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If I don't blog about the trivial tasks I perform or issues affecting me… I may die


feel like there's something in my eye but even after a shower and trying to wash it out i can't find anything
must be time to sleep


woke up watched movie for 1&1/2 hours
played game for 5&1/2 hours
thats enough game for today
time for videos and then sleep in 4-5 hours


On the road for ~11 hours. Fun.


computer gave me jump scare.

was flipping through tabs when my audio blasted low pitch grey noise through my subwoofer, shut down and restarted.


File: image.jpeg (652.49 KB,1500x1067)

This shut down sucks I was going to buy an adapter for my PS2 IDE hard drive so I could download and play PS2 ISOs but now I need to wait.
Guess it's just YouTube, anime and thinking about cute boys for me.


yeah if there's one thing that really sucks its that amazon is delaying all purchases by a month


job is considered "essential" according to the government, no month long virus break


File: IMG_6520.JPG (85.65 KB,716x1011)

advisor told me to stay at home even though univ email said that phd students still could work on site


you work at McDonald's as well?


build non essential things


Being so low in the ladder makes me feel worthless, but at least I don't think other people see me as worthless.


I have arrived!… After getting lost for half an hour, navigating poorly lit and confusing stretches of highway…


Must have been rough, with that creeping paranoia empty dark roads tend to give. I always feel some relief when there's finally some red tail lights in the distance I can use as a guide.




your dentist would be happy


pet cat but she was sheding and now i need to clean my keyboard…


File: tkmiz-838713511010164736-2….jpg (221.61 KB,4096x2304)

having some corona symptoms now after going to grocery today
didn't even talk to anyone or touch my face or hear anyone coughing, must had got it from aerosol transmission while being indoors
took some vitamin c pills with hot water

everyone please order all groceries online, don't ever go out for any reason, including everyone you live with
you will be infected if you breath the same air with others, any distancing won't help


You're not going to get symptoms that fast I don't think


File: tkmiz-589939535414341632-2….jpg (131.97 KB,1920x1080)

actually i just "recovered" from the same symptoms yesterday, but last time it took a week for them to develop, in headache - cough - muscle pain - chest pain sequence, and another week for them to gradually went away
now today i got everything above at once, in addition to shiver, so im very positive its reinfection


File: [HorribleSubs] Murenase! S….jpg (153.09 KB,1280x720)

>The most common symptoms of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are fever, tiredness, and dry cough
I prescribe a few episodes of anime to treat your hypochondria. Make sure they're really cute or it won't work


just did something while looking at an image of LALA!


File: tkmiz-585419107295559680-2….jpg (559.32 KB,2471x3499)

> fever, tiredness, and dry cough
> hypochondria
please be honest with me, i have all of these symptoms right now, except fever isnt very serious
it is a matter of life and death for me right now, i barely even have the strength to stand straight right now, which didnt happen last time
the symptoms this time is also more serious and chronic than last time


If breathing's bad see a doc, probably call ambulance.


Please visit a hospital or call 911 and mention that you think you have it due to symptoms if you suspect anything


File: tkmiz-588318557890445312-2….jpg (78.56 KB,1600x900)

i dont have short of breath or high fever, so even if i call them they will just tell me to stay at home
if i visit a hospital its more likely that i will catch a more dangerous strain of it


does your chest hurt now?
did it hurt before?


File: tkmiz-576136653418295296-2….jpg (510.89 KB,5760x3240)

well the chest pain and coughing just went away shortly before, they only lasted for 3 hours
its mostly headache and fatigue right now
last time i also had chest pain and it lasted longer than this time


doesn't have strains. You can't neet your way through a disease anyways. get help when you need it


if you felt the chest pains then you should call a doctor
and start megadosing vitamin c, you can look it up online


>The guy who came up with mega dosing on vitamin C was Linus Pauling. He won 2 Nobel prizes and was a 1950s science rockstar. Then he went nuts and started mega dosing to live longer and prevent cancer. None of his vitamin related theories are taken seriously and he died of cancer.

