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File: 1552114240748.png (145.48 KB, 720x540, Sailor.Moon.-.33.-.1080p.B….png)

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fighting evil by moonlight
writing blogs by daylight
never running from a real fight
she's the one named kissu blog


File: 1552464187120.png (3.55 MB, 1920x1080, ScreenShot0.png)

finally got skyrim special edition to boot up
there was an issue with crashing and I had to go through one by one to find the cause and it turned out that it was femalehead.nif, but I don't know what the problem was with it


i forget, does SE have better textures than modded skyrim?


You mean un-modded? I have no idea. SE does support a new format for normal map compression, but that benefit is in file size. Most people recommend not compressing normal maps, anyway. (including me)


oh, was more referring to how it looks modded. thought i remembered there being some problem with modded skyrim when it came to anime models in which they just couldn't be made to look right. is that also still present in special edition?


File: 1552545697576.png (743.33 KB, 1041x768, anime_cell_shading_test___….png)

The "anime" style is completely reliant on specific shading technology and it just can't be done in Skyrim.
Cel shaded models are the things of nightmares when you seem them without the shading, or with normal "real" shading


maybe come TES 6 there'll be support for that kind of shading



I dont know where else to put this in since we dont have a happening thread but it appears that somebody off of 8/pol/ shot up a couple mosques in NZ this morning. he livestreamed it and his thread on 8ch is archived if anybody wants to go check that out


No one watches these things except shooters. The manifesto is interesting enough to read the ramblings of a schizo though


i didnt read it, its probably more old stuff you can find on /pol/ every day. I think its more interesting to lurk the thread and see how posters react to a member of their own community doing something this big


File: 1552670307499.png (88.62 KB, 1014x821, palemoon_2019-03-15_12-16-….png)

I saw it and read part of it, it's pretty standard stuff
that stuff just isn't interesting to me because it happens so often now

I decided to make a spreedsheet to help me distribute custom armor in skyrim, but I need to figure out how the outfit system works


File: 1552671282771.png (14.89 KB, 874x38, ayane.png)



File: 1552697351851.jpg (1.87 MB, 4032x3024, nico nico niii.jpg)

new figure came in im pretty excited


File: 1552698384445.jpg (185.28 KB, 1920x1080, Ayane_Succubus.jpg)

(not my pic)


strange rotation


Nico has been having trouble writing any new songs, so she thought she'd try looking at things from a different angle!


does she have any other muses friends she's joining?


File: 1552853704610.jpg (133.35 KB, 750x1100, 1550959984470.jpg)

shes still looking around but hasnt found any of her muse friends yet. looks like somebody left an empty stand next to her though, wonder what thats for


File: 1553117371346.png (936.28 KB, 1280x720, [Doki]_Seto_no_Hanayome_-_….png)

nearly finished seto no hanayome
they yell a lot but it was pretty funny


really like the new header background looks great


i wanted to say this too


cough*.tv / kyueisan *cough*
if anybodys feeling bored on a friday night


File: 1553331907386.png (22.87 KB, 600x600, 36148842_p0.png)



File: 1553331928496.png (1008 B, 494x30, palemoon_2019-03-23_04-04-….png)


been messing around with effects and stuff in dark souls 3, frustrating at first but im getting the hang of it. gonna use cheat engine to modify my character and make Rikka Takanashi with all her chunni powers and run around until im banned, who else should i make


File: 1553564104082.png (15.84 KB, 648x155, explorer_2019-03-25_20-34-….png)

what the hell photoshop


File: 1553666552427.png (127.64 KB, 847x691, virgin.png)

even futaba has lost its luster


what do you mean?
is that text relevant to your point because I can't read it


OP is literally one of those "EEEHhh~ You're over 30 and STILL a virgin??" type posts.


well, futaba will have dumb threads, too
what board was it?


File: 1553768676666.jpg (182.18 KB, 1440x1080, [pseudo] Yu Yu Hakusho 047….jpg)

they just don't make anime babes like they used to


File: 1553803003017.png (222.76 KB, 991x907, kemofure vs kemurikusa.png)

They really like Kemurikusa though so it's been fun reading those threads.

