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Man, what the hell is with vtubers? Can someone explain the appeal to me, because my opinion is that it's still just watching another person playing video games instead of directly playing them yourself.
I like playing video games.


People like cute 2D girls, and they put a good amount of effort into developing their characters or doing things outside of playing video games that people also enjoy. I doubt that them playing video games really is the biggest factor as to how they got popular, since a whole bunch of nobodies were doing that around the time of Kizuna Ai, Luna, etc (and their most viewed content was never on their gaming channels.)
Also it's probably the fact that with YouTube's streaming they can interact with their viewers more which is probably the largest appeal for people to watch them.


File:Screenshot_2020-06-27 4sta….png (517.44 KB,1232x1459)

look at how freaking fast that hololive thread is, it's more active than 90% of the boards and even faster than the two big /pol/ generals combined


I don't really get it either. Vtubers, in my mind at least, do stand out as different from regular streamers or let's players in that their persona is mostly an act as opposed to regular commentary. Also, they're not confined to just playing games since their avatar and chat interactivity is a large part of the appeal too, I think.

I don't know… I can help but dislike vtubers – not only because stuff like hololive is a corportized product – but because it all seems "insincere" and sensational. Maybe I'm just used to older let's players and stuff since I never got into watching streams either…


It's an explosive cocktail of attractive characters and voice acting, otakus pandering to otakus, idolfagging and a fucking mountain of content being output every day.


File:060E379D-E48F-47CD-86D7-7….jpeg (33.06 KB,474x497)

I don't have as much time for games as I used to; work leaves me fairly braindead.
It's sort of therapeutic to just drop down into a chair and let anime girls entertain me with their shenanigans.
It's fairly normcore I know, but to be fair I've been watching vtubers development since the OG days.
Vtubers are a bit more pure to me than watching regular girls play; they don't have as much drama attached since they are pseudo anonymous and are constantly evolving, similar reason why [email protected] and lovelive blew up I'm sure.
It does suck how commercialized it has become, but that's to be expected. Money flows into the void of niche markets; no exceptions.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (288.65 KB,1920x1080)

But this video is just a woman cooking? There's not even an avatar there, although I'm starting to see that it's not a 2D thing…

> I can help but dislike vtubers – not only because stuff like hololive is a corportized product – but because it all seems "insincere" and sensational
I feel the same way, but to me it's more that it's clearly a product, which is fine but it reminds me of the youtuber/twitch eceleb people that are selling fake friendships to lonely people.

>otakus pandering to otakus
What do you mean?


>What do you mean?
They constantly play into and with archetypes and expectations. Like joking about idol purity and threatening DDs, yuri baiting and a lot of fetish fuel, -dere this and that, imitating characters and making references to whatever.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (207.38 KB,1920x1080)

>It's sort of therapeutic to just drop down into a chair and let anime girls entertain me with their shenanigans.
This part is understandable to me, although it describes hobbies in general

People do love their clichés, I suppose. I think people might be falling into the trap of "she's just like me" thinking that seems to happen with these semi-interactive vlogger people


I think it's more than just relatability, some of them have a more unique relationship with their audience.


>just watching another person play

What a silly thing to say after 17th century. Why not gouge your eyes out since you're just watching other people think and write thoughts down?


I wouldn't call them clichés, some of the stuff they do is pretty out there. Having a competition around who makes the best shota/onee-san couple, fucking about with a kigu and a gun, the regular pee-holding tetris tournament, sperging out over gacha, I wouldn't say the vlog story times are the focus either. It's a bunch of stuff.


you what


I only know this
if more stuff is like this id get it


File:bwains bwoken.webm (1.52 MB,640x360)

that's also why people like em


yeah i dont get it either
there's nothing appealing about it
maybe its a zoomer thing


I'm nearly a decade apart from zoomers though.


Ever considered differences in taste to not be a generational thing, but rather just a taste thing?


yeah no, there's certainly a pattern. you won't see a lot of 40 year olds watching anime or playing videogames.


I guess you've got somewhat of a point. Though I'd say on this issue it comes down to more of a difference in taste among people with an interest in anime than it does an age-related difference.


playing video games is VERY stressing
the only popular video game that comes to mind that's not is wow (not retail)


For streamers and youtubers in general, I think the appeal is not the game, but the person playing. It's just akin to watching an entertainer do anything. Seeing cute 2d girls doing something is all people care about, the stream aspect just adds in a layer of interaction, and video games are an easy thing to create funny/entertaining moments with.


