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25 what should i do to not fuck up
currently dodging my part time job and want to quit and get paid better
family is pissed at me and trying to get me to do something like university or college but i don't want to go back to school and if i do i will not go back for 4 years such a fucking waste of time money and my life
1 or 2 years absolute tops
don't want to do hard physical labor. everyone i know who did regretted it

mom just finished yelling at me for like 2-6 minutes


your problem probably isn't what to do so much as your interest in being part of society.

just make some money and bit your lip and just take the poison of life. Don't worry about what it is


get a certification in some sort of trade, only takes about a year of training and the pay is good


File: 1562741897116.jpeg (105.47 KB, 740x1200, 219F24FF-8A61-49EC-B07A-E….jpeg)

College or uni could be fun
r u gonna pay for it or r your parents?

i dropped out of my community college because i got very depressed, but now i have to drive my brother to and fro to college so i kinda miss it 2b honest

im 20 btw if its any constellation

but its up 2 u 2b honest. I kinda wish i wasnt so lonely


yeah it will be out of my pocket sooner or later
probably from loans first


for me college is about forming relationships and new experiences

but my chance is gone

since its coming out of your pocket you shouldnt unless youre serious about getting a degree and have a steady supply of adderall

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