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What? - Kissu has started a small group to translate manga, with the goal of eventually expanding to other mediums!!
Who? - your friendly neighborhood /qa/zoku!
Can I help? - new help is always welcome, if you have any questions or answers just post in the thread. Be sure to read the OP! ! ! !

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Current Project: Nyoroko no Namahoso
Mega.nz: https://mega.nz/folder/Ncp32DQS#JL629X6dW8EJ56UnDe-1JA
Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EpF97iWAg4v42RCO6zkLkUOk1LATdNtYy2LBXxmibMQ/edit?usp=sharing
Contact: this thread or #tl on irc.sageru.org

Some useful links:

previous thread >>44449


You'll do hentai translation too right, or like, soonish?


Well hopefully.


This site is pretty useful for 伏せ字, often used for product names (e.g. ガ◯ダム = ガンダム) and NG words (e.g. キ◯ガイ = キチガイ)


File:Untitled.png (230.51 KB,917x680)

once we're done with this project and if nobody is opposed to it, then sure.
id say do the best you can with the clone tool and we'll type over it. itll always look a bit out of place


Let's clear up a few things about word choice.
1. Sayoko's あのの (anono). This is her "um ummm" stuttering thing. The mangaka calls it her "catchphrase" so its translation has to be fixed.
2. 生放送 (namahousou), from the title. It literally means "live broadcasting." Do we keep it as that, or make it "livestreaming"?
3. わこつー (wakotsu~) . This a community greeting for broadcasting/livestreaming. We can either leave it as is or we'll have to find a fixed phrase in English and always translate it to that


How the heck did you do that so well and so fast????


I hate to say this but the words above matsuri's head also need to be cleaned since they're words, not sfx


1. How are you saying we fix it? Leave it as is and TL note it?
2. I like the way live broadcasting sounds more as a title but that's just me.
3. Leave it. It's used WAY too much to replace it with some goofy english word. There's even a chapter where they have an entire scene explaining what it means when some of the characters didn't understand it. Plus it's a joke that the sensei likes to say it all the time in the wrong situations.


File:wakotsu.png (297.1 KB,458x706)

Either keep it as is with TL notes or "um ummm"/"ummm"
>Do we keep it as that, or make it "livestreaming"?
I suggest livestreaming, because that's (also) what they're doing and that's what the English reader will be more familiar with.
> We can either leave it as is or …
In chapter 5 page 63, first panel, Kokoro explains to Sayoko what 「わこつー」 means. I decided to go with "Good streaming~" with the meaning being "looking forward to a good stream" (Open for changes) or we could do as >>46082 says by leaving it as is and just explaining what "wakotsu~" means.

Is this going to be a problem? Cleaners/redrawers not knowing which is SFX and which is just normal text…


>Is this going to be a problem? Cleaners/redrawers not knowing which is SFX and which is just normal text…
It definitely is for me. Uhh, I guess I'll put trip on since I keep forgetting. I'm a novice redrawer


>Either keep it as is with TL notes or "um ummm"/"ummm"
That was stupid of me. I suggest "um ummm" because, well, I doubt a lot of English readers will get the nuance behind 「あのの」.


File:1594076081873.jpg (561.94 KB,1124x1600)

For 2 there is an official answer: "live broadcasting"


spent an hour messing around with the clone tool the other night, just play around with the tools it helps a lot
sorry, this was my fault not the cleaner. i turned off the cleaned layer so i could redo this spot, the cleaner had the words gone

and as for me im able to tell what words are sfx and when somebody is actually talking


Ahh, didn't notice that. "Live broadcasting" it is then.


dont worry about how much or how little experience you have redrawing, i started redrawing this week too and most of us are also learning as we go so we're all in the same boat. also, be sure to update on the spreadsheet what chapters youre working so we dont double up


File:typesetting_sample.png (1.74 MB,1124x1600)

Posting a sample of chapter 1 typesetting before I sleep. I haven't found a good thought bubble font yet.
>1. How are you saying we fix it? Leave it as is and TL note it?
I'm saying we pick a specific variation of "ummm" and stick to it, instead of the translators choosing what they like. For now I'm typesetting it like this.
Got it


Looks nice. Even if it's just one page it's cool to see everything come together.


