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File: [HorribleSubs] Shinchou Yu….jpg (178.04 KB,1280x1372)


I used to download anime from HorribleSubs until I watched Shinchou Yuusha's ending episode. It's OP at the end was like the video switched to 480p. So now I'm (thinking of) downloading from Erai-raws.
What about /qa/, what's your source of high quality anime?
(I don't have a pic of aforementioned low quality switch because I deleted it as soon as I noticed it)


I'm pretty sure the both of them rip from crunchy…

Aside from that if there's a fansub group I like providing their own release I'll usually wait for them over HS rips. They tend to look better as well. Or, if the anime's been out a while I'll grab the BD release.


>I'm pretty sure the both of them rip from crunchy…
Oh shit. I'll download shinchou Yuusha last epi from erai-raws and see if the quality goes down.
Other than HorribleSubs and Erai-Raws, there's ohys-raws (but they're only raws and my 日本語 isn't all that 上手) and DmonHiro (who Only seems to upload BD rips)


File: [Erai-raws] Shinchou Yuush….jpg (151 KB,1280x720)

Now I have to re-download anything I downloaded from HS or ER.


Well, I mean, if you include all the fansub groups this thread could go on forever. It's not really limited to those 4…


>It's not really limited to those 4
Yeah but they're most of who I know. Any suggestions?


File: lucky star different relea….png (43.85 KB,640x822)

I'm not too sure which groups still do subs for airing series aside from GJM. Although for BD releases I'd suggest just comparing all the separate releases yourself and seeing which is the best quality. Since sometimes for older anime a new BD will come out that blows any prior release out of the water (Utena, CCS, Eva).

Take for example this picture. It's nowhere near the most releases an anime can have, but it's around average for a popular show.


There are FFF, UTW, etc but I doubt (m)any of the fansubs groups do subs for currently airing series.


File: [HorribleSubs] Fate Grand ….jpg (421.37 KB,1280x720)

Didn't UTW die? Or did it revive itself again for F/GO


Oh, even their site's down now. Guess they're really dead


File: sad.png (10.38 KB,901x500)

>Didn't UTW die?
Oh, yeah…


At least we still have Commie.



>Heya camp
That's it?


It's a lot, considering almost no group subs ongoings.


Honestly, I miss fansubs.


Damn, this season is actually looking pretty good for fansubs. I'm not sure there's been this many at once in years



File: [Asenshi] Heya Camp - 01 [….jpg (99.27 KB,1280x720)

This season for stuff I'm watching/going to try:

Railgun: GJM
Heya Camp: Asenshi
Ishozuki Reviewers: Okay-Subs
In/Spectre: Inu (?, not sure who this is, haven't watched yet)
Eizouken! - GJM
Magia Record: Doki
Re:Zero: Damedesuyo (splices in BD content and some other editing)


Amazing that this many shows are getting fansubs, especially with the workload some of those must come with, like the Re:Zeo and Ishuzoku ones.


Ishuzoku is just slapping HS subs on Ohys-Raws and using like 10 frames from a chink OP


Its just a rerun with 1 hour long episodes right?


Well, it's called a Director's Cut so there's some changedthings, other than that I don't know much. I didn't watch it originally and haven't watched it yet so I haven't read this:



Not all too many changes so far then. Wonder if it'll all be near the end of the season

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