Also, check out these polarizing NND ratings; their otaku sure can keep a grudge going.


File: 1553849533921.jpg (805.32 KB, 1000x1300, [touhou][group][artist- ni….jpg)

not sure where to put this, but I'm going to start working on kissu CSS theme stuff again, so if you have any requests please post them
I want to get a mascot system going, optional of course, but I don't know what I'm doing. Stuff like colors, margins, shapes, and other things are open for suggestion


I personally don’t like the rounded corners on the post form being quite so rounded when the reply boxes and other elements are more angular but I like the color scheme on dark-kissu
i’m partial to themes with purples and pinks of varying shades


Hah, that's exactly my own preference.


ive been avoiding buying windows 10 for a long time now support for older versions of windows is being dropped from everything so maybe its time to bite the bullet…


keep win7 on at least one PC for games and VN


File: 1553978358994.jpg (7.48 KB, 296x68, sigh.jpg)

went ahead and upgraded, now im just trying to download drivers but everything is painfully slow. i just want to play videogames


File: 1553979829746.png (11.18 KB, 294x61, pain.png)



are you downloading from the moon?


hate seeing cute girls die


File: 1554336654514.png (639.83 KB, 715x1000, 8a6542ecd411fdc7e4b3141893….png)

Is Trevor actually "ironically" donation fagging?


It's post-irony.


What do you think, retard?


File: 1554339779931.jpg (552.77 KB, 1860x2630, e7b356f954024ef2fd2fbb38de….jpg)

i know you are but what am I


terraria is really, really addictive
I need to stop myself from getting stuck in it for weeks because the urge to build is just too great


File: 1555743814229.webm (2.24 MB, 1280x720, 1555738619604.webm)

I should give Smash a chance.


now that's what I call a fighting game


impressive, but how?


The smash stage editor lets you draw terrains. Also the switch has a touchscreen so that makes it even easier to draw whatever you want.


it seems really strange for nintendo to allow open creation like that, but it might be restricted in online multiplayer to retain an E rating
this is the company that won't let me name my character Skank in single player games…


Nintendo deleted a bunch of political and racist stages, but surprisingly Aqua's butt is still there.


thank god Aqua's butt is neither political or racist


File: 1555827701871.jpg (30.55 KB, 500x478, 1497920422290.jpg)

I still remember when GF made a signature pokemon move where you could record with your DS mic.
Didn't take long to ban that one…


File: 1556340089551.jpg (84.09 KB, 1280x720, [Elysium]Shakugan.no.Shana….jpg)

rewatching that shana mini series where her and yuuji get bodyswapped


File: 1556437275182.png (613.18 KB, 720x960, Overlord Gaiden.png)



with her arms like that outstretched i cant help but see EE as Rumia


They are similar, but I can still see her hands so I know it's not Rumi


File: 1556633089169.png (67.14 KB, 567x1264, 1469759333806.png)

been getting back into gunpla lately and have been trying to put more into the builds
feels to good to create and work at something with your own hands


makes me think of those models people would make for their tabletop turn based strategy games


have to ration my favorite shows because once I watch them, they're gone


first attempt at animation was a bit of a mess. Spent 12 hours straight without rest animating my 2 seconds worth of animation and it's all jittery… Going to have to go back and do a bunch of clean up. Probably will just carry through and get the rest of my game implemented up to the demo point and then check feedback on concepts


thought i was the only one that did this


i do that too unless its like kaiji where i just marathon it


do you mean favorite as in really like, or favorite as in you know it'll probably be among the best shows you've ever watched. i try and watch the former all the time


File: 1557053879602.png (962.78 KB, 820x615, 1556933804257.png)

Eng-Jap translations via the net have never been easier in history yet ZUN does something like this everytime…
it has to be on purpose


yeah not sure how you get to goast from 霊 when spirit would be the easiest translation
still reimu is looking pretty good


how is the new game??


pretty fun, it's got special items that float around like UFOs, and I only played Youmu, and I don't remember how she played in Ten Desires but shift charges up an attack that you release. Not sure if the same goes for other characters, or if it's just for the Wolf type.