Looks good, but the inner narration font looks kinda strange to me. It seems small/thin compared to the stylized spoken font.


Could you upload the full size of this panel? I did the other panels already and might as well not waste what you did



I'll upload the PSD files once mega anon signs back in. Seems like I can't upload unless he's online


Also to you and anyone else, please put yourself down on the spreadsheet for the tasks you're doing so we can prevent situations where two people do the same work


File:example3.png (54.37 KB,334x612)

This might be a good narration/thought bubble font https://www.ffonts.net/Excelsior-Comics-Condensed-Italic.font.download see pic for example. Thoughts?
I like this one for electronic bubbles like broadcast viewers' speech and phone bubbles https://fontsbytes.com/j/jls-data-gothic/
A quick note about fonts: I've used wild words for basic dialogue, trash hand for shocked dialogue (see >>46091), and augie for side and BG text


File:asdsad.png (49.64 KB,490x392)

Is this a sound at bottom left? (I.E I leave it alone if it's a sound)

Looks great to me. I really don't know anything about fonts, personally


Yes that's a sound effect. You can leave it


You should try learning katakana, it's maybe an afternoon's worth of learning and it'll be really useful to know when working on translations. (also you'll be able to read untranslated sfx)


File:Untitled-1.png (57.01 KB,496x229)

Yeah, there's a lot of things I could do to improve myself.
Anyway, I've noticed that in the original art there's a lot of uncolored hair on the edges. This means less work redrawing onto it later so it's something to keep in mind for the other redrawer(s)


File:nico.png (74.35 KB,460x355)

Are we redrawing the nico text? Because, uh, redrawing all those vegetables seems difficult…


Nope, we're not. We "won't be redrawing text on objects" was decided in previous thread.


File:022.png (75.36 KB,919x346)

I didn't see that…
Well, I did chapter 2 that way already… I drew part of a camera, a pool edge, part of a hat…
I just need the top-left panel of page 23 and I'm done redrawing chapter 2.

Well, this is great news for me for maintaining motivation in continuing, then.


Wait no, thats not what "Text on object" means. "Text on object" as in text that is on objects in their universe eg: sign boards, >>46152 's viewer messages on screen, maybe a classroom sign saying what class it is, etc.
Not normal speech text on images, if that's what you thought it meant.


File:textonobj.png (678.04 KB,1031x691)

Taking the same page as an example:
Red is text on object for the character as well, green is speech text i.e. text that is on object only for us, not for the characters.
We won't be drawing the ones like the red one.


>Well, this is great news for me for maintaining motivation in continuing, then.
If you're lacking motivation because there's too much work to be done, I can try my hand at redrawing once we're done with the translations. As of now we have two redrawers? Or is it just your?


>Or is it just your?
Or is it just *you?


So are you typesetting chapter 1? Or any other chapters? I can typeset but just want to make sure work is only getting done once


I'm just not someone that can sit down and work on one things for hours at a time if it's not interesting to me. One guy did Chapter 1 all in a few hours, but there's no way I can match that speed and focus. 2-5 pages a day, sure, but not 20 in one day, every day.


File:[HorribleSubs] Umayon - 01….jpg (331.53 KB,1920x1080)

>speed and focus
uhh yeah sure we'll call it that

you did a great job on that camera though, better than anything ive done


File:Wholesome.png (633.82 KB,517x1491)

Really, so 可愛い and ウザイ


shes MINE!


File:WhatDo.png (3.96 MB,3192x1592)

Do we translate these as well?


No, the first two are just illustrations drawn by other artists congratulating the mangaka, and the third one is publisher info.


