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Are you a picky eater?


I used to get a lot of shit from my family for not eating a lot when I was a little kid. It was actually the Ritalin I was perscribed that made me hate eating food. Since coming off of it I'll eat anything and everything given to me, I love food.


I'm a very picky eater, I eat almost the same food everyday around the same time, always the same snacks and don't eat food from non-favored supermarkets.


File:1e5ef513452c81e45d5d69b6f5….jpg (342.47 KB,591x591)


going to try eating cheap ramen again. i recently quit coffee and i want everyonr to know about it


Is this a new filter?


File:1512723350664.jpg (31.14 KB,360x240)

I sure hope that you didn't quit coffee for health reasons, because if you did then eating cheap ramen is really pantsu on head retarded…


File:243d1ba1396dc03c9f82169dea….jpg (1.54 MB,1600x2255)

how else will i grow up big and strong? i have no reason to drink coffee anyway


coffee is a poison!! it can kill you!!

you can overdose on coffee and DIE!!!lole


File:1590107338744.jpg (446.99 KB,1920x1080)

never get the appeal of coffee
it makes me feel nauseating, unrest and hungry while can't fall asleep to stop this suffering
i can't focus on doing anything after drinking that which defeats its only purpose


no, i eat everything
the world is a food


Cheap instant ramen is just as bad for you!


File:824b4w.png (5.87 MB,2208x1242)

ate cheap ramen within record time without having to stop because sick



I order everything plain and I refuse to eat anything with ketchup on it


whos the artist on this? looks like tkmiz but im not sure and reverse image search has no results


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File:1518382175144.jpg (95.82 KB,1200x1200)



I drink coffee because it helps my digestion.


coffee makes me a picky eater


That's why you have coffee *after* lunch, silly.


File:1588223024689.png (200.23 KB,312x339)

I am a very sleepy person so I drink alot of coffee, I used to really hate it but now im used to even drinking 2-3 cups without sugar or cream on days when I wake up before 12


Does drinking that much black coffee hurt your stomach at all?


it did for me, and after finding out coffee isn't supposed to make me sleepy I quit for good


I havent noticed any stomach pains on days where I drink alot of coffee


The only foods I don't really like are nuts and tomatoes.

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