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What's your philosophy on how to deal with spam? Be it imageboards or other places where it can occur


The most important thing is to make it revertible. If spam can irreversibly delete threads, the system is broken.


I agree but does it really matter considering the mentality with which threads are created and used?

There's always some anon or two now for their respective general who is ever ready to recreate the nth generation of a thread, complete with boilerplate text and links and recognizable search terms and images; this is performed like clockwork. The only spam that could stop chainposting like that is sheer flooding of the entire catalog from a bunch of VPNs.

For slow boards it is a bigger deal sure, but I recall that even after the trash from 162 spammed /po/ there was in fact a way to restore the lost threads.

I think spam is a thing of the earlier web, much like imageboards themselves; the fact that even these are now hard to spam is a sign of the times.


A imageboard full of generals is already dead, even if its users don't know it yet. As for spam, it's not hard to write a bot that autodetects a general and pounds it with spam replies, and a few such bots already exist in the wild on 4chan. I don't agree with your assessment that imageboards are hard to spam.


Scale of things. Consider the sheer number of people who use 4chan or even 8chan compared to people who can successfully spam it. Lots of people want to, but not that many actually can bother due to lack of knowledge and or lack of funds to constantly buy fresh VPN and captchabreakers.


I doubt anyone smart enough to program who seriously wanted to spam 4chan would fail at it. You probably overestimate the people who do, or who aren't drooling retards. Funds aren't necessary.


do nothing
spam is free speech


free things are good right?


I'm less bothered by spam than moderation, I filter it mentally.


I'm mostly fine until it starts making even talking impossible


File: 1556594225118.jpg (40.17 KB, 445x384, Mako banana.jpg)

it's free speech in the sense of one person speaking through a loudspeaker at a forum while everyone else just has to talk normally


That's if they're even allowed to talk, which with some spam that's impossible


File: 1556840697032.png (738.46 KB, 884x768, weensperm.png)

I don't really care about spam if it's entertaining, but it most of the time it's boring and just the same message repeated. A good example of what I mean was from 4/int a few years ago with easter toad. That one had variations after the first couple times and the board itself started making images for him to add to the spam. I even made a couple when he posted on /qa/ because I found it fun. The board users didn't really mind it because /int/ is so crappy, anyway.

This is true as it concerns the general health of a board, yeah. I don't care about occasional wipes, but if it happens over and over again there's definitely an issue


true but if let them yell they always tucker themselves out and quit. its actually very rare for fast speech to kill a board because of that

spam is at most a temporary and minor inconvenience

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