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Why are French and Japanese the greatest languages verbally? As in, the most pleasant to listen to


Lot of vowels?


French is an awful language; it's not that it sounds bad, but it takes lots of words to say anything. The most basic statement ends up being tl;dr.
t. native speaker

imo Russian and Portuguese sound better than French too but yeah Japanese is great.


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It may just be a few bad run-ins, but some "people" have ruined the portugese language for me


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yeah, but


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who even speak portugese? is it just brazilians and portugal


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the lusophone really is the most underwhelming phone


Languages that sound better than French:

Languages that sound worse than French:

French can sound very nice when it it sung, however.


Add Spanish and Greek to the first list.


Almost all languages look better on scripture than they sound, except Japanese, it does both great.


just realize I dont actually have a clue what greek sounds like


like Spanish, but Greek

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