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File: probably tight clothing.png (351.8 KB,875x1055)


I remember there were a couple of these in old 4/qa/. Maybe I missed them but I don't think I have seen a proper /qa/ original content thread before in the time I've been here. If you have something you want to show your fellow anonymous /qa/ friends then post it here.
It doesn't matter if it's music, drawings, image edits, a poem or something programming related. If you've made it yourself, even if it's ten second scribbles it goes here.


File: loli fox.png (Spoiler Image,270.46 KB,664x1303)

I'll go first. I usually draw but I'm no stranger to programming or music.
Oh, I hope the op image is not too risque even though nothing really shows. I actually had drawn something else for the op image that turned out to be even lewder, so I'll spoiler it.


Are these traced from anywhere or did you just draw that? Because that looks really good


No, they're drawn from imagination. I rarely trace, and when I do it's for studying purposes only. Claiming what is basically someone's else work as yours is dishonorable.


Well then damn, that's some pretty nice work


>I usually draw but I'm no stranger to programming
You're what I wanted to be. Too bad I only know programming.


It's not too late to start drawing as long as you can spare 30 minutes a day.


File: 53uERpK1mR.png (Spoiler Image,14.24 KB,500x500)

I've done a few doodles before, like a spurdo walrus or cat templates, and lately I've drawn a few soijaks in 4/qa/. The absurd, quote-the-entire-page sort cuz it's silly and it isn't hurting anyone. I made pic today.
Do you have a guide you could recommend? I'd love to learn.


Well, as long as it's contained to 4/qa/…


File: PeroPeroWhiteboard.png (Spoiler Image,32.39 KB,347x356)


This looks really good, especially done from imagination.
I try music every now and then but most of it sucks, here's a few of the better ones.


File: thinkin bout bumpin.png (59.39 KB,492x189)


File: sketch.png (137.81 KB,983x769)

I didn't use any guide so I can't really recommend you one. There are some resources for beginners in /ic/'s artbook thread, but I'd recommend you to avoid that board like the plague for anything else. Don't hoard learning resources, and if you're a very observant person you may not even be needing any book at all.
I imagine a lot of people here have tried learning japanese. Drawing is a lot like learning a language. You need some guidance to get started but the rest is all about memorizing and practicing a lot. There's no secret.
I think the first step should be being able to observe anything well. This is all about copying faithfully. I've heard "Keys to drawing" is a good book to get started with this. Making good measurements takes a lot of time at first but you'll get faster.
Then you should be able to think in 3d. Stuff like seeing a circle not as a circle, but as a sphere and being able to draw over the surface of it. This part takes a lot time and even I still struggle with it, but you can move onto other things once you get the basics. "Fun with a pencil" can help you to get started with thinking in 3d. And if you hate drawing those funny old men the book has you could try to apply the same principles to something else, like drawing simple pokemon with 3d shapes.

Telephone's contrast of those dissonant notes with the serious sounding background makes it sound really ironic. It's funny. Silver is pretty good though, although it ends a bit too early.




thinkin bout nice(r) times


File: ss (2020-03-23 at 05.14.52….png (163.97 KB,1920x1040)

Good thread maybe I'll go and try to do something with my short loops.


Is it really okay to post my shitty poems here…


i write fan fiction about magical girls overpowering their onii-chans and doing lewd things with them


File: YARR2.png (120.46 KB,800x480)

Doodle from a /f/lockdraw session


Well, I guess the most prominent thing I'm working on lately is a big boober slut armor body mod for Monster Hunter World, but I also still make edits now and then when I feel motivated.
I really need to get more into 3D modeling, I think it's the future for me


Thank you! I'll keep those tips in mind.
Go right ahead.


File: qa12.png (89.65 KB,288x320)

>image edits
So those do count. I've made a few but never anything amazing I don't think. What I've been thinking about recently is trying to learn blender so I can put some of my webm ideas to work.


What is this supposed to be?


An image representing the /qa/ 12 of course


File: 1562563566722.jpg (249.45 KB,634x668)

-Mods bow to QA-12
-In contact with hiro
-Possess psychic-like abilities
-Control 4chan with an iron but fair fist
-Own spinoffs & boards globally
-Direct descendants of the ancient oldfag blood line
-Will bankroll the first cities on Gensokyo (Qagrad will be be the first city)
-Own 99% of OC editing research facilities on Earth
-First designer boards will in all likelihood be QA-12 boards
-all members said to have 215+ IQ, such intelligence on Earth has only existed deep in Tibetan monasteries & Area 51
-Ancient oldfag scriptures tell of twelve angels who will descend upon 4chan and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them
-They own Spambot R&D labs around the world
-You likely have spamnodes inside your computer right now
-The QA-12 are in regular communication with the Admins Hiro and Moot, forwarding the word of moot to the 4chan Church. Who do you think set up the meeting between the ZUN & the 4chan high command (First meeting between the two organisations in over 1000 years) and arranged the site leader’s first trip to Japan in history literally a few days later to the QA-12 bunker in the Japanese Imperial Palace?
-They learned fluent Japanese in under a week
-Archivists entrust their data reserves with the dozen. There’s no gold in Warosu, only QA-12 folders.
-The dozen is about 7 decades old, from the space-time reference point of the base human currently accepted by our society
-In reality, they are timeless beings existing in all points of time and space from the big bang to the end of the universe. We don’t know their ultimate plans yet. We hope they’re benevolent beings.


