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Would you become a God even if it means leaving everything behind?

All your dreams, your memories, your emotions, your sensations, your desires, your thoughts, your past, your present, your future. Everything you would say is you and everything of this world.


File: [RESubs] Higurashi no Naku….jpg (197.31 KB,1920x1080)

That's the same as death, possibly worse, so I don't think I would. I'd settle for being a demi-god, though.


File: f4900ca8de63e24147558a5926….png (1.05 MB,1023x1400)

no, because that god would most definitely not be me, I'd rather just keep living as is and extract whatever joy I can from it


File: assblassumandnojoy.jpg (67.95 KB,658x960)

Joy exist because human and the world are flawed. If there is no flaw, there is no joy.


yea i'd do it. it wouldn't be me if i didn't have my memories but i don't really wanna live that bad anyway.


File: 71716647_2417962145082009_….png (548.16 KB,690x900)

there are some considerations i have. Do I believe I have some essential qualities that would make me a person I wouldn't despise even after my entire upbringing, experiences, whatever I learned went away?

I'm becoming a humanist strongly enough that I'd probably say it's a moral good to have a human in control of the universe. I believe that humans generally share much more meta-ethically than they can ever diverge, and that any other actors (ai, aliens or whatever) can never ever be considered moral actors apart from accidentally.

From that point of view having a human become dictator over the universe would be the only good choice to make, because anything else leaves the possibility of human eradication from the universe, and thus nothing ethical ever happening again

stemming from this back to my original point, I'd say that maybe I'm willing to bet that a human wiped clean of all their experiences would probably be a positive force, and except for outliers like if I was a psychopath or sociopath that I should probably accept the offer and become a god.

also a god should have perfect reasoning abilities and perfect information to be more able to come to moral decisions


Flan's butt is my god


File: f375c901a246cfc2e32c3b9d1e….png (310.49 KB,717x923)

lolibutts are my religion, flanbutt is an important part of the pantheon


Being a lone god sucks. I'd love to have some godly friends with whom I could grasp the beauty of nature, of expression, of the (human) mind in its immense complexity, the beauty of it.


File: bruh that's kind of cringe….jpg (251.47 KB,1124x1116)

And never be able to die? Fuck no.


If I couldn't feel any joy then there would be no point. It'd be worse than dying.


what's really the point of becoming god if you'd lose any reason for why you'd want to become god in the first place

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