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If you want more activity, why not try and push for making kissu /meta/ 2.0 alongside what it already is?


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I think it's already that way, at least unofficially. The thing that /meta/ had over kissu or anything today is that /qa/ was frozen. I've been thinking lately that /qa/ is becoming too fractured and needs to condense or interlink its various locations and formats…


I think the reason people don't post here as much is because they like the conflict on /qa/.


that aside, op's picture is really sexy and piques all my interests


Well there's certainly no doubt about that, I don't think /qa/ would have survived as long as it did if people didn't get a bit of a kick out of the conflict and anger on it.

Also, even after the hayday of /meta/ during the board freeze it was still used as a place to discuss the workings of /qa/ and such to a certain extent. I'm not expecting everyone to be completely open about everything just for the sake of activity of course, but I think it'd be nice if people could discuss or lodge suggestions towards such stuff here. If not places in which they may or may not be


Why is it that everyone on imageboards doesn't want people from other forms of media taking part in their "sacred" tradition of shit.

It's not like people who use social media are worse than frogposters


I'm not sure there's too much of a difference between the two, but I barely use social media so I wouldn't know for sure.


What this guy is saying isn't that people like conflict. It's that people like the wider range of opinions and tastes that are available on 4chan.

While some people have to be excluded to create a healthy environment, that doesn't mean that your prejudices should rule out.


It has nothing to do with the media they use. It's the fact that the majority don't assimilate with the host imageboard and act it as if they were on other media. They bring their outside content and expect it to be treated equally to host content, even if locals are hostile to outside content. Outsiders will fail to adopt local customs or even pause to learn what they are before posting. Not to mention some of them have the nerve to get pissed when you call them out on it.

This behavior isn't exclusive to them and extends to people in general. Fr*g m*melords are the same if not worse.


huh, why do people have to assimilate at all? All I want to do is ban every frog-poster I see and internet activism. I don't see anything in my site philosophy of Internet Nationalism or the battles of multi-culturalism vs protectionism.

And what's with this assumption that people bring in content with the expectation that they're going to usurp the existing way of things and not just because they want to see if others enjoy it. I'd be more intended to ban a person who causes a fuss over someone doing something they don't like than the person doing it because they're the ones causing the scene.

Just smells of incestual and stagnating culture. The only way I can think of your idea of things is if you expect your circle to die out as soon as you leave(Solipsism) or if you want to force every other person to follow your rules under fear of bans and threats(fascistic)


Come to think of it, the only way that I can imagine a system of forcing people to follow rules under fear of ban is if Kissu were to have a personality cult like T where people gather around him and follow the rules despite how pathetic his personality is.

Unfortunately that is not me and there will never be a draw to people following the rules and sticking around because I have no intention of being someone looked up to


I don't personally think everyone needs to completely assimilate and hold every majority idea or be just like everyone else. People in a community with diverse tastes or a uniqueness about them aren't necessarily a bad thing, and can even be one of the communities strengths with how it can lead to interesting discussions between posters with differing opinions. However, being able to assimilate in a way that allows you to hold discussion or accept cultural norms/tradition of a community is a good thing as well. If you go too diverse, or try to enforce the acceptance of all others (in ways such as shutting down people that may have critiques of how a person operates) it isn't going to help strengthen, or even keep any community. It's important to try and stay fresh, but at the same time you want to keep the parts of a culture that hold the community together and allow people in it to feel as though they're among peers.

Try to think of a board's culture as a fish tank of sorts. You can introduce new things into it that make to make it more beautiful, but you don't want to add in something that may cause pollution in the tank or kill off all the current species you currently have living in it. Now that's not exactly how a board's culture works as things 'harmful' to the community could be adapted and imported in a way that makes them work and maybe even become a celebrated part of the culture, but I think it works in explaining how there can be different content from outside that can destroy a boards culture. To help with imagining what a supposed tank-killer would be, try and think of ">tfw no gf" culture. All allowing that garbage does is invite teenbros who just want to wallow in their despair or complain about others better off then them all the time, and then try to convince others into being as miserable as them. There's nothing of interest or value to be gained from mixing in content such as that.


I really don't describe to your "everything is shit" worldview, nor do I understand why you'd bring up "frogposters" when it's literally two people the vast majority of the time and they're ignored. Imageboards don't need to be shit and I wouldn't use them if they were.

It can be fun against staff, but I can't personally partake these days since I have 4 permanent rangebans and they seem to spend significantly more time hunting the VPN ranges I use. Anyone that stood out on /qa/ to take a stand against the drama (often protected by staff) has been cut down. Well, not the two people I mentioned above that seem to enjoy staff immunity, but that's another story.

Me neither. The only real indication I have is the image quality. Social Media is brutal when it comes to image compression, but those people are almost exclusively on phones so they don't notice.

I think new people definitely need to have their mistakes tolerated and forgiven as long as they weren't malicious, but at the same time you need to keep the reason why people used the place in the first place. (also FYI I'm not talking Kissu specifically here) Maybe this is a generational thing, but I don't see the appeal in allowing new users to set the culture and change a place since I've seen it happen over and over again. Novelty is good, but it never lasts.

I'll post more later…


The idea that people from other places you don't like representing pollution and division is the lack of self control to ignore them or undermanegment of social issues.

The proposed fear that having people from other place's right to practice certain things will inherintly mean that you lose rights is wierd.

I can't really find anything else to comment on because you're talking about abstract concepts and subjective opinions and political topics I disagree with as a Canadian who lives in a more peaceful society than the ideas you're presenting of US melting pot culture which have thus far lead to the division of multiple urban, rural and cultural conflicts


I wasn't referring to all people from places I don't like as pollution, just the more cancerous cultures that spread and destroy any culture they take root in. Say that /r9k/ culture did take over /qa/, I'd still be able to post on /qa/ like it's 2D/Random so my rights to post would still be intact, but I wouldn't want to because I dislike /r9k/ and seeing /r9k/ shit everywhere would give me a distaste for the board itself. I wouldn't think that I could have a nice discussion or enjoy myself posting even if I did post 2D/Random content. It may be selfish to feel this way, but I really don't want to post among people that I hate, and would rather share the board with people I feel I can coexist with.

When I said fish tank I was trying to make an example unlike the melting pot, but I guess it didn't come across right. In a melting pot, everything just blends together into one culture, and I disagree with that, I don't think that all people must become one with the borg. Instead I'd prefer that they find a way to bring over their own culture without disrupting the local culture in a way that they can coexist. I think that all the different accessories and species that you add into a fish tank make it more beautiful, just having water and a large colony of goldfish would be boring.


>If you want more activity
but what if I like how slow it is here?

Though I would agree, "/qa/" is becoming very fragmented, I don't go on 4/qa/ myself much anymore I spend most of my time elsewhere. What caused me to leave was all the spam and meta junk that mods kept dumping there


It's been less of the mods dumping ground lately, seems that was just a period of extreme mod malevolence directed towards /qa/. Now it's just its regular self, and to me it looks like it's on the brink of becoming fun again.

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