A definite plus factor is that they're usually not Americans, Afgans, or some such culture on a similar level.


File:megaeyeroll.gif (224.07 KB,441x377)


File:1593259841477.png (83.97 KB,409x204)

Coco had her 3D reveal two days ago, 4/jp/'s holo general smoked some meth, got stickied and reached 41 posts per minute, probably more at some point, and /jp/ became the fifth fastest board on 4chan.
Coco's stream also surpassed 100k viewers, shit's here to stay. I wonder how it'll develop.


/jp/ may evolve into the vtuber board in more ways than just the most active generals being vtubers


You mean they'll make more threads or that they'll create some content?


I was thinking for a moment that the way this is going they may possibly start to make non-generals for vtubers and instead make threads like the 2hu ones. But I realize that's probably just expecting too much from generaltards, and they'll probably just split the general up into discussion about each vtuber in hololive if they split it at all


hololive isn't any different from an akb48 thread. Just because it's popular doesn't mean it has potential for public inovation.


They could mix with the VR community and pull off something special, in theory, maybe.


I don't really like let's plays, vlogs, or that sort of stuff. I just hope that vtubers will bring us more virtual idols.


/jp/ has been dead since at least 2010.


Yes, of course, this is about the newest way to be dead.


dead /jp/ers society


chubas are the future


shit future


Initially I found it funny in an ironic way with how silly the concept is, but soon after I began to seriously dislike it and the fans, and wasn't sure why. Eventually I asked what the appeal was, and received a lot of genuine and good answers (to my surprise) that made me give it a real shot. More than a month later, I still watch the streams every day, and I could probably clear some things up.

What you have to understand is it's a live performance akin to pro wrestling where a (likely) normal human being plays a character that's like a super-exaggerated version of their real selves until that character somehow feels real. It's important to base the character on traits the VA already has, since they tend to stream for 10+ hours a week and so the improv is just passing one's real feelings through a character filter. Hololive has more than 2 dozen girls streaming full-time with their own developed characters, and they constantly interact with one another. The end result feels sort of like an live-action anime. To a lot of people, the premise is too bizarre or stupid to accept, so people are quite divided on it, but for those who do, it can be an excellent thing. Tons of people (including myself) are motivated to study Japanese again, or to start for the first time. People who felt lost and detached have something new to gather around, and having a fresh and exciting thing to bond with people over can help a lot. The streamers are also very receptive to foreigners as a whole, which is neat since in the past a non-Japanese would have a lot of difficulty getting to know any Japanese streamers. I understand those who still dislike the trend, but in my view it's certainly a positive on the whole.


They really have taken unprecedented jabs at the japanese-english language barrier. Especially Hololive with fubuki and korone getting pretty far out of the purely domestic japanese meme culture and into the western one.

Not to undermine how Ai Channel really was the one to make deliberate effort to that direction, but looking at just 2017 it's almost quaint how gentle the steps taken to open up towards the west were. It was long time coming though with stuff like yukkuri gameplays, and Ai seemed to be more like an excuse for people like subbers to finally consider this stuff worth putting some pride and effort into.

I was savvy to this stuff pretty early, and the early steps into this phenomenon are out there for sure. Naria Girls and Crane Girls were dabbling with the tech to make this stuff happen and Girlish Number is almost like a dramatization of the industry at the brink of inventing Vtubers. There was growing market interest to disturb the 4th wall and create something less escapist than before, and that's altogether off the trail of the growing New Sincerity movement. On that background, Plastic Memories probably directly caused the inspiration to create Kizuna Ai, if you honestly consider the settei of that whole channel and how probably a lot of people would be open to some spiritual continuation to those themes in that anime.

The key is that it's evolution of the whole idol "there's one for anybody" strategy, mixed with the current frustration of people who feel like industry-led media stifles the ability of normal people to be creative. We feel strung along by media that ends when it ends and stranded with a loss of the characters we've grown to like, waiting endlessly for the next season or installment. It was not even 50 years ago when consumer culture was more vibrant, and people would start their own stories since it didn't feel like a pipe dream to make your own comic or a campaign in DnD, while now that the standard is so high it feels prohibitively unacceptable to try doing something for yourself in some garage.


>industry-led media stifles the ability of normal people to be creative
That's how I interpreted Akko's disability anyway.