Oh ok cool.
We're almost done with Vol 1 translations!! (Not still proof-readings are left though…)


I think now would be a good time to vote on a name. I'll make a poll on /poll/ with /qa/ subs / kissu subs and all the variations, but if you want some other name like Questionable Translations or Furu Moon like suggested in the last thread then post your ideas here and I'll make the poll


I still need this panel so I can add it to my redrawing of the page and then I'm done with chapter 2 redrawing (or ready to submit it for proof…uhh… prooflooking)


sorry but i only have that saved as a png file, i was using it as an example of the cloning tool.. i could try redoing it if you really want it


Oh, nevermind then. I'll do it, no problem


Summoning other translators: Right side, 4th koma. I couldn't make sense of kokoro's line so I asked a Japanese friend. They told me
1. 妬く=嫉妬する
2. だって=も (in this case)
Maybe I should've already know #2 but I didn't, I thought it was は or が
So I think in English it would be
>I can't help but be jealous, though.
Meaning she's jealous of suzune's ability to win people over with her natural cuteness, a quality which kokoro presumably lacks. Can anyone confirm or correct?


I think its more along the lines of "I too am always jealous (presumably of Matsuri and Sayoko)".


kokoro is trying to make suzu feel better. she's saying that even she gets jealous all the time so it's not something to worry about.

だって is like referring to herself or her own actions saying "even I do this".


File:datte.png (29.87 KB,977x129)

>だって is like referring to herself or her own actions saying "even I do this".
More precisely, 「’’ボク’’だって」. だって is pic related.


Okay that makes sense. Then why does matsuri say 説得力あるわ… ? I understand the phrase but I don't get why she says it


she's being a smart ass saying she agrees that kokoro is always getting jealous by saying that what kokoro said is persuading


I'll probably understand it more if I had read through that chapter, but based on that page alone and the knowledge of other chapter, I'd say its either because;
1: She says it in a convincing way,
2: Because Kokoro is always feeling left out of the Matsuri x Sayoko circle. (Which she is not)


I think that meaning of だって mostly applies when it opens a sentence, such as 「だったいやだ」. I'm not trying to be condescending, it's just my friend is from Japan so I'm believing them when they say that in this sentence,「ボクだって」=「ボクも」 but with a bratty spin to it
Okay, I see what you're saying. Would it be dishonest to change matsuri's line since "That's persuasive (coming from you" sounds retarded in english? I can't think of a variation of that phrase which both sounds like something someone would say and also gets the meaning across


Actually I somewhat misread that image. You can ignore what I said above


I'd have her say something like "Yea, you sure do" (get jealous all the time)


File:kinchou.png (121.22 KB,448x333)

I too would get very nervous trying to talk to Matsuri. She's like an angel.


angels don't sleep in their underw*ear and have messy rooms


File:Angel.png (408.73 KB,700x395)

There're angels getting away with far more than that!


File:IDontSeeIt....png (595.03 KB,966x800)

I… I don't see it… (The fact that their expressions are different also doesn't help) They look like the same girl but with a different hairstyle. I'd believe it if he said they're actually twins.


What's with those arms in the original design


Are the messages of the two guest art pieces being translated, or does the bonus section only consist of pages 126-127?


Is something up with the mega folder? I can't upload to it


I don't think you can upload to it unless the owner is online.


You mean this? >>46185


Ayyyyyyy yeah, that one, I remembered it'd been mentioned somewhere but I missed the post.


File:TransFin.png (3.04 KB,100x273)

Done with Vol. 1 translations, I think we should focus on proofreading a little more now. Though, those who don't have confidence in their Japanese/English can go on translating as usual.
Also, since there're 2 volumes, I think the Mega folder (and the spreadsheet) needs to be formatted a bit better. Possibly include two folders/sections for "Volume 1" and "Volume 2". Also also, while we're at it, we should probably change the Raws folder names from "Chapter" to "Volume".


