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How do you think the latest GNFOS revival will affect /qa/ and the spinoffs?


the real question is if kissu will make it into the daily reviews


maybe if you ask nicely enough


his followers will just drop by in hopes that he does some epic thing, pretend to be part of the legend people have built up around him then go on their way.

he's like an example of what /pol/ posters will do to diefy certain people. Take Sam Hyde for example, same concept


A fair comparison, but I'd say there's a difference being that he regularly interacts with the people deifying him. I wouldn't say all his followers really get bored of him either since some of them have been following him for quite some time.


I just wonder if it'll suck some of the kuso from the rest of the boards


i noticed that /qa/'s post rate came to a standstill when gnfos first went back up so it's possible

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