I myself feel a lot for Aoi Koga ever since her improv was so clumsy in Naria girls. Then she was the only Naria Girl who wasn't in Centaur's Worries, but did get somewhat more minor roles instead and it really felt like a story of an underdog introvert failing at being a seiyuu. Then eventually she got to be everybody's favorite, and there was that special confirming that she was in a bad place and starving for a while. I'm not a superfan or anything but that was just a little narrative I tuned up on a the time because I read the air in that way, and it's certainly something very exploitable if you'd want to push idols with a strong emotional connection to the audience.


File:haachama.webm (3.36 MB,854x480)


Why did gochiusa become so legendary so fast?


File:76044571_p0.jpg (1.42 MB,1032x1457)

it was super cute and I love coffee and chino and syaro. does there need to be another reason


I think it's interesting the way that some of the Hololive girls have begun to branch out into different forms of entertainment through one way or another. I saw a couple of them getting into speedrunning, and Haato's recent activity has been especially interesting to see as she's been going on a spree of MADs, CG animations, covers, comedic cooking videos, etc. I wonder what's occurred to give them so much freedom of action compared to say, Kizuna Ai.


File:Screenshot_2020-07-15 Coco….jpg (658.06 KB,2262x3500)

Was checking some stats on them and saw that their explosion in popularity seems to be in general cooling off. Maybe they'll start to fade away in time. Or it's just a different flavor of vtubers which will take over since some of them still seem to be booming.


You start to get bored because honestly most of them aren't that interesting and really very similar in terms of their content and "personality". Hopefully the useless one's die off leaving only the good few ones behind.


>compared to say, Kizuna Ai.
Uh, Ai has been on TV and shit and officially recognized by japanese ministry of tourism.


What I would ask, why is Mickey Mouse allowed to pose nude on the internet in HotDiggedyDemon style videos?


they really couldn't find a better mickey voice than that?


Doesn't mean she's free to do whatever she wants.



thats fun sort of stuff


The most epic of freedoms is to get sing soran bushi.


is this 3D?


If you mean 3D, as in 3D anaglyph, then no. For whatever reason it's become somewhat of a fad to add a chromatic aberration filter to images and stuff. You can pretty easily tell that it's just chromatic aberration and not 3D anaglyph because there's full color separation into red, green, and blue channels whereas 3D anaglyph would only be separated into 2 channels, such as red and blue, or magenta and cyan.


File:Comparison.jpg (205.67 KB,1198x544)

Here's an example if it's hard to visual to difference.


>For whatever reason
It's because it's m e m e s t h e t i c


File:f113dbf7fcb01e06199eca8b7a….jpg (453.05 KB,912x964)

Not really. In recent memory, Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san and Assassain's Pride both had a soft bluring filter alongside a chromatic aberration filter. It's not particularly popular, but every now and again, I'll also see artwork – such as pic related – that features chromatic aberration.


I just checked Hololive stuff recently.
I think while they are indeed roleplaying with fake persona and paid to release content by corporation, some stuffs they do seems pretty genuine.
Like Houshou Marine is a big 2hufag that constantly stream Touhou run, could guess every 2hu character just from clipped ZUNart face and recently did collab with a music circle. Kiryu Coco being big Yakuza fan, them just casually bringing up some RL stuff, etc.
Their friendships with each other also seems genuine, if what I heard surrounding Kiryu Coco is anything to go by. They seems to have more freedom than typical idols, though still bound by some rules.
Don't judge me though. I'm not deep into Vtubers yet and personally I don't like watching long streams.


File:reject modernity embrace m….png (608.31 KB,681x673)


high level v-chborts


that is one clever doggo


I dislike streamer culture in general, but if I have to be completely honest I can't suffer v-tubers because they are too popular both in the west and japan and have a lot of dumb fans. I hate when things get too noisy and I hate the new meme culture. I'm probably just old. If they had around 20 watchers per stream I'd probably find it comfier and check in once in a while.




post pics


Saw a post on reddit saying Kiryuu Coco's "blunder" was that she sounded exactly like https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9ruVYPv7yJmV0Rh0NKA-Lw , who shows her face on streams. Though its from reddit and just the voice sounding the same doesn't mean shit. Also, its from reddit.


thought i saw some /jp/ post linking her to a cosplayer or whatever


File:1569014120478-0.png (2.73 MB,1400x1400)

Tsugu is the only VTuber I like, mainly because she doesn't do the whole "hey guyz im playing vidya am i cool yet :3c". Instead, she simply does common stuff (walk, read, observe something, look directly at your soul, etc) while being in a creepy desolated environment.


I'm not sure Tsugu reallu counts as a vtuber. Her channel has always struck me as more of an art project than attention-seeking like most vtubers are.