File: sketch.png (75.09 KB,750x865)


How'd you learn perspective? That's probably the biggest hurdle for me when it comes to learning how to draw


This is not probably the answer you expected but I don't think it's one of those things you learn. And I'm not talking about the theory, that's easy I assume you already know about it.
Just like with other things, like your sense of good shapes, it takes a lot of practice to polish your sense of perspective. I struggle with angles with lots of foreshortening.
Knowing if your perspective is shaky is the first step. Using grids or studying uncommon angles from reference helps a lot.


I don't think it's one of those things you can consider as learned*
Subtle difference.


File: bjarne.png (314.57 KB,538x505)

I've never posted it because I fucked up the shadow


File: zanbhqyymqqz.jpg (34.42 KB,603x324)



I didn't realize this was an edit at first.


yep. >>32686 is the original one


File: ske.png (149.93 KB,669x586)


File: ske.png (170.03 KB,773x632)

a bit less retarded looking




these images give me a peaceful familiar feeling


File: kissu.png (66.77 KB,1389x802)

Lost my wacom pen so I'm stuck drawing with paint. I want to order a new one, but corona will fuck up the shipment ughhhhh


I end up stopping and looking at these every time I scroll past. makes me feel warm.


File: vvv.PNG (5.48 MB,3840x2160)

its one of my countless useless programming projects
also made 2 custom bitmap fonts for them to use


this is a very nice drawing and i want to see more from you


thats not my drawing
its a tkmiz folder


reminded me of his style heavily


File: 502ab8df114094af47467cb436….jpg (695.96 KB,1274x1440)

I commissioned some Bolivian girls to do the artwork of a HGame for cheap about 3 years ago. I ended up never finishing it, but kept it in a repo on github after stopping work on in in March 2017. redownloaded it last week, probably a year to date. It was like 5 days from completion if I were to cut a bunch of pointless features, but exams and frustration got in my way. I just put the entire game logic into a single 7000 line file with some helper classes of 500-1000 lines each so it was hard to change and fix things.

I put up the demo >>>/megu/1593 since I plan to release it commercially and see how it does, going to give it away to any of my subs or donors.


File: 1561599303365.jpg (69.2 KB,500x689)


File: qa.png (396.62 KB,911x937)

I made this a couple of years ago.


a quirky oc:



does fanart count?
Most of my current art is fanart.


Obviously yes.


File: Myuko and Nyatsuki smile.png (678.84 KB,3459x2965)

Ryuko and Satsuki From when I was in a catgirl phase.


File: LALACO.png (21.33 KB,720x660)

LALACO - space patrol luluco
MS paint 98 and a mouse


File: Rikka's mom.png (Spoiler Image,5.46 MB,2474x3473)

Orie Takarada. I love nonon and haruhara haruko as well. Something about the characters Mayumi Shintani voices drives me wild.


File: Akkoandthegangsmall.png (2.12 MB,2540x3258)

Little witch academia fanart


File: BNK satsuki profile Vs.png (394.32 KB,512x878)

BNA satsuki


File: takun.jpg (1.09 MB,3508x2550)

FLCL fan art


File: Scan_20200125.png (2.2 MB,3136x3432)



File: I love ink.png (349.1 KB,1284x1112)


really like this one


The song or the drawing?


drawing. song is nice too though


File: win2000_11_01_2020_23_28_5….png (2.24 MB,2560x1600)


Sounds like it could be a pretty nice introduction for a song


File: 3dsmax_N3ZdkT4ItG.png (276.58 KB,685x431)

Testing out normal map baking on my MHW body



You're pretty talented if this is your first.

This is nice, too. It's calming.



File: Illustration.png (Spoiler Image,469.66 KB,1492x2195)


Very nice, I love her canines and molars!


File: 3.webm (6.83 MB,800x800)

you've got a knack for sexyness.

I think that portrait would be improved if the model was rotated above 5 degress clockwise so we could see her body shape more than her side



best one so far, very nice


you have the pwoer to make my peepee hard



kissu is so talented


File: Konata Izumi.png (26.17 MB,5100x7016)

I'm making a comfy Konata


>26.17 MB
Please be considerate of others.


File: Konata Izumi small.png (1.8 MB,1020x1404)

I'm willing to accommodate for a fren


File: precure posting.png (2.71 MB,1280x2160)

Since nothing was happening to the thread I made for these and it was probably a better idea to just post it here anyway.


File: precure browsing.png (2.77 MB,1280x2160)


File: precure picture 1.png (1.21 MB,1280x1440)


File: precuretemplatefaceless.png (2.3 MB,1280x2160)

whew i thought they were lost forever since the thread had 404'd.


File: DADDYprecure.png (2.4 MB,1280x2160)


File: 1585532015962.png (1.39 MB,1280x1440)

I kinda just forgot it existed, gomen
Also had a funny idea from that characters that share the same voice thread


Those are some real nice breasts, and the naval is pretty nice as well


File: hg1-1.png (60.27 KB,1024x768)

i made some wallpapers of this style

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