I'll start chapter 3 redrawing tomorrow. I don't want to do it every day or I'll burn out. I die if I work


Have you typeset chapter 1? Any update on that?


Oh, I mentioned this is in the irc but I have no idea who put my name there and why. My name being there was the first time I was aware someone volunteered me for it. I'm not sure I can do typesetting or whatever- someone else here already seems much more experienced with fonts


I put you down because of your post here >>46094 I took it as you saying you were typsetting it, and wanted to incorporate this work into your files


Oh, I was referring to the redrawing of the hair


Oh I see. I didn't redraw any hair though. Well whatever, it was just some miscommunication between us. I'll go on typsetting chapter 1 then using the current redraw upload


I don't think that should be the case… That would be pretty useless feature if the owner had to be online 24/7 so that people could upload to that folder.


Almost done with Chapter 2 redraw, should be good to go in the next day or so. i took a bit of a break over the weekend

anybody can edit the spreadsheet, so go ahead and add and rename it as you need. just make sure to tell us what youre changing

>That would be pretty useless feature
it might be the case, thats what somebody said last week too. regardless ive kept it open in a tab all this time so people can access it


File:help.png (14.52 KB,744x273)

I'm getting this when I drag a file into the mega


File:Changed.png (36.31 KB,882x529)

>anybody can edit the spreadsheet, so go ahead and add and rename it as you need. just make sure to tell us what youre changing
Changed the chapter number column from just "Chapter _" to "Vol _, Ch _" for now. If anyone can come up with a better formatting, please do apply it.
Also, why is there a seemingly random cell with pink borders that, when highlighted, shows "Anonymous Leopard"?


>when highlighted
Hovered over, actually.


another user has the spreadsheet open on their page, that box is whatever box they have highlighted
which folder?




I tried refreshing, still no good. I messaged in the IRC


File:Changes.png (20.79 KB,296x559)

Could you make these changes:
Change the red arrows from "Chapter _ RAW" to "Volume _ RAW" or maybe have the raws only in their respective Volume meta folder.
Add a "Final Translations" folder to brown arrow.
And change the green arrow from "Finished!" to "6. Finished!"


File:redraw.png (58.04 KB,493x537)

Can someone redraw sayoko's sleeve and maybe the text bubble too? Just the upper part. You can see here that the gap looks awkward, and I can't cover it up with text.


File:1595298415005 copy.png (53.13 KB,493x537)

Something like this? What page is it?


Yes like that. Page 12


That looks kinda bad…
What page is it?


>What page is it?
Oh never mind.


Chapter 10 translations are up. Requesting proofreading
I think he just did that to confirm what needed to be redrawn


Well, I was going to use actual circles and stuff instead of drawing freehand, but you can do it if you want


No I was referring to it being made into a separate text bubble.
>>46447 would look better, IMO.


ok, mega folder should be back up and everyone should have access now. going to go redraw some stuff


Oh, yeah I agree
I should've clarified. Please just redraw the sleeve and the big text bubble. The "must be hot" text should not have a bubble around it


File:Better(qm).png (25.98 KB,296x362)

How's this?


Looks great, thanks. If you could upload the PSD to mega




My computer broke this weekend and it will probably be a week or two before I’m able to get a replacement. I only signed up as an editor though, so it shouldn’t be that big of a loss. I’m cheering you guys on as I wait.


Uploaded chapter 1 typset. Let me know errors, comments, thoughts, etc. Just know we can't publish chapter 1 until the page 2 and 3 redraws are done, so I can typeset the character summaries.


>page 2 and 3 redraws
I think someone did it and posted a pic of it in the previous thread. It was some pretty epic redrawing.


File:matsu-nee.png (156.35 KB,460x472)

I want more matsu-nee


Uploaded chapter 4 proofread
Since we're doing multiple rounds of proofreading, I think there should be multiple columns in the spreadsheet for proofreading. I was thinking 3


I agree, along with 7qK (IIRC, he was called the best person for checking the Japanese to English translation in the last thread.) being the final proofreader to move translations from the "Translations" folder to the "Final Translations" folder.


