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nipah~ //(⁀ᗢ⁀) \\

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File: [HorribleSubs] Aho Girl - ….jpg (193.58 KB,1280x720)


ate a banana




Damn I miss this show


friend hasn't messaged me in a week…………………………………………


ate a burg


got a liter of orange soda
have to thank /qa/ and blog thread for this great find


orange soda is the best!!!!!!!!!!


baked cookies that taste like licorice
wish that more people liked that flavor it's very nice


File: bocchi 2.jpg (84.91 KB,745x762)

fapped to a gay video again


File: 1443921839363.jpg (12.72 KB,229x350)

I dont like bananas


File: e85c32ee270a26299d1da27c1….webm (Spoiler Image,3.02 MB,506x506)

fapped to a sample pixel gay video..


fapped to it too


that's really cute


File: image.jpeg (434.35 KB,1280x1781)

I ordered a bunch of PS3 and PS2 games but one hasn't came yet….

Gay makes great.
I hope you had fun with it!


College payment went down by $300/month. Hope that old Jew guy gets elected so I don't die of student debt.


not safe for work >:[


feel tard after playing some guilty gear since it's too fast for my brain


That's why it was spoilered…


if you get take-out chinese mix the lo-main with the fried rice, they mix together pretty well


File: [Anon] High Score Girl II ….jpg (892.74 KB,1920x1080)

>3,578 pt High Score Girl
happy to find out that my aoty did well


friend messaged me! HAHA

i could dance


always like being reassured friends are alive


File: Photoshop_2020-01-16_18-17….png (Spoiler Image,838.44 KB,1154x1028)

spending the day isolating breasts and nipples for future editing stuff, although I'm going to try my hand at editing them into Omega Labyrinth soon
don't click spoiler if you don't want to see big boobers with nipples


those are some pretty nice boobers


hair's getting too long sigh gonna have to cut it


Cute grill came online for a minute to say hello, but then went back offline (。•︿•。)


beat rondo of blood yesterday. very good game. started symphony of the night too. very stylish with nice music.


Been getting lots of spam calls lately.


gonna try my hand at fishing
it'll be dawn on a thursday on a pretty secluded spot so i really doubt i'll see people


ordered one of those Fire tablets. I know they’re not very good but they’re on sale for $50
apparently you can install Lineage OS on them


woke up late again


Watched a bunch of spooky videos on YouTube and am now thoroughly spooked.


watching speedrun breakdowns


on new years everyone celebrated year of the rat
end of the decade
fun fun
then i saw the cat killed a rat
very rare
i jokingly thought it was curious because the symbols (year of rat) made it look like an omen

then same day us strikes iran, then iran counterstrikes
now wuhan pandemic, with deaths in the hundreds climbing to the thousands
all in january

i feel it WAS an omen
2020s will be some interesting times


someone followed me on pixiv
but i havent uploaded anything im just a normal lurker like 99% of other people wth im scared!!


saw a webm of my gameplay footage posted on a 4board different to the one i originally posted it on


I have 11 followers even though I don't post anything and only followed 38 people.


File: 1427171654433.png (94.54 KB,626x348)

Professor didn't show up for the first day of class today…


File: image.jpeg (23.23 KB,480x360)

Playing a physical copy of Rouge Galaxy (jrpg) and on an end game extra dungeon and it's so much work. It's 100 floors with a boss on every 10 floors with random enemy encounters that get stronger each floor also to get to the next floor you need to find the exit and the layout is random each floor. I just don't have the willingness….

At times like this I wish I had a friend I could just pay $50 to play my file to the 75th floor and I just play from there.

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