I think Zinc has a better reputation as an immune system booster


File: tkmiz-558263502565953536-2….jpg (272.69 KB,2048x1152)

it has mutated so fast that there are like hundreds of strains right now
also there is nothing that can be done for me right now because there is no cure, other than serious shortness of breath where they can put me on a ventilator, but at that time its almost a death sentence
ive already taken 500mg/hr of vitamin c for a few hours
also double dosing multivitamin which includes D3 and zinc


I think the megadosing vitamin c has merit though
i took the airborne vitamin c tablets and gummies when i got sick recently and i handled it better than i normally do
i was taking in 3g of vitamin c a day


yea, but unless you have someone checking up on you they'd never know you need life support in first place


what looked to be a dark yellowish patch of skin on my arm has now turned red and looks like a normal bruise phew thought something was wrong


i got a 50 pack of corona as a joke and now i actually have to drink it
its not that bad to be desu


it's a good light beer. Light bears are pretty nice to drink


some absolute moron just threw a fuckload of paper out his window and i saw it tumbling past my window so guess who just spent 10 minutes picking it all up and trashing it
it was cold, it was windy, i was in my pajamas (with slippers and a jacket) and my back freaking hurts
call me a janitor all you want but im not gonna let these idiots uggify our building


Thank you for your service.


you're pretty stupid for going out and picking it up.


you need to give the guy who did ut shit


It would have been real easy to too, they threw out envelopes with their apartment number and names on it.


File: [MiG_MuX] PriPara - 107 [B….jpg (819.45 KB,1920x1080)

passed out


restrung my guitar to left handed
feels bizarre
hate bein a noob again


For what purpose?


want to vote on a poll but don't have enough posts …


USA will go to war with China before the decade is over.


get more posts


remember to blog responsibly and not bump the thread every time!
we don't need a blog sticky


best poll


if you hold a hotpocket up to your cheek it feels like someones hugging you


File: DAMsygoUQAAENcr.jpg (234.86 KB,1920x1080)

slept for 16 hours because feeling so tired, woke up in between once to take meal
feeling my whole body was being heated a lot while sleeping
now im feeling much better and no fatigue but not sure what will happen afterwards


hope you do get better after a good amount of sleep
usually does the trick for me and with that said i am going to bed


I'm a lefty who's always played right, but my picking plateaued a long time ago
recently read a bunch of comments from other lefties who had the same problem and (eventually) saw a lot of improvement after switching to left-handed
figured I don't have anything to lose

I do have a hypermobile right thumb, which I suspected had something to do with my lack of picking progress, but using it for fretting feels even more awkward and sometimes painful
maybe I'll just switch back



want to sleep but there's just not enough time
if i were to sleep this day would be over and i would be that much closer to my death


File: image.jpeg (198.59 KB,1019x739)

Pick one (1) boy in this image that you would want to have fun with!


sipping whiskey and playin oj


Depends what "fun" you mean… but top middle.


bottom left


File: 1511154566968.png (300.26 KB,1053x1003)

Feel like I might be infected. Could just be my anxiety causing physical ailments, though. Hopefully it's nothing serious.


op post makes tingle


how does being a phd student work


File: 1511564613282.gif (937.56 KB,500x281)

Hope you get better op. Remember to drink lots of fluids.


File: [naisho] PriPara - 01 [9F2….jpg (86.02 KB,1280x720)

Anonymous, I think you're confused


File: image.jpeg (40.15 KB,600x338)

Just normal things like playing games, going to the park, watching anime etc
Good pick I was thinking of him as well but ended picking last on the bottom.


Is that a young Ciel? I don't remember him in a sailor uniform


I am very torn between bottom left, bottom middle and top second from the right.


i am the blog


verm said he memorized my ip and that it was unique and now i feel fuzzy inside


File: image.jpeg (32.61 KB,480x480)

Yes it's him alright, his sailor fuku wearing young happy self is hardly seen outside of the manga. Though they're theories it's not him at all in those flashbacks.
I was having a hard time at first so I just ended up picking who seemed the most depressed.