Jeez, there were so many corrections I probably created more work for you by translating it than if I had just not done it…


Most of the corrections were just typos and making things sound more natural, not actual translation fixes. The main thing was that part about the part time job


File:nikuman.png (242.06 KB,634x496)

Uploaded chapter 5 proofread. If you haven't tried beef bun, they're delicious


>beef bun
I didn't even know they existed…


File:oishii.jpg (26.39 KB,474x316)

Go buy one from your local asian supermarket. You can also find recipes online, look up "nikuman." I actually should've said meat bun, not beef bun, because they're usually pork, the ones I've had at least


I guess, uh, give me the page numbers of the color pages you want recolored? Is it in the raws?


err I mean redrawn


Arent they just dumplings?


File:this.png (72.21 KB,346x396)

2 and 3. These ones, with the character summaries
No, they're a lot bigger like the size of your fist. The casing is a lot thicker and more fluffy than a dumpling, almost like sweet bread. The meat inside, usually pork, is kind of sweet and chunky, whereas dumpling meat is salty. Overall a completely different experience


File:butte.png (331.1 KB,671x509)





Chapter 4 redraw is done!


File:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….jpg (464.08 KB,1124x1600)



File:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….jpg (436.02 KB,1124x1600)

So cute.


i like when kokoro says ね


File:bukkon.png (274.04 KB,462x708)

Anyone know what 「ぶっこん」 means?




ahh, thanks


File:003.png (2.07 MB,1124x1600)

It's just one page since I already did the first one >>45739 so I'm just uploading it here


File:02_redrawn_quickexport.png (2.44 MB,1124x1600)

How do these look? Anything to change about the formatting? These are compressed, don't worry I have the full PSDs


File:03_redrawn_quick_export.png (2.57 MB,1124x1600)


File:example.png (2.6 MB,1124x1600)

I think we should remove the red box that contains the name in hiragana and fill the whole green box with the name. Like pic related.


File:03_typset_quick_export.png (2.56 MB,1124x1600)

Good idea. Also aligned things better


Looks good.

>She also works as a model

Wait what.


She looks the part. I bet the author forgot about it. In chapter 4 she mentions a "part-time job (baito)," only in a side text though


It's her older sister who works as a model, not Matsuri.


This. I checked the raws, it says 「お姉ちゃんはモデルさん」 refering to Matsuri's older sister, not Matsuri.


It seems that the colored pages were not included in the chapter 1 translations, hence couldn't be proofread. Though, we hadn't decided on what to do with those pages by then, I guess. Good thing we found out about it here. Please upload the colored pages translation file to be proofread as well.


Speaking of checking the translations, is !7qK.9wujcA still here? or was this >>46513 him?


I am, I just said this in the channel:
>sorry for no posts, haven't had much time lately but i will try to proofread ch 3-6 this weekend


Ahh I see, haven't been keeping up with the channel lately. I'll really should…


Would it be a good idea to log and post regular pastebins to keep people up to date?


I think so, yeah. Or at least something like that, if not exactly that.


Anything important will get posted in the thread anyway, but sure, why not.


Uploaded the character summaries translation, including the fix about matsuri's sister


sorry ive been out for a few days, somebody said something about making a paste bin? also ill get on those fixes for the chapter 4 redraw


File:helpplease.png (499.15 KB,888x683)

Any idea what this text is?


Probably レベル、メンバー、登録タグ


Chapter1 is almost done! just a little review and then we'll be able to release. Somebody suggested that we put the chapter up on 4/qa/ does everyone think about it?


Why though? But hmmm, where else should we post it…


whoops sorry, it wasnt 4/qa/, they actually said 4/a/


I really don't want anything we do associated with that cesspit. It'd be actively contributing to its near-monopoly of imageboards and the thread would of course be under the jurisdiction of the people I despise, giving them authority over us again for no gain. If anywhere we could post it on nen or bun or something, or maybe even smug or that animu place because they both have translation projects ongoing.

