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File: 1554367998360.png (639.15 KB, 700x695, __cure_milky_and_hagoromo_….png)


What do you think should be added to a poll to decide what we'll watch in the seasonal stream soon?
I figure Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san and Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu are obvious choices, and we'll keep watching Precure of course. This coming Saturday we'll probably just finish up the Winter season and then next week will be the new stuff.


Can't really disagree with those choices, and I've got no real ideas on what else to watch, so that should be fine.


charwank the aspulligin or senryuu shoujo (norm warning) will probably be both be well liked
so will isekai quartet

also, probably just throw in some of the shorts or ova's, the riding bean sequel will either be unintentionally fantastic or fantastic, doug and krill should be fun too
shorts: strike witches

maybe throw in yuno, carole and tuesday, or fairy gone for trainwreck potential


File: 1554595649669.png (518.79 KB, 559x900, __senko_sewayaki_kitsune_n….png)

Poll is now up!


Is anyone subbing Yatogame-chan?


not even sure what I would watch aside from the big name shonen


i haven't watched it yet but Yatogame is available on horrible subs today, so i assume they are


File: 1554777542955.jpg (155.12 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Yatogame-ch….jpg)

I was surprised to see it in the RSS. When I checked the HS website it wasn't listed under the current season. Glad it is getting subbed though, Yatogame-chan is very cute.


File: 1554855557918.mp4 (17.81 MB, 1280x720, quartet_ed.mp4)

Isekai Quartet wasn't all that humorous. The best part was just seeing characters from shows i like be on screen again. I also don't think Tanya is acting properly, it might be the translations but she seemed odd to me.


I've been wondering, why only those four? I remember Maruyama having played DnD sessions with other authors, like the Log Horizon author, but were the other authors of series in that show also in those groups, or was it just randomly selected based on popularity.


no idea but the shows being popular probably really helps getting that sort of thing off the ground


to be fair to it, the first 2 episodes of atsumare falcom gakuen were really awful despite it going on to become one of my favorite shows
on the other end though, the animation seems even more effort than falcom gakuen, which had an incredibly niche audience of complete fucking autists that play really well made shitty looking games


File: 1555001287220.mp4 (4.9 MB, スーパー仙狐さんタイム.mp4)

pretty sure this is going to be the best show this season


despise these shows


it’s very short but cute


it's just a short at the end, the rest of the show isn't like that


I like when shows end with oyasumi since they usually air late at night, and I watch most of my anime late at night so it kind of feels like someone is there wishing me good night.


File: 1555300645325.webm (40.73 KB, 426x240, recorder_1_faded.webm)

Bocchi with a recorder!

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