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File:blender_fOSjqOqDTt.png (181.48 KB,1548x1041)


Six hours. Six damn hours in Blender and MHW going back and forth because this fucking stupid retard idiot retard bone didn't have a proper "Child of" target.



yep, that's programming


File:1464058165304.jpg (33.17 KB,211x176)

I guess parents really are important


wat're you makin?


File:[Gremlin] Toaru Kagaku no ….jpg (428.56 KB,1280x720)

So many different options… is this really what 3D modelling is like?




A dickgirl mod! Yeah! Theoretically, I could probably hide the penis and probably will release a version for it, but it's not the focus.
I know there's a niche out there making 3D dickgirl stuff that doesn't use the premade abominations from Daz3D or poorly-attached stuff to video game assets with Valve's patented coated-in-vaseline Source look. So this is a learning experience, but also it's hawt. I just need to make a diffuse/albedo map and I'll be done with the base stuff, and then from there I can attach armor or change other characters!

Yes and no. Blender provides too much info all at once and I think most people customize it to make it look more logical. Blender 2.8+ looks better, too, but I can't use it since the modding tools for MHW are for 2.79…

Placeholder shapes for bones. If it was a skeleton made for Blender it'd look a lot better, but it's one that exists inside a video game instead.


Oh, that sounds shit. You'd think that it wouldn't be so hard to use software of just a 0.01 difference…


Blender's 2.8 change was major and it's a really good thing. It made the controls and UI a lot more intuitive and similar to other 3D programs, so it's an ideal place to start.
I kind of hate that I'm using 2.79 for this because I'm memorizing the "wrong" things


File:R36Zpk8J4BI9NfdChuzOomTZ.png (1.64 MB,1100x1548)

blender saved free sofware


was this image made in blender?


I'm not sure; I know the artist uses it, but I don't know exactly what they do with it.

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