: patchy has been seen headi….png (950.71 KB,1143x722)


File: Patchy on the Beach.jpg (987.46 KB,1500x900)


File: mobile suit patchy.png (701.75 KB,960x720)

okay enough editing, just going to make this the final version


File: Patchy on the Moon.jpg (387.18 KB,1600x1200)

Patchy's going EVA to visit Von Braun City!


File: [a-s]_mobile_suit_zeta_gun….jpg (901.87 KB,1440x1080)



File: patchy ;_;.png (408.1 KB,732x657)


what in gods name is going on here


File: patchys egg.png (1.1 MB,570x1237)


File: EM3PHh_U8AAOYSI-orig.jpg (51.27 KB,1002x969)

I wish I have motivation to open up Photoshop and make edits like I used to.


she got ranned over


Art, huh. Yeah, I guess it makes sense now


File: 1578021669579.png (608.32 KB,1000x706)

The Duality of Patch


shes gonna get her wheels stuck


File: 1578021669579-2.png (597.47 KB,1000x706)


File: 1578021669579-3.png (564.4 KB,1000x706)



quick somebody help her!


It's too late, I'm not risking my life treading such dangerous terrain


File: EEqoe0fU8AQy4NA-orig.jpg (74.1 KB,1024x720)

She is sinking into that butt.
I think it's over for her.


File: BECAUSE I AM HERE.png (674.72 KB,1000x706)

Live or die
I must try
To save my fren
until the end!


Patchy came from the past to help her future self from drowning into her own butt.


This is just like Disappearance!


File: MotoGP-Pramac-Motorrad-Gra….png (3.17 MB,1800x1200)

To the glory at the end of finish line!


File: marquez-crash3-patche-1572….png (598.91 KB,945x630)

Too bad she lacks the attitude

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