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File: 1555324740302.jpg (215.48 KB, 902x681, 581a7d707e.jpg)


I wonder if 3D animation is hard or not….


I'm sure it's just a matter of watching a few YouTube videos and practicing


File: 1555444477644.png (577.82 KB, 800x800, [yurucamp][group][artist- ….png)

The good animators make triple figures as it's a difficult and tedious process. It's still cheaper and faster than using a hundred Koreans to draw cels. Animation is always the weakest link in video game modding, too.


character modeling is really time consuming…


then again I spent like 100 hours trying to learn how to draw to no success and 3D modeling is coming more naturally…


Mother fucker animation is a pain in the ass


I can't tell if Blender's weighting is just uninformative not giving you an informed view of what's being effected or if it's just plain buggy, but then again my mesh is pretty shitty, but I'd expect the software to be more intuitive


ah…there are weights from unrelated body parts being applied…

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