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File: 1552442286100.jpg (325.88 KB, 1280x1866, __original_drawn_by_takami….jpg)


To celebrate 15 years (or so) of monthly (almost) Comic LO releases I am going to embark on a journey through time by reading and documenting every edition of the magazine, starting from the first one today.

I invite everyone on /qa/ to accompany me on this ambitious endeavor.


File: 1552442589272.jpg (365.75 KB, 1280x1856, __original_drawn_by_takami….jpg)

Also if someone could let the original /qa/ know about this marathon and get them to join the adventure that would be nice. I would do it myself but I am not sure my thread would last long.


I wish I could join in reading each along with you in their entirety, but alas my nihongo skills aren't that great and i'd have to search out the specific chapters.

Also sure, I'll let /qa/ know


Hmm, I'm not sure how mods would treat the thread on /qa/, but it's worth a shot if you don't post things too lewd I think.


File: 1552448052573.jpg (466.76 KB, 1264x1600, __comic_lo_and_etc_drawn_b….jpg)

That certainly is a grand undertaking, they're not thin books. How often do you plan on reading them? An entire issue at a time?


Is there a decent archive out there or would I need to hunt them down?



Damn that is an ambitious endevour. Not sure how far I'd get before giving up and jerking off but I might try tomorrow since I need a break from the VN I'm reading.


I don't think OP ever said anything about not joing…


File: 1552620949853.png (296.25 KB, 448x738, cute succubus question mar….png)

"Read" the first 5.
I didn't know that the first volume had (almost) no censorship, and the others only have very light censorship. It makes a huge difference compared to what's released these days.
As for the art I find it extremely dated and often quite bad.
Chapters that caught my eye:
Vol. 1: The ones starting on pages 137 and 217 were cute
Vol. 2 to 5: Shiawase 1500 once again proves he's an underrated master. I didn't like his chapter in vol.5 that much but the other ones were quite good. His technique definitely improved since but he managed to keep his style intact.
Favorite cover so far is the one from the first volume.

There's a 30-something Gigs torrent on sukebei

My Japanese is extremely bad so it's more about doing a quick first pass through the book and then concentrating on the chapters I liked.


if you search the name of one of the volumes you'll eventually come by some Russian site that hosts hords of loli games and doujins


Are there articles and stuff, or is it all art?

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