I don't like video-games.


File:1584558515258.jpg (59.33 KB,567x800)

She's like a creepy loli Gondola.


File:1462418535563.jpg (425.12 KB,800x1000)

1. i don't like streamers and substituting a person for an anime girl that speaks japanese won't change me mind
2. they scream too much, that is annoying and my ears do not like it
3. they laugh too much, very obnoxious and forced, besides i hate people that laugh at everything. irl it makes me genuinely angry to see adult people acting like stupid children
4. japanese humor is not really funny
5. they act retarded to appeal to the viewers, who think it's amusing
6. i don't like the epic menes teens make out of their performances
7. no, i won't watch it because there's le epic references to stuff i enjoy
8. i really don't want to watch something that is popular on every active 4ch*n board
9. seeing people using "reactions" of them is enough to anger me on a bad day
10. some teen subhuman posted a d*scord screencap of some literal who talking about h*loshit and i was the only one who told him to go back, needless to say i rarely go there after this
11. yes we get it, you like it, you think it's epic, but i don't give a fuck about what you like. you don't need to talk about it in unrelated threads.
12. you should jump into a meat grinder if you use d*scord, especially if it's to talk about them


sounds like you need to take it easy a bit more


>3. they laugh too much, very obnoxious and forced, besides i hate people that laugh at everything. irl it makes me genuinely angry to see adult people acting like stupid children
Good thing you described acting as stupid adults. Not so good that you don't understand what children are like.


liking vtubers isn't much different from liking a celebrities twitter


It's for a simple reason, my hearing is sensitive and kids would be so loud I couldn't focus, that pissed me off. And when it was family it was worse because they would wake me up and i could only sleep after they did.


People who think laughing is for children are usually pedos or virgins. Anyway they're people who haven't had sex with anybody who was laughing about it.


File:d1dec5f364b4f761e9354c4645….jpg (461.29 KB,1050x1400)

Watch Tsugu's videos. She's the complete opposite of what you described.


Its' fine to laugh, but not to guffaw at things or jokes that aren't even funny


Is this her channel? She only has 12 videos though?


File:illust_68183521_20180811_2….jpg (1.46 MB,1120x1520)

Yes, plus some small videos on Twitter: https://nitter.net/HatobaTsugu/media
As the other anon said, her channel is more like an art project or an experiment than a mainstream celeb show.


I see, I liked it.


File:80134351_p0.jpg (373.33 KB,1517x989)



*tips fedora*


Anon, you just explained why I don't like most vtubers. Thanks for that because I couldn't pin point the reasons till just nown


I'd say Shizuka Rin (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6oDys1BGgBsIC3WhG1BovQ) is a pretty lax vtuber that isn't included in your category of "why I hate vtubers". Though it could be because I usually tune into her livestreams after she has been streaming for like 5 hours or something, so maybe she's just exhausted? (Most probably not.) If I ever see her stream during the night, I put it on and go to sleep as I listen to it.
Other than that, they're all excruciatingly fake and annoying. Especially those from hololive. And what's worse is they have an audience that likes their annoying nature and how obnoxious they are. I'm pretty sure most of the time they're just making those loud annoying noises with their mouth while having poker faces. Just look at the "face behind kiryuu coco"'s livestream from >>46677 , she barely even changes her expression.


>all those streams that last 8-9 hours
How can they subscribers endure watching 8 hours of a shitty 3D model "playing" games? How can the actors behind the models endure being observed by their fans for 8 hours without stop every day?


How can users endure browsing 8 hours of a shitty anime "discussion" board? How can the people behind the posts endure shitposting for 8 hours without stop every day?


No one does that don't be a hyperbolic drama queen some people don't like or get your hobby so what? Get over yourself


At least on imageboards you can take part of the discussion/shitposting. On vidya streams/let's play you spend hours watching somebody else have fun. It's like the cuckoldry of video games.


Wow. Look at you, a "real" gamer. You must be so cool. I bet you play really intense and difficult games because you're so hardcore "on the edge" "pedal to the metal" "in it to win it" kind of fellow. You must have lots of friends and are really easy to get along with.

Fuck off.


I haven't seen posters get this pissy over a hobby since the idol wars on ota. I'm gonna boil some oats before reading this whole mess from the top.


That's probably why your contribution is so lame, you came to this orgy to play a dead fish because you can't even figure out masurbation.


You sound really pathetic.


