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File: 1552439942036.png (1.65 KB, 248x312, janet.png)


Shining Force 2 had such great portraits. I had such a crush on Janet (pictured) when I was a kid


File: 1552440430352.gif (1.38 KB, 62x78, peter.gif)

Never played this but i like that it has birds in it. so you had a crush on her when its mainly only her portrait that can be seen, and not the lower parts of her body huh? That sounds wholesome.


File: 1552441905021.gif (9.37 KB, 98x131, sheela_01_attack.gif)

Yeah, Peter is great. The Shining series had some fan service with some animations, sort of.


File: 1552442088202.jpg (498.2 KB, 1140x635, maxresdefault.jpg)

in Shining the Holy Ark Akane had a short skirt, and when she cast magic you could see some of her butt
I miss being excited about this stuff

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