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Are gamers the most dedicated/addicted type of media consumers?


I'd say srs literature readers are more of both.


audiophiles or whatever the word is for people who enjoy music a lot


I would say pornography consumers have them beat (NPI).

audiophilia goes beyond liking music


I'd say historians and archivists are more consumed with it. They'll even enter active war zones in an attempt to save artifacts. I remember an interesting story about a guy that ran what was effectively a smuggling operation out of ISIS-controlled areas to save documents and anything else small enough to rescue from being destroyed.


Take it this way, there's no such thing as "musicers", because nobody prefers their music as a background feature of multimedia stories, gets pissed as shit when The Wrong Thing happens in the plot, and then have the gonads to still claim "it's all about the music".


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Considering the currently awful state of video games and the fact the industry is still thriving, i'd agree with that.

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