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File: 1561176042458.jpg (837.96 KB, 900x1200, 64292666_p0.jpg)


It's time to start thinking about what to watch together next season!


I've also been thinking of maybe trying to expand the audience a little bit, but before I try I'd want to know your opinions on it. I wouldn't advertise on 4chan obviously, but I could ask certain spinoffs if they'd be interested or whatnot


I think takagi, vinland, and accelerator would work


though i'd also be up for a stream of some Shaft show (pre-monogatari of course) those always seem to be great


What about Kanata no Astra


this season looks pretty lackluster to me but as a longtime manga fan for better or worse i gotta see vinland saga; accelerator will probably be alright as well.


hmm what pre monogatari shaft show do we all know that we could watch together


Only found this out recently, but apparently popotan's shaft. Been thinking about watching it since that one thread



yeah! popotan! lets do it!


never seen popotan let's do it!


So what do you guys think of me maybe extending a welcome to nen at least?


nenfrens are cute! go ahead


only ever used nen a few times when it was new but they all seemed like good people


/qa/ should watch Yosuga no Sora together. its got that nice summer feel to it


I'd be up for my favorite harem


File: 1562101185939.jpg (143.24 KB, 1024x576, Binchou-tan - 07-08 (R2DVD….jpg)

The poll is up!


File: 1562351091392.jpg (12.46 KB, 132x176, c4nmfo.JPG)

she have charcol on hed


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