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Share some files that you like and want /qa/ friends to see! Any kind of file is fine, such as albums, games, books, etc.

I'm sharing this nice album here


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Some of the arrangements caught my attention in the 未来茶屋 albums, and I found this collection
Its pretty nice



Moh_-_Funky_mohstard.it https://files.catbox.moe/zpodnr.it
wish it wasn't glitched to repeat forever …


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Suguri and Sora both have great soundtracks.


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Vanguard Princess, a really fun and really pretty doujin fighter I remember playing in 2012-ish.

You can get it for free from the dev's website (though you'll need to set your locale to japanese to play it)

or use this which renames all the necessary files into Latin.

There's also a steam version botched by glitches and censorship. It's nice that the initial free version is still the preferred version of the game.


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Good stuff


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rare nanahira

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