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ITT: post a sentence from Wikipedia, out of context.

ERP has a strong evidence base, and it is considered the most effective treatment for OCD.[89]


36 people were killed and there were 49 injured, 13 seriously.[1]


Turku, as a town, was never founded.


Unable to fully pay the Venetians they accepted two offers.


Solutions where the views of household members differ include using separate dispensers or separate bathrooms and ignoring the issue.


A light squeeze of lemon juice is commonly added.


The Jolly Company eventually formed a group known as The All-Joking, All-Drunken Synod of Fools and Jesters, which had a "Prince-Pope", a college of cardinals, bishops, archimandrites, priests and deacons.


This became evident when he started telling visitors that his wife had died (despite the fact that she was still alive) and that the woman who frequented the building was simply her ghost.


Toward the end of Corey's address a streaker ran through the hall, adding further to the confusion.


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Can it be a quote?

To assume the method of propagation by touch, whether by the person or of infected articles, and to overlook that by the corruption of the air, is at once to increase the real danger, from exposure to noxious effluvia, and to divert attention from the true means of remedy and prevention.


Two agents parachuted to station NP 8 in May 28, 1962. After 72 hours at the site, a pick-up was made in June 1, 1962 of the Soviet equipment that had been gathered and of both men.


Despite being a year old, she has the height and appearance of an average teenager


After the withdrawal, Major Meredith compared the emus to Zulus and commented on the striking manoeuvrability of the emus, even while badly wounded.


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Damn you.


Forty minutes into the session, Candace was asked if she wanted to be reborn. She faintly responded "no"; this would ultimately be her last word.


The model was first introduced by Swiss-American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book On Death and Dying, and was inspired by her work with terminally ill patients


patients were subjected to a continuously repeated audio message on a looped tape to alter their behaviour. In psychic driving, patients were often exposed to hundreds of thousands of repetitions of a single statement over the course of their treatment.


Pairs can either compete, with only one individual transferring sperm to the other, or the pair can transfer sperm bilaterally.


Earlier societies utilized elaborate methods of lie detection which mainly involved torture; for instance, the Middle Ages used boiling water to detect liars as it was believed honest men would withstand it better than liars.


The name of the period comes from the fact, that a lot of Faroese persons bought used sloops, mainly smacks, from the UK, and this gave an uprise in fishery on the islands.


Gottlieb also hatched schemes to assassinate Castro, including the use of a poisoned cigar, a poisoned wetsuit, an exploding conch shell, and a poisonous fountain pen. [4]


The U.S. Army believed that legal liability could be avoided by concealing the experiments. However once the experiments were uncovered, the US Senate also concluded questionable legality of the experiments and strongly condemned them.


In another outbreak, in 1428 in Schaffhausen, a monk danced to death and, in the same year, a group of women in Zurich were reportedly in a dancing frenzy.


Very early he developed a dark and secretive disposition, marked by a painful self-consciousness and boundless ambition.


Centipedes always have an odd number of pairs of legs.


The animal was about half the size of a grain of rice, with a distinct front and back, and showed evidence of having a gut with openings at each end.


"This article is about the concept of the person. For the rapcore band, see …"


"the most spectacular degenerate in rock & roll history"


Compression using Content-Encoding is more widely supported than Transfer-Encoding, and some browsers do not advertise support for Transfer-Encoding compression to avoid triggering bugs in servers.[3]


Although a food item, raw eggs are sometimes thrown at houses, cars, or people.


Awakening to find a bat in the room, or finding a bat in the room of a previously unattended child or mentally disabled or intoxicated person, is an indication for post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).


File:753791C0-11D4-4994-9242-0….jpeg (120.79 KB,756x915)

In summary, fatalism, the belief that all outcomes are predestined or fated to occur, is an irresponsible belief espoused by those who refuse to acknowledge that their own sinfulness has caused the hardships of their lives. Prosperity or poverty are directly correlated with either virtue or sinfulness, respectively; not fate.