Anyway, starting chapter 3 redraw tomorrow. I'm thinking I might try to create an image bank of sorts for the gradient patterns. I notice they tend to be used a lot so maybe we could have image-sized tile versions of them and use them as a bottom layer and erase the parts to replace. Could be worth the initial investment if they get re-used a lot.


>I really don't want anything we do associated with that cesspit. It'd be actively contributing to its near-monopoly of imageboards and the thread would of course be under the jurisdiction of the people I despise, giving them authority over us again for no gain. If anywhere we could post it on nen or bun or something, or maybe even smug or that animu place because they both have translation projects ongoing.
I agree.


Not to mention that doing so would effectively be a huge advertisement for Kissu, potentially bringing many, many users.


i like the idea of posting it on smaller places like nen or bun


File:aaaa.png (1.07 MB,1124x1600)

Which of these stay and which need to be drawn over?


Don't they all stay? I thought onomatopoeia and interjections were to be left as is.


I went and asked on #tl a week ago, and was told that very thing was essentially the only convention there was on cleaning. Reconvening here wouldn't hurt, in case that's not the case anymore.


1, 3 4, 5(The ones around Nyoro, not the ones near the corner), 7, 8, 10, 13, and 20 are speech text, so they'd need redrawing. Not too sure about 8 though.


Just to be clear, it has been decided that SFX will not be translated? So, nothing but speech will be translated? Whether they be inside a text bubble or not.


File:redraw.png (1.21 MB,1124x1600)

sounds good, it wouldnt hurt to have things set in stone

i went and underlined everything in there that i would redraw. how ive been deciding on what to redraw is

-all spoken words
-written words that arent signs

Leave Alone
-onomatopoeia EXCEPT when its something spoken like あのあのあの, わわわ in number 13 or はーー in number 4. Stuff like that i redraw so it can be typeset in english, since its spoken and has a direct english equivalent
-billboards, signs, basically written words in the background


You guys are telling me to redraw words and not onomatopoeia SFX or whatever, but I don't understand Japanese…

Red lines mean redraw?


oh i just noticed ううう by 8, i thought it was referencing メコ. hmm im not sure about that one, its spoken but i might leave it unless theres a good english equivalent. uuuu just doesnt seem the same in english


>all spoken words
>written words that arent signs
>EXCEPT when its something spoken like あのあのあの, わわわ in number 13 or はーー in number 4.
So basically, if it is a form of communication (written, spoken, sign language, etc) by the character (s), it will be translated/redrawn?
>Red lines mean redraw?


yeah, red lines mean redraw. it might be helpful to learn katakana, since most sfx are written in it. play this for a bit https://www.csus.edu/indiv/s/sheaa/projects/genki/katakana-timer.html and the hirigana one, theyre easy enough to learn. youll also be able to recognize the occasional word written in it like yoroshiku in 20

>if it is a form of communication (written, spoken, sign language, etc) by the character (s), it will be translated/redrawn?


Wanted say that I won't have much time to be translating anything until the end of this month (so only about 4 days).


Enjoy your holiday. I go on my in a week, comfy times ahead




Chapter 2 typeset finished and uploaded for review


Revised chapter 1 typeset now uploaded


File:outline.png (Spoiler Image,355.74 KB,940x700)

Looks great. Solid, I like the translation, the fonts, the redraws are good, and I'm surprised the screen on page 23 was translated.
Though there's an odd thing happening and I want to know if it's something on my end. On a lot of pages when I'm zoomed out, I see the outline of cleaned text. But when I'm zoomed in, I don't. Is this happening to anyone else?
Another small thing is on page 22's bottom right, where the memo reads memo in plain Japanese and then the same below it but English. How about removing the runes?