>>46815 (you)
I hope that dopamine hit helps you for threads to come in your journey in trolling or being a pissbaby doesn't matter in the end.


Who said you have to watch the whole stream? You can tune in when you want and leave it when you want. Maybe there are some people who watch the whole gameplay because they want to watch the gameplay, I just watch it if I see her streaming when I have nothing better to do (like trying to sleep) to have some relaxed BG audio (to sleep to).
And I'm pretty sure they don't just play the game without any interaction with the chat. Some people are there for the gameplay, some are there for the streamer, and some are there for both. If you don't fit into any of those categories, then her channel most probably isn't for you. Maybe you like those short 2 hour long obligatory, forced and excruciatingly fake streams of those annoying and obnoxious Hololive whores who couldn't care less about the game and just want to make weird and "funny" noises to cater to their fetus userbase. But hey, I'm not judging.


File:1590503537750.jpg (106.75 KB,1051x1300)





A while ago I watched some Kizuna Ai. She just talked about random things and did some random things, it was alright but the novelty wore off eventually. I tried watching some Vtubers that play games but it wasn't really interesting, I never liked game streamers to begin with though. I might give >>46710 a try.


> Just look at the "face behind kiryuu coco"'s livestream from >>46677 , she barely even changes her expression.
That's kinda depressing


Thanks for the blog update. +1 like


It did a little bit, actually.


why so much butthurt lol
i never liked her either but she wasn't as bad as the holelives. i wonder if i would see anything in them if they werent just another product


took me some time to figure out which poster was you through the reply chain but youre the butthurt guy >>46810 who didnt enjoy seeing people thrasing your vtubers right lol
are you this other too >>46806


Holy fuck calm down
We're not even on 4ch*n


I don't watch Hololive much (and vtubers in general) but when I do, it's when they play together or goofing with each other. When I read their info on wiki, Hololives are the ones known to cuss/shittalk and they often get trouble with YouTube because of their wild content and attitude. The only Hololive I subscribed is a genuine hardcore fan of certain game series (though I don't watch her much either).
Yet people here describe them as "too fake" or something, which is complete contrast with my impression (though my experience is limited). I'm somewhat confused.


>"too fake" or something,
Huh, that was the appeal in Kizuna Ai to me. She seemed like a created character of a genuine introvert with clear vision of how much of herself she includes in the performance. That made her not only a true example of an IRL anime character, but also an interesting approach in media and something I had been looking for in my entertainment. It felt like a true step back from a mix of plastic Hollywood and sleazy raelity TV and back into something more theatrical.

It's very important that Ai is the kind of character that could have multiple voice actresses. That's exactly the seemingly impossible bar to set that Ai Chnnel was reaching for, and it was unique in how well it was pulled off. I don't think a character like this has even existed since maybe Scaramouche.


File:fug.png (237.98 KB,2050x972)

I heard something huge happened to Hololive, which in turn caused an even huger spike in activity on /jp/. Can anyone tell me what happened?


Something about copyright claims is what I've heard. I think the forgiveness that companies have for regular people streaming their entire games doesn't extend to corporations like hololive


File:bookworm-season3-1024x576.jpg (65.53 KB,1024x576)

¥Companies fighting companies


>I think the forgiveness that companies have for regular people streaming their entire games doesn't extend to corporations like hololive
But isn't hololive a MCN? Aren't most youtube creators in some kind of MCN? What is hololive?


It is an MCN, but a more 'official' sort than the kind we see in the West as they fund high-budget projects like 3D models, animated shorts, promotions, and live music fests. However, it's not down to corporations versus individuals, but the fact that they're extremely popular and caught the attention of game publishers. Japanese copyright explicitly forbids monetizing gameplay without publisher consent, yet they operated until June of this year doing it anyways hoping it would be overlooked. Right after rival company Nijisanji secured a deal to monetize Nintendo games in June, Hololive stopped streaming Nintendo entirely since those who dislike Hololive could report videos en masse and get some serious copyright strikes on them. Since then, they haven't streamed any game without the right to monetize (save a few like ARK I think).

This went smoothly until the end of July when Capcom filed two claims on Ookami Mio's playthrough of Ghost Trick from many months ago, and since Capcom themselves made the claims, she received two copyright strikes right away and is currently banned from streaming for a month. In response, Cover corp. privatized nearly every video on their network from before June and are slowly going through all of them now and relisting the ones they have permission for, and deleting the ones where it's impossible. The thing is, no one said a word about this before it occurred, so /jp/ was one of the first communities anywhere to notice and saw the entire archives get scrubbed over some 24h before it was explained what was happening. A mass act of archival happened similar to Exhentai's occurred, and it's good it did because many of the privatized videos will likely never be listed again.

