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Kept this link bookmarked for almost a year and only a month ago did someone ID the song. hehe


File: 1557288172016.jpg (248.03 KB, 1024x768, paint_2.jpg)

People seem to forget (or weren't online or alive) when the jokes about MS Paint started. You had virtually none of the tools shown in that video. When I see the fancy stuff like selective mirroring there or creating smooth angled lines I can't help but laugh that people think it's the same program
It's still impressive, of course, but that's not the MS Paint that earned its infamy


Not sure what you mean by selective mirroring or creating smooth angled lines. Non-rectangular selection, color replacement erasing, and the curve tool have always been there. I believe the ability to flip an image was added in the Windows 95 version of MS Paint (when it was no longer called Paintbrush).

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