File:Annotation 2020-07-28 1151….png (157.68 KB,961x703)

That happens when either you or your program nudges the cleaning/redrawing layer. Are you using gimp? I'm on PS and it's fine


Hmmm, I guess that's it. I'm on Affinity.


File:Untitled-1.png (100.93 KB,770x726)

Do I redraw this last page of chapter 3?


I think it would be nice to translate the meows, but if others think this counts as sound effects then it can be left alone


Yeah, redraw the text above the cats.


Chapter 3 preliminary redraw: https://files.catbox.moe/t7rq0o.rar
I need someone to look at it and tell me if I missed anything


ill try to take a look at it in a bit

also, mega folder might be down for a bit tonight


File:just stop.png (185.7 KB,428x403)

its been a slow week, i think todays focus will be working with the typesetter and finalizing chapter one so we can release it. chapter 2 shouldnt be too far behind, and then we can put them up on here and maybe some of the other spinoffs


does anybody have the link to the color pages from chapter 1?


I can only find >>45739, they don't seem to be present in the mega.


I'm back and started working on chapter 2 (12)


hope you managed to get some good rest in this week!


File:haburareru.png (296.28 KB,481x683)

Context: They're all eating icecream(アイス)
>guri-san… are you getting duped?
>No, I'm not!!!
Is this correct? If so, why is she getting duped?


File:CuteMatsuri.png (585.54 KB,938x722)

Cute Matsuri And cute butte


No wonder those men watch her streams…


heres the fixes for the typesetter, all it needs is some white underneath the text to make the words more legible

page 9, 2nd right koma, bottom right koma
page 12, 2nd left koma
page 13, 3rd right, top left, bottom left koma
page 14, top right koma, bottom left koma

upload to the mega whenever you get a chance, thanks


The most those viewers can see is their hands. That sight is for the real viewers.


Can the viewers see her tummy behind her hands?


File:1234.png (429.99 KB,874x660)

Just checked over these and I can see the white stroke just fine with PS. I think it may be the program you're using, not sure why it wouldn't load the stroke correctly though


weird, im using gimp. never happened before, ill take another look at it and see whats wrong on my end


i really dont know what the problem is, even when i try to export the psd to a png the white behind the text doesnt show up. but i think this chapter is done! if somebody else could convert them to image files and put it up on mega then we'll be done and ready to share the chapter


Just let me change the floating text to lower case. In the IRC we talked about it and decided it looked better when it was lowercase


Changed floating text back to lowercase. It's now uploaded on mega in png


Are we done with chapter 1 now? Can we upload it somewhere?


USA JLPT 2020 is cancelled. Kill me


Yeah, there was brief talk about this in irc a couple days ago.

<Anonymous> i uploaded the color pages to the mega for a complete set, chapter one is finished. great work!
<Anonymous> we'll post it onto kissu in the next day or two, and of course feel free to share it wherever else you want
<Anonymous> Otsu!
<Anonymous> Going on, I think we should create a nyaa account or something

Releasing it a chapter at a time seems kind of strange to me, though, at least for the beginning. Will people really remember to keep checking to read something that's only 12 pages each or whatever? I don't really know how this stuff works


thats a good point, should we release a few chapters at a time or by volume?


I think by volume would be the best.


I'm doing another pass on the chapters I've cleaned to remove the vocalizations and some other stuff.


which chapters specifically? do i need to redo a redraw?


It's from 10 onwards, I don't think anyone's started redrawing those yet. I'm notifying just in case.


Was there ever a final proofread of chapter 3? I'd like to typeset it soon


I don't think so…
Since 7qK's name isn't listed in the proofreading column of the spreadsheet.


Summoning 7qK for chapter 3 final proofreading




Should we create a new thread?


Probably. I also tend to forget when I stop seeing this pop up now and then, but people should be responsible with bumping so it's not in the top 3 slots at all times


Speaking of responsible bumps, posting a sage doesn't affect the bump limit right?

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