Sorry for longposting. I've kinda fallen out of interest with the company myself after all this, it's too much madness. Like other people mentioned, Hololive leans toward the spectacle end of things, while the more relaxing and down-to-earth vtubers have become my preference, even if they don't get a lot of views.


>Hololive leans toward the spectacle end of things, while the more relaxing and down-to-earth vtubers have become my preference, even if they don't get a lot of views.
Hololive vtubers cater to a specific group of retards who just want excruciatingly fake, loud, and obnoxious "anime girls", plus points if they are "hip" with western (maymay) culture.
I too prefer the more relaxing and down-to-earth vtubers.


that's why Korone is the best


I don't see the reason that fake is such a bad thing, they're entertainers after all. It's not like I get mad at anime characters because the seiyuu behind them aren't like the character. Maybe I'm not thinking of it in the right sense.


Being fake isn't necessarily a bad thing. I don't know how to put it but, they're too fake? For example, when a seiyuu does VA for an anime character, sure the seiyuu is faking it but the character feels real, the character doesn't feel fake at all. But with these hololive V-tubers, the VA (if you can even call that acting) is 100% faking it but that fakeness can be seen in the character as well. Everything feels over the top with them, their acting, their reaction to certain stimuli, their voices that are of the highest pitch possible, etc.
Take Nekomiya Hinata for example: Even if the IRL girl is faking that character, that character feels real, the character feels like a real lazy cat girl that talks in monotonous yet excited way, playing video games from her white room with just one kotatus in the middle of it. The character feels real.
But with most of what I've seen of hololive, they feel as if they're always trying to pander to their audience. Everything they do, they do it for their audience.


>who just want excruciatingly fake, loud, and obnoxious
Whine, whine, whine. And if somebody was genuinely obnoxious, you'd call that lacking self-awareness and cringe, you class-A normie. All you know is to push your norms on everybody.


File:1458162351846.png (468 KB,682x706)

Stop trying to push this narrative that not defending or openly being against things is "normie behavior." Just because you like something does not mean that others have to as well.

Go construct your strawmen on 4chan or something.


I dunno man, calling somone a "class-A normie" for not liking what you like sounds like a normie behavior to me…


>does not mean that others have to as well.
^That is you beating a strawman unlike what I did, learn English.

I talked about the qualities of vubers being "fake", nothing about who should like fakeness. Normies are people who go to these massive lengths to replace what I actually said with anything that they can come up with an answer to, because that's how normies communicate, talk past each oher and just assume "the normal thing to say" was said.


You say "obnoxious and fake" as if to say those qualities add to each other, but we all know that you don't have a single good way to describe what you call "obnoxious" since it's that kind of a biased word. And I can't defend with a positive take on "obnoxious" because it's a weasel word you'd use for ten different things and there's no way to tell which exact one you mean right now, and of course you mean all of them because it pre-empts anyone making a positive take on just one. This is what normies do to stay normies. Normativity becoming pathological and habitual. I wouldn't use "normie" just baselessly because it wouldn't be an interesting enough word to use at all then.


There is no need to be upset.


File:1543644864782.gif (2.7 MB,362x498)

>unlike what I did
>> All you know is to push your norms on everybody.
Ahem. "Learn English."


File:roll pantsu.png (169.97 KB,750x550)

>implying Holonigger isn't the most normalfag-friendly group of VTubers, to the point of appealing hard to westoids


Yeah. That's not a strawman, even if it's false. A perfect opportunity for you to make proper point if you can tell it is false, in fact, basically a serve shot from the opposing team.

And still not telling anybody to like falseness or obnoxiousness, even when calling them "false" and "obnoxious" is REALLY close to telling others NOT to like it, which would be supported by the massive projection of accusing me of the same.


What I did was more like dumping a pile of hay on you, and say "you're that haystack", and then addressed he actual words coming out of that talking haystack.


You entire argument revolves around fighting off your characterization of a poster as being a "normie" and that said characterization inherently invalidates their opinion.

That's a textbook strawman, Einstein.


>Your entire argument
You're gonna have to double check my entire argument m8, it's not who is normie and who isn't. My entire argument is to display the kind of autism what kinds of people like vtubers, and my secondary argument has not much to do with one anon, but that one instance of normie behaviour and what other kind of autist would do that.


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