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What are /qa/'s thoughts on the Sailor Moon redraw event going on?



it's pretty cool. Twitter was always good at generating events like that compared to other social networks.


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File:81674139_p0.jpg (195.91 KB,830x591)

It's nice that Twitter can generate these events, but I wish that it wasn't such a hassle to search through images on.


File:1589852261487.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB,2515x3448)

some real good material coming out of it


Oh I was going to make a thread about this too after seeing all of these images pop up on danbooru. Twitter is too annoying for me to navigate so I'm just going by what's there, and it seems pretty good. So much of it looks so similar, though, that it really shows how important posing, clothing, and other things are to set art apart


yeah it's lively but aside from this it sucks, it's its only good point tbh. I don't know how it got so popular with artists considering how they fuck with image compression and that there's not even a gallery mode.


File:850108b5a3edae18235e5ce076….jpg (278.8 KB,1224x918)


Why do people use danbooru which is behind a paywall while gelbooru is free?


There are several websites that are specifically designed for twitter art search, here is one of them:
The website uses machine learning to auto tag popular characters, it also has lots of other characters for searching.
Mostly its for better metadata, as when they are scraped they are never fixed on gelbooru for further changes on danbooru.


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File:EYOrzsfUMAEH5Zf.jpg (309.82 KB,1307x1000)





Wow, thanks! It's a shame Twitter became so popular for art due to the jpeg compression and complications involved in actually searching for things


File:EYX-gcfU8AAkTpk.jpg (2.49 MB,2385x2088)


File:EYZTmvSX0AI9qVW.jpg (167.77 KB,1200x854)

The original frame is gorgeous
I'm going to participate as well


egg head


File:EYjLbPkVcAcUzb3.jpg (148.97 KB,1366x979)

This is a very important redraw, I must share it with all of /qa/


File:707F05C0-B29C-43FC-99D4-1….jpeg (226.86 KB,1600x900)

I saw a sailor moon picture a couple days ago and I didn’t save it and now I can’t find it and I neeeeeed it it looks like this one >>40356 but her pupils are hearts and instead of a cock it’s a ballgag has anybody else seen it please I need help this is very important


File:FFF32E63-E304-4FF0-ADEE-A….jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB,2894x4093)

Of course I find it as soon as I post….


It's a marked improvement
Honestly, sailor moon would have been far better with more birds in it.
cats are old hat


Not really related, but Sailor Moon R: The Movie is on YouTube and is free to watch for some reason…


File:VxIB7HRNnepIl0lW.mp4 (677.96 KB,960x720)

pretty impressive near perfect recreation


neat that's the best one imo, too bad it's only available in english


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File:__tsukino_usagi_and_sailor….png (526.44 KB,680x510)


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File:Untitled-1.png (23.97 KB,1000x1000)


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File:illyaredraw_by_carbon12th_….png (6.35 MB,2200x1556)


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