File: easter candy on sale.jpg (362.78 KB,750x1000)

Ran-shama got a bunch of Easter candy on sale today!


how come novelupdates has the most illiteratest comments i've ever seen? i swear they make pornhub look like genuses


kind of uncomfortable knowing we're being ip sniped


yea I feel the same


File: 1585439162966.png (115.99 KB,313x391)

apparently overlord's author doesn't look too bad despite his name


I am generally extremely paranoid, so I took it rather well. I doubt he has put all my IPs together.
Being clothed in Overlord attire is not something I expected from Maru, but it's not suprising. Rather funny if you ask me.


what's that site for


File: smol.png (148 B,5x5)

Smallest emote ever.


File: sml.png (145 B,5x4)

Actually, this one is smaller.


light/web novel reviews and following who translates what


File: mpv-shot0367.jpg (175.99 KB,1280x720)

i ate a cheeseborger and feel like im going to fall asleep at my desk. how do norms eat beyond what is absolutely necessary?


I think I am lost. Do you happen to know where we are?


now i want a cheeseburger
maybe im just hungry

is mcdonalds and stuff even open anymore? i havent gone outside in 2 weeks


they are but it's drive thru only
anyways, you should treat your body better than that


Retail is dead. Take out food and delivery anything still exists but the delivery and amazon workers are all coming down it and have to be taken out of the workforce


buy a burg from the grocery store and cook it yourself, should be better than any fast food one you could get


File: 472577f3434458ab0f9799ac76….jpg (1.08 MB,1920x1112)

I tried out one of those night drives doomers like to do. I listened to some of the synthwave stuff I have on my music playlist along with some other songs. It felt really nice. It feels like a nice way to satisfy a sense of adventure that wants to see new things but the calmer side of myself as well. With people staying at home to avoid Corona-chan and it being night there isn't as much traffic as usual. I liked it, it's very relaxing and it reminds me of when I would take walks to random places before I got too tired to do that anymore for a while.


i dont know how to safetly cook meat or store it


put it in the fridge.


The teens are annoying me. Gonna work on my game backlog until they go away.


File: tired.jpg (606.39 KB,700x1040)

I just spent the last few hours drawing and now I feel exhausted. The video I listened to and then the music from Sewerslvt helped me feel good though.


kissu is faster than expected. I can't believe my f-ing thread died


remember to save your threads when they archive so that they're immortalized!


File: dhl.png (5.33 KB,278x106)

I didn't sign for this
never even saw a DHL truck
where the frick is my package


looks like theft..


false alarm he dropped it off as soon as I posted that
probably just didn't want to catch corolla heh


rip optics is everything bann, was gud



I hope Vermin has learned the value of optics…


File: image.jpeg (319.58 KB,600x768)

You're sitting under a tree reading your favourite book when you notice a shadow loom over you, curious you look up to see this boy looking at you lead by him asking: "you having fun? What's that book about?"

How do you respond?


y-yeah it's about the charles-maurice de talleyrand-périgord. he was a neat politician who, uh, made his way through the french revolution while retaining power in some form. it's really fun! m-m-maybe you'd like to r-read it too?


"I think you're in the wrong place, friend. Last I checked, strangers asking me hypotheticals doesn't fit the bill of 'blogging.'"


File: image.jpeg (46.84 KB,438x600)

But anon I don't own such a book or where to get one and I'm not much of a reader…maybe I can sit by you and we read it together maybe?


Like this.


File: [Doki] Denpa Onna to Seish….jpg (320.25 KB,1920x1080)

my ears have become so advaneced
when i listend to anime voice actors i can hear the the inside of their mouth
is this a skill that only i have ????
im like those blind people who can do echolocation


File: 1521840959109.png (2.37 MB,1920x1080)

please teach me sensei I want to learn how to echo-visualize the inside of VA mouths


File: 590fd4207c2b16fe7a98856e2c….jpg (79.33 KB,736x900)

T-that'd be nice…


File: [Doki] Clannad After Story….jpg (72.09 KB,1280x720)

the first time i noticed this peculiar skill of mine was rewatching death note when it reemerged in the collective unconscious and became popular on /qa/ again
i was thinking to myself 'wow, the way they record the audio is very weird; you can here the characters mouths!'

now maybe death note has a particular type of sound that helped me realize this skill, or maybe that was just the moment that I gained my power. But now watching other animes with cuter characters I still have the ability to hear their mouths!!!!
I don't know how to teach it, or if it's teachable. But that's how I gained this great power.