"The court itself acknowledges the existence of God. A consequence of that acknowledgement is a recognition of God's omniscience … Since God knows everything, God has notice of this lawsuit."


Storr's idea met with little acceptance at first, with most scholars favoring either Matthaean priority, under the traditional Augustinian hypothesis or the Griesbach hypothesis, or a fragmentary theory (according to which, stories about Jesus were recorded in several smaller documents and notebooks and combined by the evangelists to create the Synoptic Gospels).


The Shoggoth also appears as a maid creature in Kenkou Cross's Monster Girl Encyclopedia. While more pleasing to look at, it retains a number of features of the original lovecraftian version.


Students of law can argue the finer points of jus sanguinis and jus soli. The use of "Polish-born" is branded as a racist slur.


As there was no law against humanely fucking a horse, the prosecutors could only charge Tait with trespassing.


that entire article is hilarious, jeeeeeeeesus


He released the hostage after being disgusted when the man broke wind in front of him.[79]


As the wind made the little corpses move, he said:

"Tanzt liebe Kindlein tanzt, Gnipperteinga euer Vater macht euch den Tanz"
("Dance, dear little children, dance, Gnipperteinga your father is making the dance for you")


This experience may sometimes be quite intense, but to escape from it, one needs only to open one's eyes.


Another hypothesis is that humans' use of fire caused or initiated the reduction in human hair.


In February 2009, The Washington Post reported that Poole had attended Virginia Commonwealth University for a few semesters before dropping out. It reported that Poole was living with his mother while looking for a way to make money from owning 4chan.


During the procedure, which lasted for two hours, Monro dipped his quill pen into Burke's blood and wrote "This is written with the blood of Wm Burke, who was hanged at Edinburgh. This blood was taken from his head".


The earliest example of this usage in English is in William Morris's translation of the Grettis Saga, wherein haugbui is translated as "barrow-wight".


Production and manipulation of averaged null energy condition-violating negative stress energy tensor fields, including quintessence and scalar quantum field fluctuations, for use in reactionless space drives and wormholes.


St. Elmo's fire is a bright blue or violet glow, appearing like fire in some circumstances, from tall, sharply pointed structures such as masts, spires, and chimneys, and on aircraft wings or nose cones.


In some circumstances, visibility was necessary (photographic reconnaissance and bombing raids) and in others concealment (keeping ship movements secret or suppressing enemy air activity).


Every known living kākāpō, except some young chicks, has been given a name by Kākāpō Recovery Programme officials.


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>St. Elmo's fire


pol is leaking again




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This effect can be found in many domains of physics, but can usually be reduced to insignificance by using different instruments or observation techniques.


The Nature article was controversial, with many experts arguing against its conclusions, including an "outraged response" later in the same journal by 137 authors.


Twain's story about his pen name has been questioned by some with the suggestion that "mark twain" refers to a running bar tab that Twain would regularly incur while drinking at John Piper's saloon in Virginia City, Nevada


A ball stretcher is a sex toy that is used to elongate the scrotum and provide a feeling of weight pulling the testicles away from the body.


The ink is often created from burning the heel of a shoe and mixing the soot with urine, and injected into the skin utilizing a sharpened guitar string attached to an electric shaver.


In 1920, Edward Kasner's nine-year-old nephew, Milton Sirotta, coined the term googol, which is 10^100, then proposed the further term googolplex to be "one, followed by writing zeroes until you get tired".


A bird that sang like Barry White in the forest sounded more like Michael Jackson in the big city.[24]


depending on the day I do it a googolplex could be as low as 10 then


In general, these devices are not used even where they would serve to alleviate some degree of confusion.


Antony Beevor describes it as the "greatest phenomenon of mass rape in history", and has concluded that at least 1.4 million women were raped in East Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia alone.[14]


Data recorded on discs has redundancy, so that error detection and correction can compensate for some degree of damage.

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