File: 1557102115716.gif (1.88 MB, 400x225, ganbare biiiimu.gif)

what a nice show


File: 1557104133587.webm (558.71 KB, 640x360, ganbare_beam.webm)

it bothers me how large gifs are every since i started clipping webms from shows
especially since /qa/ has a 3mb limit i'm conscientious about all my files' size


you should delete the larger file then


you guys!! one of my favorite youtube channels came back! it was taken off of youtube a year and a half ago and i was stuck listening to their songs off of an archive but now this new channel has popped up and almost certain its the same person! everybody should check it out they have really good music


all their old work https://archive.org/details/YouTubeChannelAmmy


File: 1557546459501.jpg (224.44 KB, 1012x636, Screen03.jpg)

I've decided I'll be making a new skyrim body, or rather retooling an old cooperative one I made with another guy, but we abandoned it
one of my problems with modding work previously was announcing stuff ahead of time and it put a lot of pressure on me and I'm not good with that, so this time I'll keep it secret (except here)

creating morph targets right now, but fine tuning the morphs is the hard part
I wonder if r3ds (pictured) is still one of the best wrappers




missed the stream….


File: 1558254928542.png (103.7 KB, 1229x301, 94c347d7d3.png)

it was just the episodes for everything we watched this week + gundam origin episode 3


File: 1558742794663.png (292.63 KB, 623x467, palemoon_2019-05-24_19-04-….png)

gonna try to make a custom vita theme
just going to edit a pre-existing one and replace the image files instead of doing the fancy stuff that involves a computer program

also it's cool how the front page does images efficiently like this


Literally nobody uses the front page of IBs.


I use it


File: 1558839671200.png (6.18 MB, 2508x3541, 94ed8586cebc7adb9ff32d4b88….png)

so this is the power of boredom…


got banned again…..
time to break out the proxies….


wouldn't be bored if the internet didn't kill everything I ever liked


hoping to finish catching up on gundam before the next stream


thats why i never visit any forums pertaining to things i like or talk about my interests. isolation is better


need a good tsukuyomi torrent, none of the ones of nyaa have seeders


you should really try getting into ab…

but here, https://mega.nz/#F!aPRxyQCT!LowpirOfJyaHvXDgvURdPw


doing nothing but watching english subbed anime has improved my 日本語 considerably


/qa/ looks a whole lot better with text in the replies, wonder why there seemed to be a drought in posts a while back


you need to go raw


I won't forget this time.
7 PM EST, today


File: 1560554344310.jpg (90.34 KB, 1024x576, Binchou-tan - 01-02 (R2DVD….jpg)

the same turnout as the typical seasonal stream, so I guess Friday doesn't really make any difference


File: 1560752231770.png (36.54 KB, 683x590, chrome_2019-06-17_01-04-53.png)

mod got angry that I killed the moved /v/ "dilate" thread and went IP hunting in patchy threads
some things never change


File: 1560985179879.jpg (129.41 KB, 1280x720, [Cleo]Denpa_Kyoushi_-_02_(….jpg)

man i'm late to it but denpa kyoushi looks like my kind of anime


where did D-san go? I would have thought he'd post a schizo rant here eventually


He's above this shitty Norm board


File: 1561634086914.jpg (2.48 MB, 1416x2048, [crossover][yumemi riamu][….jpg)

crap I accidentally deleted a thread on /b/ I didn't mean to
uhh if you notice yours missing you can go remake it, sorry


File: 1561772558710.png (526.42 KB, 1286x1035, Photoshop_2019-06-28_20-42….png)



did u make this? VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!


boy I wish, I'm just removing the backgrounds


someday hopefully ill have the patience to learn how to draw


made this today


pretty great


Spent the past hour or two adjusting my anime ratings for which nobody but myself will ever see or care about.




File: 1562970340799.jpg (74.57 KB, 660x720, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp -….jpg)

What makes you think that?


the ratings of course

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