Sounds like synesthesia
Sometimes I smell or taste things from the anime I watch, like I'm inside it


that's pretty cool!


i love entering a lala thread and getting a lala banner at the same time!


reworked UI soon


ohayou to kissmin


hands feel dry


what to heck is CET


I like to think I was the one that brought 2d/random to /qa/.
I was tired of all the meta whining, mainly because nothing was never done about it. It made me angry that there were so many people that desired the same thing yet the moderation never listened.
Nothing came out of that one meta thread per board rule.
Even though I was a /qa/ regular it took me a while to realize that the board was barely moderated. So I thought, if we are never going to get a 2d/random board, how about making this declining board the one?
I started spamming 2d threads, and even reposted some old threads from warosu. I even decided to invite the spinoffs. People called me a retard over there, so I wasn't expecting people to catch on, but it did, somehow.



spermed in my sleep again. hate when i do that


did you have a lewd dream?


4chan moderator recognized me after 5 years and permabanned me again…
4chan sucks now, but i still want to talk to my old friends there



wonder if they can see posts by IP range, or maybe you just have a tick they don't like…


If you've really ticked off the staff somehow they(or at least one of them) seems to hold an eternal grudge against you and will ban/rangeban you if they ever happen to find you. It's happened with a few people on /qa/.


yeah it didnt last very long though. spermed as soon as i put it in. thats always what happens…


File: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni S….png (1.78 MB,1920x1080)

finally watched Megumin's movie
she and Yunyun were so cute and cool
did /qa/ ever stream it? seems like it'd be a good one to watch together


I only posted that once….




and we're back…


that would be nice
Konosuba holds a special place in my heart


File: B5C75E30-43E8-40E4-A1B6-7….jpeg (12.1 KB,220x220)

i like hoodie


obsessed with lofi hiphop tbh


Ich will Lolis
Gibt mir Lolis


so hip


File: 'Lofi'.mp3 (241.93 KB)

"Lofi" makes no sense. Nothing about it is "low fidelity."


reading is comfy at night


yeah it's a decent way to fall asleep


File: satania.jpg (100.4 KB,862x960)

aesthetic of production not technical description


dismantle aestheticsfags


once I looked outside in the morning and the sky was pink. It was aesthetics, so pretty and there was a rainbow. It began raining afterwards


my ankles hurt
i wasnt going to post it but they started hurting even more so now i posted it



saw some corona beer at grocery today


It's one of those nervous days and it will get tearful afterwards. It will get very neurotic, thoughtful; there is nothing else to do in an empty room.


File: 2987AF46-4654-4456-B1A0-DD….gif (1013.11 KB,500x350)

my're face mfw when lofi hiphop


getting evicted…


the norms the norms the norms the norms the norms the norms the norms the norms the norms THE NORMS


aren't evictions illegal now


doesn't really matter if its illegal or not


>If you’ve been laid off or lost hours and now you’re struggling to pay your rent or mortgage, there’s help available to you.
>In emergency proclamations issued in March, the governor essentially put a temporary stop to any new landlord evictions of tenants. There are also protections for homeowners who can’t pay their mortgage.
>Tenants are still legally required to pay their rent.
>In most cases, however, landlords are unable to start the eviction process since ___’s judiciary has put off almost all proceedings until after April 30.

You got 26 days to get it together


theyre going to extend the deadline anyways
the quarantine wont be over until next year at least heeeeh


viva la neet


hands feel drier
think the atmosphere is stealing my hand water


My throat hurts but I don't have a second one.


buy one on ebay


ate a banana


lungs feel weird
don't feel sick though


worst thing about pandemics is no one can trust eachother anymore. It's like an imageboard but everyone has a name


i dont know anyone anyway


File: 1585518405435.png (46.47 KB,522x472)

I've been revisiting my old anime archives for the past couple of weeks and now I'm having the same existential crisis from years ago.


goodnight /qa/


trying to put more time in between i drink coffee

i drink like 2 cups in a sitting sometimes makes me feel funny in like a heart attack kind of way and that scares me

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