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File: 1543948511296.jpg (225.85 KB, 1500x850, ef3ae60c2a29252ffc247fb0c6….jpg)


What board do you guys think would best suit the music thread? Or should it just be done away with for threads about individual groups/genres or songs people have found, on either board?



File: 1543949342117.mp4 (8.7 MB, 1280x720, ダンスロボットダンス 歌ってみた ナナヲアカリ.mp4)

Since we can upload typcial music files on either board i don't think it'll be much of a issue. I'd go with your latter suggestion.


File: 1543951426896.mp4 (17.38 MB, 1280x720, ワンルームシュガーライフ.mp4)

Yeah, it's probably for the best to reduce the amount of general-like threads.


File: 1543953992227.mp4 (18.31 MB, 1280x720, メルヘル小惑星 ナナヲアカリ_cut.mp4)

Did you just pick that off of niconico? I didn't see it on youtube.


File: 1543963324940.mp3 (9.2 MB, 01-Crisis.mp3)

jus' b


Yeah, found a nice sit for ripping off of there.



File: 1544382546176.mp4 (12.7 MB, 1280x720, ビースト・ダンス - 和田たけあき(くらげP) ….mp4)



Uh, are the embed youtube links broken or something?


File: 1544769934574.mp3 (15.35 MB, 16 - Patchwork Chimera.mp3)

Umineko had such a great OST.



Important question for /qa/! Do you know where this song is from?


It sounds like something I've heard either from a Yume Nikki influenced game, VN, or maybe JRPG




File: 1545272928980.flac (17.13 MB, 14. ROYAL KNIGHTS - DONAD….flac)



Really like how Mitchie M uses Miku






What dialect is this? Sounds like Japanese with a bit of an Irish accent.




File: 1546345275425.mp3 (8.61 MB, 023 移動2(昼).mp3)



Sakurano sensei!


File: 1546467011829.mp4 (18.01 MB, 1280x720, Utada Hikaru「Beautiful Wor….mp4)

Keep posting, i'll actually listen to most of these. Ever since r/a/dio and the Mogra stream a few days back I've been inspired to finally start a pirate expedition and put all the empty space on this hard drive and my ipod to use.


There was a youtube channel full of music that I used to listen to a lot before it got taken down due to copyright reasons and youtube being dumb. I found an archive of the entire channel, all ~2k songs. I should really get around to recovering those sometime soon. I think it all even has the info for all the songs and thumbnails so i could probably start the channel up myself if i wanted to


Yeah, its so annoying when I go through a playlist I created that is hardly a year old and I see "deleted video" every 5 videos or so.


went through an old playlist myself and found a bunch of deleted links, wish I just downloaded stuff I like more often instead of trusting youtube to keep it



really wish i could play an instrument, namely the piano. Pretty much any genre or song can be played on the piano and sound good


Wish I had the same amount of interest in music while I was in hs as i have now. Though even then I probably wouldn't have it in me to join school activities and learn basic theory/piano.


File: 1546810241280.mp3 (9.74 MB, 03. M-9.mp3)


File: 1546846708330.flac (10.46 MB, 02 - BRICK BALLADES~HOUST….flac)

so relaxing




File: 1546917049112.jpg (256.56 KB, 1600x1000, stop_the_moment_by_hangmoo….jpg)

i like emotional kind of music


pronounced 4-ku-rey, the r being a japanese kind of r with l-ish qualites.
It is somewhat like for /qa/, as ive previously mentioned


RahXephon got great music. It's composed by Ichiko Hashimoto.





File: 1547215982159.jpg (10.79 KB, 370x500, 31usyqbgpul.jpg)


File: 1547286915291.mp3 (6.84 MB, 12_-_Shiro_Sagisu_-_Arima_….mp3)

gotta say, the soundtrack to this was beautiful



File: 1547948577975.flac (11.29 MB, 04 - APOLOGIZE~BLEECKER S….flac)


Because today I needed inspiration to do my best.
We must all try a little harder.


File: 1548020074217.png (3.44 MB, 1414x2000, __boiboi_and_bosubosu_redl….png)

we are sexy girls
we are sexy girls
we are sexy girls


File: 1548028489111.mp3 (4.83 MB, 03.Yuudachi.mp3)

I like the new Boogiepop OP, but the one for Phantom was just perfect.


Great song, if you like it I recommend you to download Toho Tempest V.





File: 1548462153170.png (383.32 KB, 1680x1050, [crossover][group][artist-….png)






File: 1549166752751.flac (7.78 MB, 01. Mitsumune Shinkichi -….flac)


File: 1549167187328.mp3 (4.69 MB, 11_Nyan_Nyan_Galaxy!.mp3)

Love this so much




Key is so underated


File: 1549605958402.mp3 (7.63 MB, 01 - SUN♡FLOWER.mp3)


dat nostalgia saturday night playlist!





So is it gonna be like some super collaborated playlist?


File: 1550127847158.mp3 (3.13 MB, 02_Nande_Dattakke_Idol.mp3)

maybe, haven't given it too much thought but that idea sounds nice


File: 1550184017710.mp4 (18.83 MB, 1280x720, ToLOVE-RuDarkness-ED01-NCO….mp4)

Really miffed about the OP thread on /qa/ dying. Remembered a perfect opening to post in it.


it was on permasage….


Cowards… meanwhile hiroyuki's super late Vtuber scam threads are still rotting on the catalog.


Those are some masterful proportions



I still really like this one, sometimes I'll play it when I have a bad day to cheer me up


I've had this one going on repeat all day


The entire soundtrack is pretty good for strolls on a bleak winter day.


File: 1550736726234.flac (17.01 MB, 02 Main Theme (Kashou Hen….flac)



especially when someone comes out of nowhere and tries to kill you


File: 1550966098174.png (8.51 KB, 500x500, DQ6Rp1uWAAc6xci.png large.png)





Appreciate how yakushimaru's work doesn't follow the conventional structure of most songs from anime



File: 1551492662721.mp3 (6.65 MB, 20170702 - 「#255」Champloo ….mp3)

Think im going to start a youtube channel for music



File: 1551554531373.png (467.33 KB, 681x1000, [kemono friends][grey wolf….png)

Give this soundtrack a lesson, it's the Genesis synthesizer at its best I think:

Does anyone else's browser chug a bit loading this thread initially? There must be something dumb Pale Moon is doing because this is a gaming PC


kissun (kissun)


It's not just you, it was also bad for me (Firefox, but slow machine), at least before I blocked all the Youtube frames with uBlock Origin and wrote a little userscript to turn them into links.


This page never actually finishes loading. Something to do with YouTube running the same scripts for every frame.

Another thing is gradients in scripts are taxing sometimes


File: 1551893418702.flac (18.02 MB, 01 - Main Theme.flac)


god album


This has got to be one of the, if not the, greatest title screen of all time. Everything about it is just perfect




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